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The meaning of Luke’s bright name — fate, character and career

The ancient Greek male name Luke is derived from the word «bright.» There is an Italian version of the origin of the name — from the name of the ancient historical region of Lucania, which to this day is located in northern Italy.

In different countries, the name of Luke is pronounced differently: England — Luc, Belarus — Lukash, Armenia — Ghukas, Spain — Lucas, France — Luk, Finland — Luukas, Scotland — Lukes.

The diminutive form of the name: Lucas, Luke, Lunchik, Lukchik, Lukasz.

There is a feminine form of the name — Luce.

Luke, according to the Orthodox calendar, celebrates his name day 21 times a year.

The meaning of Luke's bright name - fate, character and career

Pros: Smart, responsible, strong, logical, calm, honest.

Cons: Proud, conceited, principled, ambitious.

From a young age, Luka is growing into a responsible and independent boy. He doesn’t like to have to make decisions quickly, to choose one of several similar options

He needs to think, weigh the pros and cons, compare, then he can come to a decision.

Parents, in order to hasten their son, you need to be able to pick up the right arguments, for example: “We need to quickly get together, otherwise we’ll be late for the transport and don’t have time for a performance at the Circus.

Therefore, for a long time, don’t choose clothes, put on these clothes. ”Despite its seriousness, Luka is growing up as a cheerful and sociable boy, easily makes acquaintances, joins new company without any problems, likes to communicate with adults.

At school, Luke takes his studies seriously and receives only good grades. He tries to delve into complex topics in order to thoroughly understand them, the most exact are given exact sciences. Is a favorite of teachers, often the elder class.

Of its shortcomings can be called excessive demands on the people around you, during the lesson can make a remark to the teacher, if he made a mistake.

Because of this trait of character, Luke will make many enemies for himself if he does not learn to restrain himself from criticism of those around him. In transitional age, he begins to avoid noisy companies, where he becomes uncomfortable.

Luka does not know how to take offense at a person for a long time, seeks to end the conflict on a positive note.

As an adult, Luka carefully hides his emotions from those around him under a cold expression on his face, his mind is always sober.

Also, as in childhood, it is easy to find a common language with others.

Often, in adulthood, the talent of diplomacy appears. Relaxing and becoming softer in communication Luke allows himself only in the circle of the closest people. Despite his benevolence, Luke and others can be arrogant, because he considers many people to be lower and more stupid than himself.

Able to manipulate people, but rarely. It has unshakable stubbornness, it is difficult to convince him of something else, will insist on his to the bitter end, even if he is wrong.

Usually has excellent health, almost no ill. He likes to play sports, so that his body as an adult does not cause him problems.

The meaning of Luke's bright name - fate, character and career

Thanks to the cold mind and the ability to conduct dialogues, Luke will make an excellent diplomat, lawyer, lawyer, and psychologist. The ability to carefully plan the day and the task is very useful in his work.

Thanks to these qualities can become a successful businessman. In the role of a subordinate, Luke may not always work well, as not every manager can get along, but it works well with colleagues.

Since childhood, Luka does not tolerate loneliness so much, so she tries to surround herself with friends. Early romance begins, if she breaks up with one girl, she almost immediately finds a replacement for her, so as not to be alone.

He rarely falls in love with women, behaves with them with restraint, prefers that the initiative in entertainment comes from them.

Luka will always have family in the first place in life. Relatives know that Luka is outwardly cold and impartial, but inside he is kind and will always come to the rescue, even when he is busy at work. Wife chooses a long time, but forever.

It is important for him that his wife does not give him food, she knows how to create comfort and maintain order in the house. With children, Luka is strict, controls their studies, supports them in their hobbies, helps to choose their own path in life.

Compatible with female names

The meaning of Luke's bright name - fate, character and career

  • Planet — Pluto.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Monday.
  • Lucky number — 2.
  • Metal — Silver.
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Owl.
  • Plant — Sunflower.
  • Linden tree.
  • Mineral mascot — Electron.

Famous people named Luke

  • Luca Giordano — Italian painter.
  • Luca Marenzio is an Italian composer.
  • Luka Okrostsvaridze — Georgian pianist.
  • Luca Ronconi is an Italian director.
  • Luca Turilly — Italian rock musician.
  • Luka Modric — Croatian football player.
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder — German painter.
  • Luke Bressel is a Belgian snooker player.

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