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English names of girls

English names of girls

The English system is interesting, and even unusual for many nations. After all, an English name consists of 3 components: from the first name (first name), the second name (middle name) and the last name (surname).

Sometimes instead of the first and second names are given the names of celebrities, relatives or historical characters. Tradition instead of giving names was mainly in noble families. For example, in Jane Austen’s novel The Pride and Prejudice of the protagonist is Fitzuilyam Darcy, where both Fitzuilyam and Darcy are last names, but the last name serves as the first name.

For the territory of Russia, this situation may seem absurd, for example, if Pushkin’s hero had the name Onegin Ivanovich Lensky.

This tradition to give such a long name to children in England appeared after the 16th century, before that people had the usual names and surnames. And what are the English names of girls are now popular?

It should be noted that there are many beautiful female names in England; below we give you the most popular English names of girls and we hope that you will choose the very sounding, beautiful and unusual name for your daughter.

Remember, the meaning of the name plays a big role in a person’s life.

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