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The meaning of the beautiful name Amelia — destiny, character and family

Amelia is currently a very popular name in England, in Russia it was first known as Amalia. The name came from one version from ancient Germany from the word «hardworking».

According to another, from the Muslim name Amil, which means «sovereign.» Each country has its own pronunciation form for Amelia: Great Britain — Emmeline, Spain — Amalie, France — Ameli, Denmark — Amalie, Ameli, Sweden — Amalie.

The history of the name of Amelia and the form of his pronunciation

Affectionate form of the name: Leia, Ama, Amelochka, Amela, Amelichka, Amochka, Mia.

The name Amelia is absent in the Orthodox faith, so the girls are baptized under a different name, approximating in sound to their native name.

Depends on the time of year Amelia was born:

Winter — Intelligent and outstanding personality, exact sciences are easy. The soul of any company will always help friends with useful tips.

Spring — Honest, does not recognize lies and duplicity. Tries to do justice, avoids conflicts.

Summer — Fully justifies the value of his name, very hardworking.

To others makes excessive demands.

Autumn — There is no energy in it, it manages to do several things at once. Easily adapts to everything.

The meaning of the beautiful name Amelia - destiny, character and family

Amelia is the favorite of friends and family. Always ready to help with family and friends. Outwardly, it most often resembles a father, and character to a mother.

He has the talent to distribute time in order to do several things in a short time.

Always striving for perfection, the same demands from others. He tries to avoid conflicts, does not recognize intrigue, deceit, always speaks directly about what he is thinking.

Do not throw friends and relatives in trouble, help them with what they can.

Amelia has been overweight since childhood, so she needs to go on a diet and exercise, otherwise there will be problems with her spine and joints.

The meaning of the beautiful name Amelia - destiny, character and family

Since childhood, Amelia has a craving for sports, so she will be able to reach heights in a sports career. Thanks to the pursuit of excellence and high level of organization, she will make an excellent doctor, highly qualified psychologist.

Leader Amelia is loved by colleagues for her justice, intelligence, kindness.

Before you get down to business, Amelia weighs whether she can do it on time. After that, she goes to the end, without turning from the intended plan.

It can easily get a contract that other people could not achieve.

Amelia soberly assesses her attractiveness and skillfully uses her against men, what fascinates them. Prefers older men, smart, with whom you can discuss everything.

At the dawn of her life, she chooses wealthy men; the older she gets, the less interested her money is.

Long chooses a reliable companion to create with him a strong family for life. From the non-conflict and good Amelia comes a beautiful wife and a caring mother.

She knows how to maintain sincere relations with her mother-in-law, very hospitable, the house is always full of friends and relatives.

The meaning of the beautiful name Amelia - destiny, character and family

Horoscope for the name of Amelia

Aries — Sociable, intelligent person, for whom every day is a holiday. Popular among men, but not building a serious relationship with them because of the desire for independence.

Taurus — Talented speaker, smart, popular.

He loves his parents very much, hesitates for a long time to move away from them to build his personal life.

Gemini — Fantasy, creative person. Because of the desire for independence can not build a personal life.

Loved by friends.

Cancer — Rani, sensitive, does not forgive resentment and betrayal, but not vindictive. Demands from themselves and others perfection.

She needs a strong male defender.

Leo — Fundamental, severe. Pushes off gentlemen and friends with his authority, inclination to conflicts and inability to compromise.

Virgo — A wonderful companion and listener will always come to the rescue. Noisy company prefer loneliness.

She needs a sociable man who will whip her up and introduce her to a fun life.

Libra — Calm, non-conflict. He knows how to go on mutual concessions, an excellent diplomat will come out of it.

Falls in love with men who can protect her.

Scorpio — Purposeful, hardworking, stubborn. Thanks to these qualities, a career will easily reach heights.

Able to surround themselves with loyal friends. Her heart can win only a strong man.

Sagittarius — Pleasant to communicate, kind. He values ​​friendship above all, gives way to his friends, even if they are wrong, just not to lose them.

Unreliable in career, does not always bring things to the end.

Capricorn — Non-conflict, calm. Avoids noisy companies.

In companions of life will choose a powerful man for whom he will become a wonderful wife.

Aquarius — Eloquent, delicate. Never tell the other person his flaws.

She loves herself first and foremost, so it will be difficult for her to build a personal life.

Pisces — It has a light character and talent to find a common language with everyone. Will gladly plunge into family life.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Uranus.
  • The color of the name is Raspberry.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 5.
  • Metal — Aluminum.
  • Zodiac sign — Aquarius.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem Animal — Electric Ramp.
  • Plant — Barberry.
  • Tree — Aspen.
  • Mineral Mascot — Rhinestone, Amethyst.

Famous people named Amelia

  • Amelia Erhat — American aviator.
  • Amelia de la Torre — Spanish actress.
  • Amelia Lily Oliver is an English singer.
  • Amelia Warner is an English singer.
  • Amelia Clarkson — English actress.

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