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Efim meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Efim mean

Efim meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Efim mean

Meaning of the name Efim: the name for the boy means «benevolent», «good carrier», «supportive». This affects the character and fate of Yefim.

The origin of the name Efim: ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Efimka, Efima, Fima, Fish.

What does the name Efim mean? The name Efim is derived from the ancient Greek «eutimos». The word translates as «benevolent.» Another meaning of the name Efim is “pious.”

The man has a fine mental organization and refinement. He is a good psychologist, but he never interferes in people’s lives, preferring to remain in the shadows.

A man is devoted to friends more than anyone, literally ready to give everything for them. The guy with this name immediately gives people a friendly smile and positive attitude.

Patronymic name Efim: Efimovich, Efimievich, Efimovna, Efimievna; talk Yefimitch.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Yefim twice a year marks the name day:

  • 2 (20) — Rev. Euthymius the Great, 68 years old, labored in the great exploits in the Palestinian desert, founded a monastery there, and with miracles he converted heretics and Saracens to the true faith (V c.)
  • 28 (15) — Rev. Euthymius Novy (Solunsky), eighteen years old, secretly left his family in a monastery, accepted monasticism, and pleased God with great feats; founded two monasteries (IX century).

Signs: 2, in Efim’ev day, blizzard — the whole carnival of the blizzard. On Efimya at noon the sun is early spring.

Overcast — wait for new blizzards.

  • Zodiac — Scorpio
  • Planet — Pluto
  • Color — Scarlet
  • Auspicious tree — jasmine
  • Covenant — Peony
  • The patron of the name is Scorpio
  • Stone Mascot — Beryl

Characteristic name Efim

Positive features: Yefim has developed an imagination and creative ability. He loves to dream, dream, invent.

The guy with this name lives tomorrow and strives for something new, mysterious. He is a non-conflict person, able to give way, smooth sharp corners.

Negative traits: The name Efim gives Touchiness, suspiciousness, painful vanity. Fima sometimes does not know how and in what way to show oneself, how to earn the respect of his comrades.

The desire to assert itself can push a guy with that name to rash actions.

The character of the name Efim: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Efim? Fima is very sensitive and artistic, but she never annoys anyone with her spiritual subtlety — peaceful, responsive, kind.

He has a large supply of vitality and extraordinary diligence. A subtle psychologist who likes to analyze people’s actions.

It helps him to suppress his sometimes erupting egoism. A man with this name is very attached to the house, he likes to cook. For him, accuracy is of particular importance.

Cleanliness to tediousness, which will certainly require from his wife, as, indeed, unshakable loyalty. Himself will actually also be true, although mentally able to carry quite far.

Efim usually looks like a mother. Since childhood, very emotional and overly confident.

Fima is sympathetic, kindhearted, he attracts people to him. He has friends, although he will not actively participate in the affairs of others, he is more busy with his own.

It is enough to him to anything non-binding communication in his spare time at a concert, playing chess.

Yefim and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable union with Aida, Bella, Deborah, Cristina, Leila, Rufina, Faina. Name Efim also combined with Elina.

Difficult relationships are likely with Anfisa, Vasilisa, Lolita, Rada.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Efim? Fima has many premarital ties, but is faithful in marriage.

He is always immaculately dressed, neat, perfumed, squeamish about food outside the home. Attaches great importance to delicious food. He is a gourmet.

The expression: “the way to a man’s heart lies through the stomach” — about him. His wife should cook well; immaculate cleanliness is essential in the house.

He is quite jealous, he does not change his wife, because he is very careful and squeamish.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: He can self-realize in the profession of an actor, musician, artist, writer. He easily finds a common language with children, knows their psychology.

Fima’s name could organize holidays or shows for them.

He has a well-developed imagination and memory, combined with his inherent creative beginning, this allows him to be a good artist, musician, architect. However, the name Yefim finds use in various fields, since he has a large supply of vitality and exceptional diligence.

Business and career: Fime sometimes lacks business skills in order to turn his favorite activity into a source of income.

The man named Efim is a talented man, artistic, creative nature, but selfish. He is very persistent, and not everyone likes his style, but it helps him to make his way into life.

He has a very developed intuition, he is a good psychologist and this helps him in communicating with people to suppress his negative traits.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name Efim: Meaning of the name Efim from the point of view of medicine. Unusually hardworking, naturally artistic, knows how to get along with people.

All that he has is achieved by his own work, thanks to the inexhaustible supply of vitality. Fima is somewhat selfish, but if it seems necessary to him, he skillfully hides it.

