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Female Greek names and their meanings (list)

Few people know that such female names as Elena, Anna, Polina, Anastasia, Xenia are female Greek names, and this is what hundreds of thousands of girls all over the world call this. Moreover, all these names are not devoid of meaning, most often they denote certain traits of a person’s character, his temperament, obvious advantages or, on the contrary, disadvantages.

For example, the name Helen in Greek means torch, light, glow. A girl with that name will be very bright, and will also charge everyone and everything around with her glow.

In Greece, they treat traditions with special respect, therefore children are called in full accordance with them. That is why the first daughter will almost always inherit the name of her paternal grandmother.

In the end, strict adherence to tradition leads to the fact that there are too many identical names in one family. Perhaps that is why modern Greeks are beginning to ignore it.

Most Greek female names are associated with mythology. A vivid example of this is the spread of such beautiful Greek names as Aphrodite, Venus, Penelope.

Some names have a close relationship with the Orthodox calendar, which includes both Greek and Jewish names, for example, Anna, Vasilisa, Aurora.

Female Greek Names — a list of names:

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