Главная » Meaning of the name » Meaning of the name Regina: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Regina: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Regina: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Regina: this name for the girl means “queen”. Another meaning of the name Regina is «mistress», «queen».

The origin of the name Regina: Latin.

The diminutive form of the name: Reginka, Rena, Gin, Guin.

What does the name Regina mean: Proud, energetic and beautiful girl attracts universal views. People are charged with her energy and are drawn to her, but not everyone truly loves her.

A clever and responsible girl named Regina can become the right hand of a manager or build her own business. For the husband and children the girl, the word «discipline» is not an empty sound.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Regina once a year marks the name day: 7 (22) — The holy martyress Regina suffered for Christ and died after torture.

Signs: If a woodpecker starts knocking on this day, then spring will be late.

  • Zodiac — Pisces
  • Planet. — Jupiter
  • Regina’s color is purple.
  • Auspicious tree — pine
  • Covenant — poppy
  • Patron — eagle
  • The stone talisman is a ruby.

Characteristic name Regina

Positive traits: The meaning of the name Regin in terms of psychology.

Reginka is distinguished by courage, the ability to control people, nobility, dignity.

The name Regina gives love of regalia.

Negative traits: A girl with this name seeks power, leadership, the subordination of all to her will. She is immensely proud, attaches great importance to ambition and, having achieved her goal, becomes arrogant.

The character of the name Regina: This girl is the embodiment of punctuality and accuracy. Does not tolerate loneliness, loves difficult work. It is worth Reginka take any team watch — and the team soon begins to work like a clock.

Gifted with rich imagination, possessing the name most of all likes to travel, always with a camera or movie camera. In one of these trips, she, it is possible, to meet with her future husband.

Their romance does not last long, ending with a modest wedding. It is a pity that the family ship can go to the bottom due to the intolerance of the girl to the shortcomings of the chosen one.

Regina and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Augustine, Vladislav, Vseslav, Druzhina, Evgraf, Zeno, Conrad, Mark, Orest, Razumnik, Hotislav, Christopher, Cheslav.

The name Regina is also combined with Erastom.

Difficult relations of the name are likely with Akim, Valery, Izyaslav, Istoma, Nazar, Silantiy, Sumorok, Edward, Erasmus.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of Regina’s name? The girl, for whom love is most often a form of self-affirmation and public recognition. For her, the erotic sphere does not really matter.

Women who have this name, often hide their frigidity.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: Regina manages to climb the career ladder, despite the fact that she has strong and competitive colleagues on her way. She can prove herself in professions related to public relations, theater, television, politics.

This girl can be a great producer, hold administrative positions.

Business and career: A woman who bears the name Regina loves not the money itself, but a luxurious life with a royal scale. While shopping, she does not fix her attention on what and how the funds were spent. The girl just loves to spend it, and each new purchase saves her from another bout of hysteria or depression.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Regina: From an early age, the girl is located to a variety of diseases. Immediately after birth, she suffers pneumonia.

Up to two years, she delivers a lot of trouble to her mother: she often gets sick. But the older she gets, the less she gets sick.

However, it cannot be said that she will not be ill at all. It is very important what time she was born and what her parents were ill with.

«March» girl respiratory diseases suffer more often than infectious. Parents need to pay attention to this and protect it from drafts.

In general, it is developing well, but it is constantly necessary to look after it.

«October» Reginochka is born very small, she does not have enough weight, therefore she needs to pay a lot of attention from infancy. With four years she has a disposition to infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, chickenpox.

If Regina was born during the day, she has a weak immune system. This girl is most often born with a third blood group, and hemophilia can sometimes be observed.

In childhood, the young owner of the name eats well. Sometimes Reginochka has problems with diction: she can not pronounce the sound [p] and some other sounds. In such cases, it is imperative to contact a speech therapist, so that all shortcomings are corrected to the school.

Otherwise, at school they will laugh at her, and this will affect her nervous system. Often a girl can have a stoop, which also needs to be corrected: you have to take her to the pool and do gymnastics with her. Sometimes Reginka is sick with a sore throat, which is severe, and her tonsils become inflamed.

However, doctors advise to remove them only if they are severely inflamed and enlarged.

«February» — very restless and restless since birth. When it starts to walk, it often falls and hits its head, which may be the cause of headaches. At school, she also behaves restlessly, can talk in class.

Parents need to pay attention to this behavior. The meaning of the name Regina is susceptibility to neurosis. In non-weak bronchi, she often has the flu.

In the summer, Regina needs to be transported to the sea.

«Avgustovskaya» — is sick with cholecystitis, susceptible to metabolic disorders. She is generally sick less than her own namesake, but still she needs to be hardened and attached to the sport.

Regina’s Fate in History

What does Regina’s name mean for women’s fate?

  1. Chand Bibi, or Chand Sultan, or, in European literature, Regina Chand, is an Indian heroine, daughter of the king of Ahmednagar, published in 1564 for the Bijapur king Ali Adl Shah. After the death of her husband, she returned to Ahmednagar and was regent for her young nephew, Bagadur Nizam Shah. During this regency, she resisted the forces of the Great Mogul Akbar, and at first successfully. Dressed in armor and under a veil, she personally participated in the defense of Ahmednagar and became the heroine of folk legends and poetic works. During the disagreements and distempers that arose later, she was killed by her own subjects or herself deprived herself of life, according to historian Ahmednagar Shahab-ed-Din.
  2. Regina Dubovitskaya — (born 1948) is a popular TV host for humor programs.
  3. Regina Zbarskaya — (1935 — 1987) famous Soviet fashion model.
  4. Regina Kulikova — (born 1989) Russian tennis player.
  5. Regina Spector — (born 1980) is an American singer and pianist of Russian origin, author and performer of her songs.
  6. Regina Karpinskaya — (1928–1993) specialist in philosophical problems of biology, Ph.D., professo Regina
  7. Regina Reason — (born 1951) is a Latvian film actress and ballerina.
  8. Regina Chand — (XVI century) Indian heroine, who was regent for her young nephew and resisted the troops of the Great Mogul Akbar.
  9. Regina Horowitz — (1900 — 1984) Ukrainian Soviet pianist and music teacher.
  10. Regina Derieva — (born 1949) is a Russian poetess, novelist, translator.
  11. Regine Pernou — (1909 — 1998) French medieval historian. In 1974, she founded the Joan of Arc’s Orleans Research Center. Wrote more than 20 works on the history of the Middle Ages.
  12. Regine Heitzer (Heitzer) — (born 1944) Austrian figure skater — single player, silver medalist of the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, two-time European champion (1965 and 1966), three-time world vice-champion (1963, 1964, 1965), seven-time champion Austria (1960-1966).
  13. Regina Ezera — (born 1930) at birth — Regina Kinzula; Latvian writer. People’s Writer of the Latvian SSR (1981). Commander of the Order of Three Stars IV degree.
  14. Regina Miannik — (born 1971) is a Russian theater and film actress.
  15. Regina Schukina — (born 1973) is a Russian theater, film and dubbing actress.
  16. Regina Shimkute — (born 1985), Ukrainian handball player, player of the Ukrainian team. Participant of the European Championship 2010.
  17. Regina Zhuk — (born 1936) Soviet, Latvian and Israeli scholar.
  18. Regina Shterts — (born in 1985) nee — Mader; famous Austrian skier, participant of the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Specializes in speed disciplines.

Regina in different languages ​​of the world

Translation Regina in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a little different. In English, translated as Regina (Regina), in French: Regine (Regine).

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