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Female English names and their meanings (list)

The main feature of female English names is that they are presented in the form of two names and one last name. Moreover, the British quite often in everyday life use diminutive forms of the name, without uttering it completely.

Formally, the name remains triple. Two names are written with a hyphen in relation to each other and are equivalent.

Parents can choose absolutely any name for their daughter, in England it will not seem strange and ridiculous. Female English names are represented by several sources of origin: France, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia — and this is not the whole list.

Traditional female names in England in the last century were those that were associated with nature, most often fragrant flowers: Daisy, Jasmine, Rosa. Over time, they added flirtatious, modern sound.

So the names of Catherine, Jacqueline, which became incredibly popular among the inhabitants of England, came into vogue.

If we touch on the present time, now various names are popular: ancient, and truly English, and borrowed from other nations.

Jean, Jane, Joan, Alivia, Mildreth are the most common and relevant English names for the fair sex.

Female English names — list of names:

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