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Efimiya meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Efimiya

Efimiya meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Efimiya

In this article you will find information about the meaning of the name Efimi, its origin, history, learn about options for interpreting the name.

  • Zodiac Euphemia — Leo
  • Planet — the Sun
  • Color Efimia Efimia — purple
  • Favorable tree — poplar
  • The plant of Euphemia — sunflower
  • Patron of the name Efimiya — puma
  • Stone-talisman Euphemia Euphemia — Ruby

What does the name Euphemia mean: pious, sacred (name Efimia of Greek origin).

The short meaning of the name Efimiya: Efim, Fima, Hima, Fish, Epha.

Angel’s Day of Euphemia: The name Euphemia twice a year marks names:

  • 24 (11) — miracle of sv. the martyrs of the supreme Euphemia. The church fathers, gathered in 451 g, at the IV Ecumenical Council, placed an Orthodox and heretical confession of faith in the tomb of the Great Martyr and sealed the tomb. Three days later, they opened and found an Orthodox confession in the right hand of the Great Martyr, and the heretic — at her feet.
  • 29 (16) — The Holy Great Martyr Euphemia the Extreme was a noble family; she suffered great torment for the faith of Christ, but remained unscathed among them; By her torments she turned the heathen soldiers to Christ; died peacefully among the wild beasts that did not touch her (304).

Signs of the name Efimiya: 24 — Efimia-stozharnitsy, thunderstorm time. Shining Stozhar foreshadows a successful bear hunt.

Characteristics of the name Efimi

The positive features of the name Efimiya: Efimiya is a caring, tactful, prudent person. He does not like disputes, knows how to unravel the thoughts and feelings of the people around him and find the best way out of the situation.

She is attentive to the dear and beloved people.

Negative traits of the name Efimia: the name Efimia is very touchy: not showing her appearance, she is offended when confronted with the carelessness and rudeness of others. Holding a grudge, Euphemia is able to deliver an unexpected blow without warning.

The character of the name Efimiya: Efimiya is stubborn, categorical and sharp in statements, it does not spare either authorities or close people, it can easily offend. She is very hot-tempered, any trifle infuriates her.

Euphemia is hardworking and practical, she firmly knows what is profitable for her, and turns every thing to her advantage. She is cunning, able to adapt to life, however, with her combative, tenacious character often frightens off men.

Efimia already in his childhood realizes that there are no absolutely bad or good people, and trying to remake someone is a hopeless task.

A girl named Euphemia is able to deeply love and care for her dear person. Euphemia avoids disputes and conflicts. Do not bother her with their communication.

Sometimes the value of the name is required to retire, just to be with yourself.

Euphemia and her personal life

Love and marriage: Euphemia becomes a good and responsible mother, authoritative for children, patient and wise, able to create an atmosphere of peace and understanding in the family. Favorable union name with Alfer, Karp, Panteley, Savely, Samuel.

Difficult relations of a name are probable with Ostap, Ruslan, Solomon.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: Efimia is located to work with people in the field of pedagogy, services, tourism. She is a boss who does not like obstinate and incontinent subordinates.

Euphemia is able to organize work well, mobilize employees, praise them generously, and respect every individual.

Business and career: Euphemia is able to be flexible and never lose her advantage. Sometimes she is somewhat greedy.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Euphemia: Euphemia may have problems with the endocrine system.

The fate of the Euphemia in history

What does the name Euphemia mean for women’s fate?

  1. Evfimiya Vladimirovna — the daughter of Vladimir Monomakh, Queen of Hungary. In 1112 she married an old widower, the Hungarian king Koloman. In the difficult struggle of the court parties, she was soon accused of infidelity, and Koloman sent her to Russia. Here, Evfimii had a son, Boris, not recognized by Koloman, but recognized as part of the Hungarian nobility. There are no traces of Vladimir’s interference in the case of Euthymius. Boris lived a stormy life for the struggle for the Hungarian crown, but he had almost no help from his Russian relatives.
  2. Evfimiya Fedorovna Vsevolozhskaya — the daughter of Kasimov landowner Fyodor-Ruf Rodionovich Vsevolozhsky. Born in 1629. When in 1647 Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich decided to marry, up to 200 girls were gathered in Moscow, and from them, after a rigorous assessment, six candidates were chosen; the choice of the tsar himself was fixed on Vsevolozhsk, and it was placed «on top» (the palace half of the queen). After the king’s marriage to Miloslavskaya, forgiveness was announced to all Vsevolozhsky. Vsevolozhskaya died in 1657

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