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Demian meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Demian mean

Demian meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Demian mean

Meaning of the name Demian: the name for the boy means “fertile” or “tamed”, “humble”. This affects the character and fate of Demyan.

Origin of the name Demian: ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Demyanka, Demyasha, Dema, Dima.

What is the name Demian: There are two versions of the origin of the name. According to one of them, the name Demian is translated as the god of fertility, Damia. On the other hand, the meaning of the name Demian comes from the ancient Greek name Damianos (literally “tame”, “humble”, “subdue”).

A man named Demian is a very generous and positive person. He has lots of friends whom he will always help, but they appreciate him not only for reliability, but for always a good mood.

Only relatives see Demyan gloomy, with all the rest he keeps drunk.

Patronymic behalf of Demyan: Demyanovich, Damianovich, Demyanovna, Damianovna.

The day of the angel and the patron saints of the name: the name Demian three times a year marks the name day:

  • 8 (23) — Rev. Damian (V cent.) In the Syrian desert led a strict lifestyle, exhausted by standing, fasting and other feats.
  • 14 (1) — sv. Kosma and Damian unmercenaries are siblings; they were doctors, treated the sick gratuitously, and turned them to Christ; helped the poor; for the faith of Christ they were stoned in 284 by their pagan teacher.
  • 14 (I) — of sv. the wonderworkers Kosma and Damian prayed and healed the sick, died peacefully.

Signs: St. Cosme and Damian miracle-workers pray for success in science or at the beginning of literacy. 14 — year old Kuzma and Demian, summer kuzminki.

This is a purely feast of women with visiting, drinking, talking and singing. In the midst of the haymaking: «Kuzma and Demyana came to the mowing went.»

14 — winter kuzminki. If the Kos-modemian leaves on a tree, then there will be frost in another year. Kuzma-Demyan — blacksmith, forges ice on the ground and on the waters.

Winter kuzminki — girl’s holiday, the beginning of winter needlework.

  • Zodiac — Cancer
  • Planet — Moon
  • Color — silver
  • Auspicious Tree — Apple Tree
  • Covenant — Clover
  • Patron of the name — grasshopper
  • Stone talisman — selenite

Characteristic name Demian

Positive traits: The name Demian gives sociability, a sharp mind, sensitivity, emotionality, curiosity. The desire to deeply know the problem of interest, science or phenomenon forms in Demyan self-confidence, prudence, wisdom.

In this case, the guy with this name is respected among peers, and then colleagues.

He may even be known as a practical and prudent person.

Negative traits: The name Demian brings impetuousness, sharpness in actions and expressions, a stinging mind, a tendency to get involved in an argument, excessive self-esteem, a desire for popularity at any price, hypocrisy. Already at an early age, the child manifests selfishness, self-admiration.

He likes to wear masks on himself.

The character of the name Demian: What character traits are determined by the meaning of the name Demian? Dema does not suffer from an overabundance of unpleasant qualities, although nature is complex, addicting. He is rather stubborn and selfish, cunning and not averse to lying — as a rule, not out of necessity, but out of a love for art, and he does it quite masterly.

Demian is sociable, he has many friends, attracted by his cheerful chatter and worldly resilience: in response to the question «how is life?», A man with this name never tells how, he never complains. «It’s okay!» — his life motto. He himself does not like empty talkers and chatter, preferring reliable people.

This is an economic man, any work he has is going on!

Demian and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: A successful marriage of a name with Agnia, Anna, Vera, Eva, Leah, Love, Mlada. The name Demian is also combined with, Hope.

Difficult relations can develop with Ada, Varvara, Lydia, Nonna.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Demian? He has many love affairs as well as problems with the opposite sex.

He tries to conquer as many women as possible, and he succeeds in this, but in the depths of his heart Dema feels happy only with a devoted and sincere woman.

In the sphere of personal relations, Demian seems to marry out of love, but his choice is never without calculation (material or allowing him to make a career with the help of his wife’s parents). The man named Demian is a monogamous man, but he is not always faithful to his wife, but he is vigilant about the behavior of his wife.

Despite the many shortcomings, this kind person should be accepted by loved ones as he is.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: He attaches the highest importance to his career, gaining power over people.

Thanks to his vanity and perseverance, he manages to reach certain heights in any professional sphere, business, or art.

It has a special meaning for him, so that he has many followers, students.

Business and career: In financial affairs, Demyan can expect ups and downs, but will often carry. One should not take a foolish risk.

He is proud, selfish, demanding of others, but indulgent towards himself, greedy for flattery, jealous of the success of his colleagues, afraid of being called a coward. Going to the goal ahead, ignoring workarounds and compromises, but it does not bring positive results, he could achieve more with diplomacy. All his actions are dictated by egoism and calculation, but in extreme situations Demian can be brave.

It does not attach great importance to profit and may temporarily forget about itself, but it certainly awaits praise for it.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Demian: He Demian — usually a painful person, but in every way hides his condition. Dema tries not to pay attention to the alarming symptoms and seems to be around a strong and healthy person.

A man with this name is disposed to depression, depression, alcohol abuse, drug addiction. He has a predisposition to accidents, there may be injuries to the limbs.

Demyan’s fate in history

What does the name Demian for male destiny?

  1. Damian is the name of several copyists of ancient Church Slavonic books. Damian-hieromonk in Zrela (Serbia) compiled a parchment list of the sayings of the Apostle Paul in 1324; Damian-deacon rewrote in 1453 the «Pravilnik» by Matthew Vlastar; Damien Grammar is the same book in 1495. Of these lists, the most important, not only in terms of language, but also for the history of various editions of Slavic translations, is the first, and is revered by scholars who are engaged in Church Slavonic antiquity.
  2. Demian Poor (1883-1945) — poet, author of satirical poems, feuilletons, fables, songs popular in civil war. For the sake of his satire got the nickname «Demian the Poor — a harmful man.» The most famous of his works is the song «Oh, where are you, Vanek, oh, where are you? Would you, Vanek, not go to the soldiers!».

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