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The meaning and origin of the name Diana, the character and fate of a girl

Diana is an ancient Roman name that belonged to the goddess of the moon and the hunt. From Persian to Russian, it translates as «a messenger of prosperity and health.»

Girls with this name, born at different times of the year, have different character traits, but they are all naturally born leaders and strive for power.

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The Orthodox calendar does not contain such a name, therefore, at the baptism of the girl, Diana is called Darya or Anna. Name days are celebrated on the day of worship of these saints.

The name Diana has an ancient history. It is of Roman origin.

So in mythology they called the goddess of the hunt and the patroness of the Moon, who was distinguished by her mind and beauty.

In Latin, Diana is translated as «beautiful», «divine.»

There is another version of the interpretation of the name — «the ambassador of health» (from Persian). Some researchers believe that this name is of Muslim origin and has Tatar roots, but Islam has an independent consonant name — Dinara.

The meaning of the name in translation from ancient Greek is “divine”. So in ancient Greece called girls who were born in a rich family.

Commoners were forbidden to bear that name.

Since the name Diana is not Orthodox, it is absent in the calendar. Girls don’t have a Christian patron.

When they are baptized, they are called Orthodox names — Darya or Anna. According to the church calendar, the name day (angel’s day) is celebrated on the day on which St. Anne or Daria was born.

In Catholicism, the name day of St. Diana falls on June 9th.

The meaning and origin of the name Diana, the character and fate of a girl

  • Full — Diana.
  • Abbreviated — Dina.

Derivative and diminutive options:

There are many famous people named Diana. These are celebrities like:

  • Princess Diana.
  • Ballerina Vishneva.
  • Writer Setterfield.
  • Designer Von Furstenberg.
  • Actress Dors.
  • Model Melison.
  • Singer Gurtskaya.

The meaning and origin of the name Diana, the character and fate of a girl

Detailed description of the name Diana by season:

Season Description
Winter «Winter» Diana is distinguished by responsibility, pragmatism and prudence. She has few true friends. In addition, she does not trust people. With men, it keeps cold and restrained, because of this, personal life does not add up. Usually creates a family after 30 years
Spring «Spring» Diana is accustomed to pursue conceived with the help of his female charm. Distinguished by stubbornness, ambitiousness and perseverance, which allows her to overcome any difficulties on the path of life. He likes to flirt with men, so he has a large number of fans. Selects the partner that is time-tested.
Summer «Summer» Diana is distinguished by cunning and wit. Easily adapts to existing circumstances, making it quickly moving up the career ladder. She is dominated by such qualities as intelligence, originality, conservatism and spontaneity, so people are drawn to her. In men, kindness, commitment, honesty and openness are important to her. Never forgives betrayal
Autumn In the «autumn» Diana combined intelligence, hard work, self-confidence, but she is pretty stingy. He likes to take, but not in a hurry to give. Because of this, the girl has practically no close friends with whom she could open her soul. Relations with men are difficult: according to Diana, born in the fall, the elect should not have any flaws

The meaning and origin of the name Diana, the character and fate of a girl

The number of letters in this name indicates that the person wearing it is a humanist who has deep knowledge of literature, art, theater and cinema. This is an interesting conversationalist, whom everyone respects.

The spelling of the name:

  • D — fickleness, romance, charm.
  • And — spirituality and harmony.
  • A — striving for improvement, initiative, purposeful activity.
  • H — selectivity in the choice of friends, partners and friends.

Astrology behalf of Diana is presented in the table:

Talismans Description
Stones-mascots: diamond, selenite
  • A diamond is a precious stone that symbolizes purity, strength of spirit, perfection, integrity, courage and invincibility.
  • Selenite is a moonstone, which is a symbol of happiness, good luck and material well-being. It is a powerful magic talisman that protects the wearer from the curse and the evil eye.
Color: red, brown and yellow
  • Red symbolizes energy and activity.
  • Yellow — a symbol of wealth, jealousy and envy.
  • Brown is characteristic of people with an explosive and unbalanced temperament.
Number: five According to numerology, the «five» people love freedom and are not able to sit in one place for a long time. They value friendship, and they have quite a lot of friends. These are creative personalities, which is why they are often subject to various doubts.
Patron Planets: Pluto and the Moon
  • People who are favored by Pluto are imperious, cruel, but at the same time they can empathize.
  • The wards of the Moon have a vivid imagination and foresight. Capable of committing unpredictable acts
Totem animals: leopard, beaver, deer
  • Leopard — a symbol of aggressiveness, ferocity, cruelty, ruthlessness, rage, courage and courage.
  • Deer is a symbol with positive energy, which personifies spirituality, beauty, purity, rebirth.
  • The beaver symbolizes freedom loving, hard work and diligence
Totem plants: lily of the valley, oak and pear
  • Lily of the valley — a symbol of loyalty, modesty, love, purity, tenderness and sadness.
  • Oak personifies stamina, longevity, courage, dedication.
  • The pear symbolizes vitality, and its flowers — impermanence and sadness
Star sign: Cancer, Taurus
  • Diana-Taurus has a sense of beauty and pays special attention to her appearance. Distinguished by hard work, perseverance, patience, energy, prudence.
  • Diana-Rak does not tolerate criticism and comments, especially unfounded. Quickly forgives and forgets all insults. Distinguished by openness, kindness, unselfishness

