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Elisha meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Elisha

Elisha meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Elisha

Meaning of the name Elisha: the name for the boy means «salvation in God.» This affects the character and fate of Elisha.

The origin of the name Elisha: Jewish.

The diminutive form of the name: Elesya, Lesya, Leseyka, Eliseyka.

What does the name Elisha mean: The name Elisha is derived from the Hebrew name Elisha. The name translates as «God — salvation.»

The meaning of the name Elisha promises innate analytical skills, insight, a sharp mind. A guy with this name needs an adequate upbringing, otherwise he may grow selfish.

He is Elisha trying to take a leadership position, pretending to be humble and meek.

Patronymic name of Elisha: Eliseevich, Eliseevna.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Elisha once a year celebrates the name day: 27 (14) — Holy Prophet Elisha, a disciple of the prophet Elijah; By preaching and miracles, he upheld the faith of the true God among the people of Israel. He died in old age in the IX. to R. X.

Signs: From the Prophet the sun shortens the course, and the summer is waning!

  • Zodiac — Cancer
  • Planet — Moon
  • Color — blue
  • Auspicious Tree — Aspen
  • Crown Plant — Lily
  • Patron of the name Elisha — Fox
  • Elisha’s Stone Mascot — Moonstone

Characteristics of the name Elisha

Positive features: The name Elisha gives loyalty to judgments, an analytical mind, inexhaustible energy, the ability to anticipate and predict the future, subtle intuition, loyalty to ideals.

Negative traits: With a lack of education, Elisha may have high ambitions. In this case, he will only take care of his name and reputation.

The character of the name Elisha: What character traits the meaning of the name Elisha determines. The guy named Elisha is kind, passionate, sensitive, but not without self-irony and some frivolity.

The man with this name is a dreamy creature, capable of both art and occult sciences, even good magic.

Elisha is powerful and noble, has excellent organizational skills. Without labor, he gets what he wants, because those around him help in this.

Lesya seems trusting, soft and meek, but do not allow yourself to be deceived by his appearance. In fact, he uses all means to take a leadership position.

He is Elisha rarely pleased with what others consider good luck, and is determined to achieve something more. In the sphere of communication, he is constant in his predilections, he prefers to adhere to his old habits until they are completely unacceptable, then he changes his life completely and irrevocably, not sparing anyone he left.

Elisha and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable union name with Aida, Deborah, Iraida, Cleopatra, Mirra, Rebekah, Rufina. The name Elisha is also combined with Sarah.

Difficult relationships are likely with Alla, Dana, Muza, Roxana, Fedora.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Elisha? With all his tact and external softness never allow to sit on his neck.

It is better for him to enter into a late marriage with a woman who shares his ideals.

He Elisha attaches great importance to true, sublime love and is able to inspire the same feeling. He is very charming, and if he wants to achieve something, no one can resist his charms.

Health and talents named Elisha: Natura Elisha involves a wide communication, an active lifestyle. In this case, his health will not fail.

Inactivity is detrimental to health.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: He Elisha possesses innate intuition in relation to circumstances and people, which should be guided in all matters.

Success is assured where there is a need to lead people (schools, hospitals, transportation, industry).

A man with this name is practical. For him, it is of particular importance to occupy a dominant position and deserve respect.

He will try to express himself in art or literature, in the fascination with antiquity and antiques.

Business and career: Inactivity is detrimental to the financial situation of Elisha. In old age, perhaps the owner of the name Elisha will bequeath to hospitals or schools a large share of his funds.

The fate of Elisha in history

What does the name Elisha mean for male destiny?

  1. Elisey Buza, a Cossack foreman, was sent from Yeniseysk in 1636 with a command to inspect all the rivers that flow into the Arctic Sea and impose a tribute on coastal residents. In two weeks, he reached the mouth of the Lena, from where, on one day, the Arctic Sea came to the mouth of the Olenek and continued on its way up this river to the wanderings of the Tungus, from which he gathered yasak during the winter. In the spring of 1638, Buza set off again with his detachment to Lena by dry means and reached it at the entrance of the Young into it. About the future of Elisey Buza, who, like all the travelers of the XVII century, was mainly engaged not in exploring the shores and countries, but collecting tribute from the natives, nothing is known.
  2. Elisha Bomelius (? -1579) — an adventurer from Holland. After wandering through Europe, Bomelius arrived in Russia and found access to Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who made him his doctor. Having noticed in the Tsar suspicion of the people around him, he tried to maintain this painful mood in Grozny and ruined many boyars and other people with his slanders. In 1571 — the beginning of the fifth era of executions — Bomelius offered the king to exterminate the Likhodeans with poison and, as they say, made a potion with such art that the poisoned died at the time appointed by the king. Finally, convicted of treacherous relations with the Polish king Stefan Batory, Bomelius was thrown into a dungeon and died under torture.
  3. Elisha Bobrov — (1778 — 1830) actor drama troupe of the Imperial Theaters.
  4. Elisha Pletenetsky — (d. 1624) archimandrite of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, founder of the Lavra printing house.
  5. Elise Reclu — (1830 — 1905) French geographer, historian, anarchist.
  6. Eliseo Salazar, Eliseu Salazar Valenzuela — (born 1954) is a Chilean race car driver, a participant in the Formula 1 world auto racing championships and sports cars, as well as the CART and IRL racing series. The only racer from Chile who took part in the Formula 1 World Championship.
  7. Eliseu Pereira dos Santos — (born 1983) Portuguese football player.
  8. Elisha Isenberg — Danish Ambassador. In 1572, he came to Ivan the Terrible with a letter from the Danish king Frederic, in which he assured the king of unfailing friendship, complained that the Russians were taking the land and fishing grounds from the Norwegians, asking for “dangerous letters” for the ambassadors of Emperor Maximilian who went to Moscow. Ivan responded to this letter on the 27th of the same year. Magnus, Caspar, the messenger, also came with Isenbreg.
  9. Elisha Sinitsyn is a senior official at the NKVD and the KGB of the USSR, the organizer of intelligence networks in Poland and Finland.
  10. Elisha Kolbasin — (1827 — 1890) Russian writer, critic, literary historian.
  11. Eliseo Cedas, Ilisio Cedas, nicknamed Carioca, is a former Brazilian footballer.
  12. Eliseo Zubiela — (born 1944) Argentine filmmaker, screenwriter, producer.
  13. Eliseo Diego — (1920 — 1994) Cuban poet, novelist, translator, author of books for children.

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