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English boys names

English boys names

There are a lot of names in the English word list. In the people, the original English names of boys mostly use the diminutive form.

For example, the real name of Tony Blair is Anthony Charles Linton. In this case, the English-speaking state by law permits the child to be recorded under the diminutive name. That is why the English choose any words as names.

For example, the son of David and Victoria Beckham name is Brooklyn, he was named after the district of New York.

In addition, in England there are no restrictions on the number of names, so most Englishmen have 2-3 names, and there are more. For example, a popular English musician’s name is Brian Peter George St. John le Baptist de la Sall Eno.

It should be noted that the list of English names is huge, it has a variety of names. Choosing the English names of boys, we advise you to pay attention to its meaning, since the name directly affects the character of the child. It is even able to determine the fate of the boy.

In England, sons are often called Mason — the stone worker, Jim — the invader, Jeremy — appointed by God, John, descended from the Jewish name Yohanan which means «Yahweh is merciful.»

This English name in the country has a lot of diminutive forms Ian, John.

Popular English names for boys:

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