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Demid meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Demid

Demid meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Demid

Meaning of the name Demid: the name for the boy means «God’s thought». This affects the nature and fate of Demid.

The origin of the name Demid: ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Dema, Dima, Demidka.

What does the name Demid mean: A man named Dema as a child does not cause any troubles to parents, and even in an adult, life passes without serious upheavals, ups and downs. The meaning of the name Demid prophesies good organizational skills.

He is a sociable Demid, full of energy, always full of new ideas and plans, a great visionary, likes to change professions.

Patronymic name Demid: Demidrvich, Diomidovich, Demidovna, Diomidovna; talk Demidych.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name Demid: the name Demid twice a year marks the name day:

  • 29 (16) — Holy Martyr Diomede, doctor; during treatment, he taught the sick to the faith of Christ; died a martyr in the III.
  • 24 (11) — sv. Martyr Diomede died under the blows of the scourge.

Signs of the name Demid: 29, on Demidov’s day, the third Savior begins: nutty, because nuts are ripening on this day, or bread — baking cakes from new flour.

  • Zodiac Demida — Virgo
  • Planet — Mercury
  • Color purple
  • Auspicious tree — willow
  • Covenant — coltsfoot
  • Patron of the name — ant
  • Stone Mascot — Jade

Characteristic name Demid

Positive features: The name Demid gives justice, strict morality, patriotism. Demid can take responsibility not only for family members, but also for the whole organization.

A man named Demid is strict, but at the same time reliable and honest: a guy with this name will not allow himself to be used for personal gain, hindering his own life.

Negative traits: The name Demid brings excessive seriousness, demandingness, rigidity, incontinence. Most often, the guy involved in the business, and he is in normal communication — they are two different people.

The character of the name Demid: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Demid? He is the personification of justice.

At school, a child with this name separates the fighters, the institute will become the headman of the group, and even the course, the profession will choose related to jurisprudence or social activities.

As he moves up the career ladder, his friends also advance: he is a man of the “team”, trusts only trusted supporters, and having doubted their trustworthiness, ruthlessly sweeps aside.

From the wife of Dema requires first of all loyalty and decency — since he himself is like that. But only in the family.

Beyond the threshold of the house, he is capable of both tricks and deception, but he does everything subtly, not undermining. Those who dare to openly challenge him will not envy: Demid will crush enemies like a tractor.

A man born in the summer with this name is unsociable, closed, even sullen, prudent and diplomatic.

Demid and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable union with Ada, Glafira, Dina, Joanna, Kira, Lydia. The name Demid is also combined with Fedora.

Difficult relationships are likely with Alice, Violetta, Glyceria, Dora, Cleopatra, Faina, Emma, ​​Yunia.

Love and marriage: A man with this name consciously suppresses his sensual and passionate-sexual nature.

In the realm of family — marry carefully. For him, it is of particular importance that his wife was calm and did not claim leadership in the family.

Family life Dema develops quite happily.

If the work comes to the fore Demid’s perseverance, his diligence and sufficient activity, then in a friendly company, he can keep somewhat detached, hiding his true feelings for a balanced irony. In everyday communication with him, try not to forget about his sensitive pride, even when he tries not to show it.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: The seriousness and determination of Demidus have to study the exact sciences, law, economics. If a guy with this name will work in the intellectual and spiritual realm, then he will become a torch of spirit and intelligence for people.

Business and career: He Demid does not attach great importance to money. They alone mean little to Demid.

In order not to offend another, he is ready to give up his advantage. Yielding in the small, always wins in the large. Sly, he believes that in the interests of the business it is possible to deceive.

He Demid stubbornly scrambles up the career ladder, punching his way through perseverance and hard work.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Demid: Health is associated with his ability to self-control: periods of instability, affects or depression are possible. Rheumatism and strong abscesses may occur.

Demid’s Fate in History

What does the name Demid for male destiny?

  1. Demid Passek (1808-1845) — Major General, famous Caucasian leader. In 1841, seconded to control Avaria, Passek, occupied with an insignificant detachment aul Khunzakh, was due to the insurgency, to come out from there for rapprochement with our troops in Temir-Khan-Shura. On the way, he was surrounded by the mountaineers at the Zyryany tract and heroically fought off them before arriving at the rescue of our detachment, after which, going on the offensive, he broke the hordes that surrounded him. Appointed commander of the 2nd brigade of the 20th infantry division, Passek participated in an expedition to the aul of Dargo, during which he was killed.
  2. Demid Vorontsov — boyar, the actual ruler of the Russian state under Ivan IV.

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