Spell by name

When using magic spells, in order to build relationships with people in a certain way, you need to know their name. This is more important than a photo or personal items. The spell by name has tremendous magical power, so it must be applied carefully.

Spell by name

About the ship there is a saying: how you call it, so it will float. Approximately the same can be said about the names of people, they determine the character and fate of a person. Astrologers agree with this view.

The spell name is his analysis of how it sounds and visualized. The result is a short spell that helps to build different areas of life.

The necessary code can be read in the following life situations:

  • If you want to attract love in your life.
  • In case of financial difficulties. During the beginnings associated with obtaining finance.
  • If you have difficulties in dealing with people.
  • To raise your own level of vital energy. It helps people suffering from their own feelings and emotions: they are difficult to express or, conversely, they are completely unable to restrain themselves.

A person set up to conjure can safely combine the spell with other plots and magical rites. These rituals will strengthen and complement each other.

For example, a business ritual must be carried out before a business deal and at the same time a conspiracy must be read: this will help strengthen the effect.

The magical rules help strengthen the effect of rituals: holding a magical rite during the growing moon, a clear visualization of the desired, creating a magical atmosphere.

Those who wish to attract someone’s attention, you need to use a conspiracy for love, and at the end of this conspiracy, in order to enhance the result, spell.

To perform a ritual is necessary in the period of the growing moon. This is especially true when a woman wants to bewitch a man with a love spell. For the ritual, you will need one red candle, a blank sheet of paper and a pen. In the room for the magical action should be only one who will recite the spell — it must be released even from pets.

During the ritual, sit on the floor or at the table, light a candle. The red color of the candle helps to work specifically on the love sphere. You need to look at its flame for a couple of minutes: it helps to relax the mind, get rid of unnecessary thoughts that can interfere with the ritual. After that, you can start reading such a conspiracy:

“As for me the servant of God (as men call) became the light in the window, so now let me become for him, the servant of God (as your name is), the main muse in his life. To be with him, to love him alone with me, to no one else but me, not to see, not to hear, only to know me alone, to love and respect. Come to me after I come to you in a dream. I meet you in reality. You are with me, I am with you, together we are forever. Amen».

And then you should spell the spell. For example, if the chosen one is Alexander, you need to pronounce the following code:

“Do (white), si (silver), re (white), two (blue)”.

During the ritual, you need to release all the feelings for the beloved: tenderness, love, passion. They will return in a relationship. It is better to free oneself from negative feelings (resentment, anger) before the ritual is performed, so that the heart at the time of its conduct is pure. As pure a heart as a relationship will be.

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