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Whispers for a successful trade

A whisper to trade is a magic word that helps a person in everyday life. Our ancestors actively used them in different life situations to attract good luck, defend against ill-wishers, fight against disease or successful trading. Our words and desires tend to materialize, and whispers are nothing but voicing their desires. It is for this reason that they are so effective.

Whispers for a successful trade

Each of us, if desired, can use the whispers, and their magic will help to achieve the desired. You just need to believe in what you are doing, and the result will not take long to wait. If you didn’t have experience in trading, you can make it more successful.

Many often confuse whispers and conspiracies. It is a mistake to believe that the same thing, because the plot is used on a certain day of the week. The number or time of day, but the whisper is pronounced at any time when circumstances require. Another important difference is that mostly objects, water, earth, etc., start talking. Whispers are some way to convey your desires and requests to the higher forces.

When we figured out what a whisper is and how it differs from a conspiracy, we can discuss exactly how to whisper. In this case, not only the whisper text is important, but how you pronounce it. In order for the desired to come true, try:

  • to pronounce words clearly and distinctly, it is advisable to do it quietly in a low voice or to oneself;
  • think about what you want to achieve with this whisper, the brighter you imagine the result, the faster everything will turn out;
  • if there are any mandatory conditions, then strictly adhere to them.

By following these simple rules and learning by heart the whisper you need, you can apply it on occasion and improve trading.

Those who worked in the trade or sold at least something in their lives are aware of problems when the product stagnates and there is no trade at all. For this case there are whispers that will attract buyers and help to establish trade.

Before you start trading, cross all goods and say:

“I am a good merchant, my goods are good. All selling. Goods to you, money to us. Full of bins, replenish treasury. Amen».

After that, turn your face to the east and cross. After such a ceremony, buyers will tumble down one by one, and the goods will be sold quickly.

Another equally effective whisper must be pronounced when the buyer picks up your goods. While a person is considering an object in his hands, you need to have time to speak:

“Buy here and now. Take off your evil eye. Amen».

This must be done before the buyer releases the goods. After this, people are whispering to see the assortment and buy something from you.

After the first sale the shop window is fanned with the received bills and sentenced:

“I am a good merchant! Our product will sell you! Money to money! Money on money! Not you your money, you your goods! Amen! Amen! Amen!».

Well, if the first profit will be calculated without surrender. This means that luck has smiled on you, and trading today will be successful.

Immediately after waking up, look out the window and say:

“Where I go, nowhere is no refusal to me. Well done merchant, God’s crown on me! As I go to the market full, I will come empty. Money in the chest, you goods! Amen!».

If too few buyers visit you and the ticket office is not replenished at all, then this situation can be corrected with the help of whispers in order to attract customers. To do this, in the morning before trading, go out on the porch, spit on the palm of your hand and swipe them in your pockets, saying:

“Oh yes merchant, oh yes well done! Every merchant merchant! Bidding bidding with all sorts of merchants! Their word is the first, and my second! Their word is copper, and my golden! Amen!».

After that, boldly go to the market, because there will be no end of buyers.

You can also speak after the outgoing buyer:

“Go, go, bring with you. It will be so, and otherwise nothing! Amen!».

Look at the back of a man until he leaves.

Passing by a large ant hill you need to say 3 times:

“Also crowded! Amen!».

Then go away from the anthill without looking back. With this whisper you will attract many people to your counter.

If there are no customers in your store, then leaving the store, after the end of the working day, you should say:

“Today is one, tomorrow is two! How bees swarm, how dews are born, and then there will be a lot of people here! I am a good merchant! All the envy of money for money accumulating! Amen!».

If you have a Thursday salt, then you can hold a ceremony for good revenue. Making this salt is very simple. They consecrate her in church on a pure Thursday on the eve of the great Easter holiday. Leaving the house in the morning, turn around over your left shoulder and throw a pinch of salt through it. Moving away from the porch a couple of meters, say:

“Watching when the treasury is full! Like to look when the bins are full of gold. Let it be so! Amen!».

In order to increase revenue, you must go out at night and look at the sky, saying:

“As the sky is full of stars, so my pocket will be full! I’m a good merchant! Merchants to all merchants! The stars in the sky, and gold in the chest. Goods to you, chest me! Amen! Amen! Amen!».

In order for this whisper to work it is necessary that the sky be clear without a single cloud.

The next time you start cutting a whole head of cabbage, say:

“I’m cutting cabbage, I’ll add money! Gold flows into my purse by the river, and the goods bring you joy! Let it be so!»

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