A little petty and not too bold, pessimistic. Negative traits cause hostility of others.

Always standing on the sidelines, away from others. Efim is rarely lucky in life, even if he is talented, but his superiors favor him.

Fima has a weak nervous system and often suffers from painful suspiciousness. The body’s weak point is the digestive system. He is Efim a gourmet; he is squeamish about catering to food, conservative in culinary affections.

Do not marry until you make sure that his chosen one is fluent in culinary art and will be faithful to him.

Fima does not spare money for food, he always buys food. To alcohol indifferent. In the sexual life is careful, but after no non-binding sexual contact may be attached to a woman for a long time, if not forever.

If life offers him a choice between love and marital debt, would prefer to stay in the family.

A man named Yefim moderately jealous. Born in the winter — does not tolerate loneliness, capable of violent hobbies, knows a lot about women.

The range of professional activities is wide, but what is given to others by gift can turn into a problem for him.

Yefim’s fate in history

What does Fima’s name mean for male destiny?

  1. Evfimy V. Putyatin (1803 — 1883) — count, Russian statesman, admiral, adjutant general. In 1822 — 1825 made a round-the-world voyage to the northwestern shores of America under the command of MP Lazarev. In 1827, he participated in the Battle of Navarino. In 1838-1839, commanding a frigate, he took part in the landing at the occupation of Cape Azher, the township of Tuapse and Shapsukh and Cape Subashi and was wounded here. In 1842, Putyatin made his first trip with a diplomatic goal — to the Persian Shah. In 1858- 1861 Putyatin was a naval agent at the Russian embassy in London; in 1861, he was appointed Minister of Public Education, but after five months he was dismissed from this post, with his appointment as a member of the State Council.
  2. Efim is a famous fist fighter, originally from the Italian Locri, who won in the 74th, 76th and 77th Olympiads in 484-472 BC. The fighter who won in three Olympiads was a legendary person. The story tells that Yefim freed Temessu from the evil spirit of Polit, who in earthly life was a friend of Odysseus. The Italian defeated him in combat. Having lived to a ripe old age, Yefim disappeared from the face of the earth, not having experienced ordinary death. As the echo of distant Olympics and the confirmation that a fist fighter lived on earth, during the excavations at Olympia, the pedestal of his statue was found.
  3. Euthymius the Great, also Euthymius the Compassionate, Euthymius the Scheme — (c.377 — 473) Christian saint, hieromonk. Along with Anthony the Great, Macarius the Great and Pachomius the Great, Euthymius is considered to be the pillar of the wilderness community and the founder of the monastic community.
  4. Evfimy of Suzdal — (1316 — 1404) the reverend, founder and archimandrite of the Savior Euthymius monastery.
  5. Evfimy Zigaben, Evtimiy Zigavin (Zigaden) — (d.c.1118) Byzantine theologian and exeget.
  6. Efim Zelmanov — (born 1955) is a mathematician, Fields’s laureate (1994), known for his work in the field of combinatorial problems of nonassociative algebra and group theory, in particular, proof of the weakened Burnside hypothesis.
  7. Efim Grachev is a Russian businessman (a merchant of the 2nd guild), the mayor of Perm in 1856-1858, traded in manufactory products, church goods and wreaths.
  8. Efim Sitsinsky, Efim Sichinsky, Yuhim Sitsinsky — (1859 — 1937) Ukrainian historian and archaeologist.
  9. Yefim Shifrin is a Soviet and Russian actor, creator and artistic director of the Shifrin Theater, the author of three books: The Theater named after me, A private affair of Yefim Shifrin, and Leta River Flows.
  10. Efim Khaidurov — (born 1925) famous Soviet shooter and designer of sports pistols.
  11. Efim Chepovetsky — (born 1919) Soviet and Russian children’s writer.
  12. Efim Zaitsevsky — (1799 — 1860/1861) Russian poet, naval officer.
  13. Efim Bukotkin — (1909 — 1945) Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of a 45-millimeter anti-tank battery.
  14. Efim Babushkin — (1880 — 1927) party pseudonym — Tsybul, Tsybulsky; Earl, Russian revolutionary figure.
  15. Efim Putyatin — (1803 — 1883) Russian admiral, count, statesman and diplomat; in 1855, he signed the first friendship and trade treaty with Japan.
  16. Efim Zarin — (1829 — 1892) Russian writer.

Efim in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In Italian it is translated as Eutimio, in Polish: Eutymiusz, in Ukrainian: Yuhim.

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