Mystery Name Diana hides the strong and firm character of its owner. This is a purposeful nature, able to defend its independence.

Although the woman is calm and unhurried in appearance, she can be expected to do the most unexpected things. The owner of the name is usually bright and interesting fate.

As a child, Diana has a responsive, kind and brave character. The girl is not indifferent to nature, animals, loves to play with the boys. She likes to help her mom with the housework.

Little Diana has many friends and friends with whom she shares toys. Active and disinterested, it will always help a person in trouble.

When a child grows up, his character begins to change. The girl becomes arrogant and independent, does not make contact with strangers. Sentimentality is alien to her.

When making decisions, the owner of the name is guided by common sense. It is quite difficult to deceive an adult Diana, as she is a born psychologist.

But if she still faces betrayal in her youth, then, having grown up, becomes prudent and mercantile.

Since Diana loves to command and conquer, in her teens, parents should keep her behavior under control.. Having learned to treat people more benevolently, the girl will be happier.

Otherwise, the owner of the name may be left alone at the end of his life.

The negative qualities of Diana’s character include rancor. She can take revenge on the person who offended her. Such a woman has few friends, since she only communicates with trusted people.

She falls in love strongly and passionately, and when parting with a partner, she experiences a long time.

The owner of the name has a calculating mind and a developed intuition, which is often used. Diana is distinguished by high morality and integrity.

Diana is a creative person. Her hobbies include all areas of art: she can embroider, draw, write books. She travels a lot, and only in comfortable conditions.

Loves equestrian sport, fitness, can achieve great success in figure skating, gymnastics.

Diana easily learns languages, and this often becomes her profession.

Choosing a job, a woman prefers one that will not be monotonous. Diana is best suited the following professions:

Working as an office clerk, researcher, or accountant Diana will get bored pretty quickly, because she is not assiduous and scrupulous.

Diana will be successful in creative professions related to painting, literature, music, theater. Analytical mind, sociability and dedication allow her to make the necessary contacts and quickly move up the career ladder.

The woman is a born leader, has outstanding organizational skills. She can open her own business. Diana treats her subordinates strictly but fairly.

She competently organizes the workflow and solves all the questions that arise.

By type of character, Diana is melancholic. She speaks directly to people what she thinks about them, and this often leads to problems. Even in strong anger, the owner of the name does not lose control of themselves.

Fails and problems calmly. Diana is impossible to impose someone else’s opinion, because she is firmly convinced that she is right.

She lacks a feeling of pity, so she treats other people’s weaknesses with contempt.

By nature, Diana has good health. Weaknesses — the stomach, liver and urogenital system.

Often, respiratory illnesses, so she recommended long walks in the fresh air and hardening. Health can be undermined by chronic stress and the use of products containing chemical food additives.

Diana likes to win a man herself, but she expects sincerity and romance from him. Able to fully open only to such a guy, which will be 100% sure.

The owner of the name does not know how to show their feelings, which does not mean their absence. Such a woman never discusses her personal life with her friends and will not allow such behavior of her partner.

Although the woman looks cold on the outside, inside she is sensual and temperamental. Intimacy is extremely important to her, as it gives a woman energy.

Diana does not like casual novels and temporal relationships. To enjoy, it requires a special atmosphere and comfortable conditions.

If a woman is not satisfied with something in a partner, she openly tells him about it and is able to sever relations herself.

Since Diana has a lot of fans, she chooses her soul mate long and carefully. Despite this, the first marriage is often unsuccessful, since it is difficult for a girl to part with her freedom.

In addition, she does not tolerate obedience, which greatly worsens her family relationships. Having entered the marriage for the second time, the girl tries to avoid the same mistakes.

Often the owner of the name gets married late, as she is looking for the perfect man with a strong character and material security. If the chosen partner does not meet these requirements, the woman herself submits for divorce.

For Diana, a strong and prosperous family is important, thanks to which she finds spiritual harmony. Such a woman becomes an ideal mistress, provided that her husband will provide her with material support.

Diana loves children very much, she is a gentle and attentive mother. Does not allow physical punishment and never screams at his son or daughter.

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