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Scandinavian women names: list

The militancy peculiar to Scandinavia could not circumvent the names that are used to call children. However, parents often focus their attention on European and Christian names.

So, one of the most popular Scandinavian female names are Ingrid, Inge, Liv, Astrid, Bierig. They carry the very militancy, strength, power.

That is why if you want to give your daughter a strong-willed character, largely predetermining her fate, be sure to pay attention to these names.

If you want to give your daughter a more melodic, tender and touching name for your daughter, then the range of Scandinavian names allows you to do this. Pay attention to such names as Adamina, Adeline, Carolina, Catherine, Christine, Magdalena, Simon, Suzanne.

Female Scandinavian names are both monosyllabic (Bert, Ida, Liv, Kaya, Elin, Trin) and disyllabic (Elizabeth, Stina, Wilhelm, Solveig, Lisbeth).

Of course, many of the Scandinavian female names are difficult to pronounce, but some like to use them to name their children.

In this case, the choice often stops precisely on monosyllabic names, also not deprived of the Scandinavian spirit.

Female Scandinavian names — list of names:

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