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Emelyan meaning of name, character and fate, What does Emelyan name mean

Emelyan meaning of name, character and fate, What does Emelyan name mean

Meaning of the name Emelyan: the name for the boy means «rival», «competitor». This affects the character and fate of Yemelyan.

The origin of the name Emelyan: Roman.

The diminutive form of the name: Emelya, Emelyanka, Melekh, Melesha.

What does the name Emelyan mean: the name Emelyan comes from the Roman generic nickname Amelia? The name translates as «rival.»

Another meaning of the name Emelyan is “competitor”. The key qualities of such a person are efficiency, practicality, a tendency to diplomacy. A man is an ideal politician or businessman.

However, he can not cope with his main enemy — envy. It is this feeling that often pushes Yemelyan to conquer new heights.

Patronymic name Emelyan: Emelyanovich, Emelyanovna; talk Yemelyanych, Amelyanych.

Angel Day and patron saints of the name Emelyan: the name Emelyan twice a year marks the name day:

  • 21 (8) — The Monk Roman Emilian was at first a great sinner, then repented, accepted monasticism, and for forgiveness received forgiveness from the Lord.
  • 31 (18) — sv. the martyr Emilian was a slave to a noble pagan, in jealousy of the faith of Christ he defeated idols in a pagan temple, for which he was brought to trial and then, after suffering for the faith of Christ, burned in 362.

Signs of the name of Emelyan: 21 — Emelyan-winters, «wind up a snowstorm.» If Yemelyan wind blows from the south, be a terrible summer.

The godfather and godfather are served at Emelya, and they hand over the godson «soapy and white belinger (towel).»

  • Zodiac — Capricorn
  • Planet — Jupiter
  • Yellow color
  • Auspicious tree — ash
  • Emelyan’s cherished plant — digitalis
  • Patron — Machaon
  • Stone Mascot — Pomegranate

Characteristic name of Emelyan

Positive features: Name Emelyan gives wit, efficiency, calmness and poise. A man named Emelyan is endowed with diplomatic abilities and is able to find an approach to any person.

Already in childhood, a child with this name can in many ways achieve from adults everything he wants.

Negative traits: A man bearing the name of Emelyan attaches great importance to flattery, seeks to get his own at any cost. A guy with this name often puts on various masks, tries to appear more meaningful than he is.

The character of the name Emelyan: This is a calm person (sometimes to the point that he is bored with home boredom), predisposed to despondency, but he is ashamed of it and knows how to hide.

This is a pragmatic pragmatist, Emelya, very tidy, able to achieve a lot if he stops saying all the time: “And if.” The efficiency of the name Emelyan gives grounds to call him a typical workaholic. A man with this name can make you respect yourself, but his insincerity hinders friendly and cordial relationships.

He needs to be more open with close people. If you want to become his friend, then try to liberate the guy and in no case do not doubt his potential.

Yemelyan and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable union name with Arina, Evdokia, Maya. The name Emelyan is also combined with Fedora.

Difficult relationships are likely with Akulina, Bronislava, Eva, Inna, Kaleria, Lydia, Matryona, Faina.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Emelyan? He is constant and capable of long-term communications very rarely.

He is Emelyan picky about choosing a wife. For him, family is of particular importance.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: Business qualities contribute to his career, achieving the planned heights.

Yemelyan has quite good creative abilities, developed imagination, rationalization talent that can be useful in any field of activity.

Business and career: He Emelyan is a realist that saves him from probable disappointments in life. With regard to money, he is overly cautious, so he may not miss a chance to make money more than once, hesitating for too long and losing good opportunities.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name: In Emeli’s life, accidents, injuries, burns, injuries are likely.

Yemelyan’s fate in history

What does Emelyan’s name mean for man’s fate?

  1. Yemelyan Ivanov, nicknamed the Second, is an Old Believer, one of the energetic preachers of self-immolation in the Olonets region at the end of the 17th century. A disciple of the deacon Ignatius, he lived on the Ryazanka river and, after burning his teacher, traveled around the surrounding villages, collecting with his sermon about the imminent (in 1689) enthronement of the Antichrist, whole crowds of perpetrators, especially women. Having captured the Paleostrovsky monastery with all this power, the hero plundered the churches in Povenets, Tolvoy and Cholmuzhes, burning the icons. Then besieged by a government detachment in the monastery, Emelyan, after a debate on faith, set fire to the building and burned down along with 1500 followers.
  2. Yemelyan I.Ukraintsev (? -1708) — Duma Advisor to several Russian sovereigns. In 1675, under Alexey Tishayshim, he was promoted to clerks and signed, together with the boyar Matveyev, an obligation with the Austrian-Czarist ambassadors regarding the title of Russian sovereigns. He performed assignments for the diplomatic part. In 1707 he was a commissar at the Lublin Sejm. He died in Hungary during the embassy to Prince Rakoczy.
  3. Yemelyan Ukraintsev — (1641 — 1708) Russian diplomat.
  4. Emelyan Parubok — (born in 1940) an innovator of agricultural production, Hero of Socialist Labor.
  5. Emilian Dobrescu — (born 1933) is a Romanian economist and chess composer, a full member of the Romanian Academy, author of numerous books and articles on economics.
  6. Emelyan Kovch — (1884 — 1944) blessed by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
  7. Emelyan Mikhailyuk — (1919 — 1945) veteran of the Great Patriotic War.
  8. Omelyan Ogonovsky — (1833 — 1894) Ukrainian writer, corresponding member of the Krakow Polish Academy of Knowledge.
  9. Omelyan Pritsak — (1919 — 2006) Orientalist historian, founder of the Harvard Institute of Ukrainian Studies, foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, founder of the Institute of Oriental Studies. A.Krymsky NAS of Ukraine.
  10. Emil Dimitrov, Emil Dimitrov — (1940 — 2005) Bulgarian singer.
  11. Emilian Karas is a Soviet and Moldavian footballer.
  12. Yemelyan Sheshenin — (1925 — 2002) Russian civilian scientist, representative of the Ural school of civil law, PhD in Law.
  13. Yemelyan Shikhobalov — (d. 1888) mayor of the city of Samara.
  14. Yemelyan Yarmagaev — (born 1918) Soviet, Russian writer.
  15. Yemelyan Yaroslavsky — (1878 — 1943) revolutionary, Communist Party leader, ideologue and leader of anti-religious policy in the USSR.

Yemelyan in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English it is translated as Aemilianus, in French: Emilien, Emilien (Emilien), Amelien (Amelien), in Spanish: Emiliano (Emiliano), in Italian: Emiliano (Emiliano), in Portuguese: Emiliano (Emiliano).

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