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Energy Recovery Meditation Tips & Tricks

Meditation to restore energy and relaxation

If you feel a breakdown, meditation on the restoration of energy will help to quickly relax and recover. Let’s talk about effective techniques that heal the soul and use the internal reserves of the body.

Spiritual exhaustion can overtake a person completely suddenly. And if physical exhaustion is treated with sleep and rest, then in this case everything is not so simple.

It is meditation aimed at relaxing under the pleasant music that helps to cope with the problem and restore the balance of vital energy.

What helps meditation:

  1. Restores energy balance and tones up your mental state
  2. Returns lost strength and helps wake up from an almost comatose mental exhaustion.
  3. Cheers up and fills with positive emotions
  4. Frees from negative thoughts and emotions
  5. Returns cheerfulness and returns the thirst for victory

The basic rules of relaxing meditation, filling the body with energy:

  1. The right time for meditation is morning, evening, or during a period of colossal exhaustion.
  2. You need to meditate in the most comfortable position. For some, lying down body position, and someone comfortably feels in yoga asanas. Choose a position according to your physical fitness and condition.
  3. It is necessary to follow the breath. It should be deep and relaxed. It is the concentration on inhalation and exhalation that helps to abstract from extraneous thoughts and enter into the desired state, so pay special attention to this.
  4. Focus on the sensations. Your body must leave tension. Feel how the life energy fills you, penetrating into all the cells of the body. Feel the feelings of freedom, self-confidence

It is not necessary to use any special music or sing mantras. Enough work of your subconscious. You are able to regain your inspiration and well-being.

It is especially important for women to replenish the balance of vital energy in a timely manner, because the female body is focused on creation. It is women who are able to give their energy to her husband, children, inspiring them to achieve.

What kills female energy:

  1. Negative emotions: resentment, anger, irritation, envy. These feelings in yourself need to be controlled, timely and properly disposed of them.
  2. Hard, unloved, male work. If you exhaust yourself during the working day, then all efforts to restore energy will be in vain.
  3. «Squandering» of energy in sex life. If you often change partners, then distribute stocks of their female forces in vain. That is why in the old days the chastity of girls and their integrity were so valued. Give your energy to only one, beloved man, if you do not want to feel the result of a breakdown

Features of working with meditation for women:

  • You have to take care not to lose energy in vain. Avoid stress, get rid of fears, grow love and self-confidence, do not take offense in vain and do not complain «about a hard life and a husband-loser»
  • Do some five minutes of meditation throughout the day.
  • In the process of meditation, concentrate on such goals as accepting yourself, forgiving yourself and others, complete relaxation. Think of your beauty and health and how they are getting better every day.
  • Free your mind from negativity and anxiety.

The easiest way is to turn on and listen to pleasant, relaxing music, and mentally repeat positive affirmations, affirmations under it. For example: “I love this world in all its manifestations and it reciprocates to me”, “I fill up and save energy every day”, “I forgive and accept myself for who I am.”

Thanks to meditation, you can significantly improve your health, it’s not for nothing that all illnesses are from nerves. Relaxed music and concentration on your feelings help to get rid of the first symptoms of any ailments.

Watch a video with a very strong meditation to restore energy:

Recommendations for the practice of health meditations:

  • Start by cleansing the soul from the negative and negative blockages. Hooponopono Hawaiian meditation is the best helper in this. Its meaning is in the repetition of four healing phrases: “I am so sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you” and “I love you.” Address yourself, the universe, God, or any other Higher Power you believe in.
  • The next stage is alpha meditation. It is made under special audio recordings with certain vibrations that resemble a sharp tap of a tap. During meditation, you must enter a state “between sleep and reality”, which is similar to the state of a person at bedtime. In the process, you must present the image of your illness, and then mentally get rid of it. For example, first you visualize your heat like a fire that is then extinguished with a fire extinguisher
  • Well, the easiest way is to turn on calm, peaceful, pleasant music and repeat positive affirmations to it. For example: “Every day I feel better and better”, “I am absolutely healthy”, “I am filled with vital energy”

Diseases and ill health steal your energy, so it is important to get rid of the source of the problems as soon as possible.

To enhance the effects of meditation to fill with vital energy, follow these tips:

  • Read healing mantras. Their words contain special vibrations that create the necessary energy radiation around you.
  • Practice yoga. Asanas carry a deep spiritual meaning. Meditation in the right posture has much more effect than the usual.

Work with the subconscious and in everyday life, learn to be happy «here and now», live in the moment and enjoy every moment. Then you set up a powerful energy barrier around you and never suffer from a breakdown.

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