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Denis the meaning of the name, character and fate, What does the name Denis mean

Denis the meaning of the name, character and fate, What does the name Denis mean

Meaning of the name Denis: the name for the boy means «belonging to the god Dionysus». This affects the character and fate of Denis.

The origin of the name Denis: ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Deniska, Denya, Denus, Desch.

What does the name Denis mean: the name Denis is derived from the ancient Greek name Dioneus. Denis is translated as «belonging to Dionysus.»

The meaning of the name Denis promises good luck. However, this Day is not lazy, but it works even more laboriously, because he simply cannot sit around without work. Den has a well-hung language, he could be a diplomat or an actor.

He likes to control everything: every purchase — only with his permission.

Patronymic name Denis: Denisovich, Dionisovich, Denisovna, Dionisovna; talk Denisych.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Denis, twice a year, marks the name day:

  • 25 (12) — Rev. Dionysius (church version of the name), Archimandrite of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in the 17th century, pleased God with the exploits of monastic life, care for the poor and the sick.
  • 16 (3) — sv. Martyr Dionysius the Areopagite is one of the judges of the High Court (Areopagus) in Athens. Converted to Christ by the Holy Apostle Paul; was the first bishop in Athens; wrote the book «On the celestial hierarchy,» that is, the angelic rites: the archangels, cherubs and seraphs. After suffering for the faith of Christ, he was beheaded in the first century.

Signs: 16 — Denis — dashing eyes beware! 16 — Dionysius semi-winter: from this day the autumn ends, the winter begins.

From the night falls the first solid snow.

  • Zodiac — Taurus
  • Planet — Venus
  • Color — gray
  • Auspicious tree of Denis — chestnut
  • Cherished plant — lily of the valley
  • Patron — calf
  • Stone Mascot — Sapphire

Characteristic name Denis

Positive traits: A man with this name is distinguished by vitality, sociability, kind and cheerful disposition. Denya has good abilities, curiosity, ingenuity, high erudition.

A guy with this name is resourceful, easily overcomes all sorts of difficulties in life, with age he can become an assiduous, accurate and principled person.

Negative traits: The name Denis brings susceptibility to the temptation of an easy and carefree life, excessive talkativeness, non-commitment, rashness in actions. A man named Denis can impose his ideas on others. He is passionate not only in the game, but in life.

Inclined to «light up» the idea and cool down, without bringing the matter to the end.

The nature of the name Denis: What character traits determines the meaning of the name Denis? This is a very sociable person. A man with this name is ready to share with people (and animals, by the way!) Truly the last piece.

Deniska is diligent and very careful; extraordinarily lucky, although he likes hard work, overcoming difficulties. Most often they appear in the image of people who do not want to take seriously his often questionable ideas. Here the name Denis shows his not the best properties — he is proud of being touchy.

In principle, it can be persuaded to do anything, but first you certainly need to ask his advice, permission (which it is useful to remember for his subordinates, friends and, of course, his wife).

In childhood, Deniska is a friendly, kind and playful child; modest, open young man, becoming an adult, does not lose its charm. The value of the name Denis has to others.

Principal, diligent, careful in everything. The guy with this name is not devoid of ability, easily overcomes all sorts of difficulties, very lucky.

A man named Denis loves hard work. it can be principled and uncompromising, unfaithful to impose one’s opinion on others, being proud.

He knows the money bill, he does not like alcohol, hobby is collecting.

Denis is a strong, cheerful, sociable boy. He is known to all the neighbors in the neighborhood.

Very kind — he will share his breakfast not only with his classmates, but also with counter dogs and cats.

Since childhood, having learned that politeness and a charming smile open the way to the hearts of people, Denya often uses this in his adult life. Even he himself does not understand how sincere he is.

This is a bright emotional personality. Sometimes emotions take up over reason, especially when they criticize his ideas or actions, but the guy tries to pull himself together.

He follows the standards of morality, but does not recognize the strict framework. He does not hide his passions, lives feelings.

He loves beautiful things, solemnly, elegantly receives guests, adores walks, travels, picnics. He has many friends, both among men and women.

Denis and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: A successful marriage of a name with Alexandra, Anna, Eugenia, Catherine, Claudia, Larisa, Marina, Polina. The name Denis is also combined with Sophia.

The marriage with Antonina, Gorislava, Zinaida, Zoya, Inna, Irina, Olga will be fragile.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Denis? Love will play a significant role in life.

