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Erofey meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Erofei

Erofey meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Erofei

Meaning of the name Yerofey: the name for the boy means “God is dedicated,” “God-worshiper.” This affects the character and fate of Yerofey.

The origin of the name Yerofey: Ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Erofeyka, Eroha, Erosh, Eronya, Era.

What does the name Erofei mean? The name Erofei is derived from the fusion of the ancient Greek words “hieros” (lit. “initiate”, “surrendered”) and “theos” (lit. “deity”). The word translates as «worshiper.»

Another meaning of the name Yerofey is the one who can be called a pronounced introvert.

Patronymic name Erofey: Erofeevich, Erofeevna; talk Erofeich.

Angel Day and patron saints of the name Yerofey: the name Yerofey celebrates the name of the name once a year: 17 (4) — The Holy Hierarch of the Martyr Yerofey converted to Christ by the Holy Apostle Paul, was a bishop in Athens. He died a martyr in the first century.

Signs of the name Yerofey: With Yerofey, winter puts on a fur coat: the cold is stronger. On this day, the go-go rampage, fool around in the woods, break trees, and after the first roosters fall through the ground until spring.

  • Zodiac — Libra
  • Planet Erofei — Saturn
  • Color — gray-green
  • Auspicious tree — hazel
  • Covenant — Calendula
  • Patron of Erofei — owl
  • Stone Mascot — Chrysolite

Characteristic name Yerofey

Positive features: The guy named Yerofey strives to achieve peace and harmony in everything.

Loves to be praised.

Negative traits: A man named after Yerofey cannot be in a noisy company for a long time, he prefers close people. For him, loneliness is of particular importance.

The nature of the name Yerofey: A man with this name is charming, easily converges with people, but is too sensitive to a bad attitude. He Yerofey prefers to withdraw into himself, go into a completely different field of activity.

If he is offended unjustly, he will turn the mountains, just to prove that he is right!

Yerofey and his personal life

Love and marriage: Despite its sociability, Yerofeyka prefers to lick his spiritual wounds alone, attaches great importance to independence.

Talents, business, career

Business and career: He Erofey in his career is passive. The guy with this name does not like to change jobs.

The fate of Yerofey in history

What does the name Erofei for male destiny?

  1. Erofei Khabarov, nicknamed Svyatitsky (1610-1667), was from Solvychegodsk. In the autumn of 1649, Khabarov set out with his few armies on the march through Olekma, Tugir and dragged to Amur. Along the way, they plundered the Yakuts and Yasak Tunguses, leading their herds; they did not spare the Russian fur-farmers. In January 1650 he went further, but the rumor about his detachment rushed ahead, the population scattered, so that in May he returned to Yakutsk only with news of the wealth and fertility of the Daur land, which «would be decorated and abundant with everyone against Siberia». He remained to live in the name of the city of Khabarovsk, standing at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri, and a small taiga station.

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