He attaches great importance to romantic hobbies, which often lead to nothing. Probable mistakes in choosing a bride.

This is a fan of female beauty and married more than once. This is facilitated by the fact that Deniska marries not only for love, but also for mercenary reasons.

The guy named Denis is touchy and hot-tempered, which helps to create conflicts in his family life.

He does not like loneliness, he is always lucky and he eventually marries successfully.

In love and sex, Dan knows no obstacles, but his attitude to sex is healthy. He is able to cope with flashes of jealousy. About their adventures does not apply.

Denis marries, as a rule, by calculation, but in a woman he is attracted primarily by his appearance, and only then the mind and mental qualities.

Relationship with a woman builds on mutual respect.

Often the first marriage of the name Deny is unsuccessful, the second — ends with the creation of a strong and friendly family. Often looking for adventure on the side. Children have special meaning for Denis.

Not stingy, but each large purchase in the family is made only with the consent.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: Denia can make a career in the travel and show business. It is likely to succeed in all areas where an adventure, risk, is appropriate. The manual appreciates him for bold ideas, enthusiasm, and rationalization proposals.

He can be a good manager, an advertising agent.

This is most often an actor, director, writer, journalist, researcher, creator of videos and commercials, an artist.

Business and career: He is often lucky in financial matters, sweepstakes, lotteries. For all his carelessness, he is not inclined to waste all the money.

A name will always have savings for a rainy day.

This nature is creative, fascinated, he has a wonderful imagination, analytical and synthetic mindset at the same time, which gives room to thoughts.

He is filled with a variety of ideas and seeks to make them come to life, or with the team.

However, Denis is a man of inspiration and, if he is cold, can leave the work begun, forgetting that he is responsible for those whom he called for himself.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name: In childhood, a child with a beautiful name Denis often suffers from infectious diseases. In mature years, exposure to alcohol dependence can seriously undermine health.

At times, he may be depressed, sad, especially from family problems, or from realizing the point in his career, beyond which he can no longer move.

Denis’s fate in history

What does the name Denis mean for male destiny?

  1. Denis V. Davydov, the son of the commander of the Poltava Equestrian Regiment, at the age of seventeen began military service as a Standard-Junker in the cavalier regiment and then in the Belarussian army hussar regiment. In 1806, Captain Davydov in the Guard. In the campaign of 1807 — the adjutant of Bagration. In 1808-1809 participated in the war with Sweden, served in the detachment Kutuzov. He died suddenly 23 1839. Denis Davydov is also known as a poet, the author of many dashing, hussar — and love, very subtle, but also sensual poems, among which «Romance» is especially beautiful: «Do not wake up, do not wake memories in my soul.»
  2. Dionysius (about 1440 — between 1502 and 1508> — the greatest painter of Ancient Russia, until his death, he was rumored as “a painter, a sly and preysyastnom.” His customers were all especially high-ranking, church hierarchs, the Grand Duke himself. Dionysius was not a monk as Andrei Rublev, he lived “in the world” and, if contemporaries were to be believed, did not shy away from worldly temptations: he did not particularly zealously keep his posts, repeatedly violated the severity of church statutes in his life. Of all his innumerable works, three authentic icons ( the artist put down his name) and great Paintings of the Nativity Church of the Ferapontov Monastery, near the town of Kirillov, Vologda Region.
  3. Denis Fonvizin — famous Russian writer, author of comedies.
  4. Denis Davydov — Partisan of the Patriotic War of 1812, poet, military writer.
  5. Denis Nowell Pritt is an English lawyer and public figure (1887–1972).
  6. Denis Diderot — French writer and philosopher (1713–1784).
  7. Dionisio Bellante — (1610 — 1685) Italian violinist and composer.
  8. Dionigi Boussola — (1615 — 1687) Italian painter and sculptor.
  9. Denis Kolodin — Russian football player, central defender of Dynamo Moscow and the Russian national team.
  10. Denis Grebeshkov — Russian hockey player, Honored Master of Sports of Russia.
  11. Denis Paramonov — Russian film and theater actor.
  12. Denis de Rougemont — Swiss writer, philosopher, social activist.
  13. Denis Nikiforov — (roDenis 1977) Russian theater and film actor.
  14. Denis Sobolev — writer, cultural scientist, Ph.D.

Denis in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English it is translated as Dennis — Dennis, in French: Denis, in Portuguese: Dinis — Dinis, in Turkish: Deniz — Denise.

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