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The meaning of the male name Efim — career, love, destiny, character and name day

The male name Yefim originated in ancient Greece from the word «benevolent.» Despite this meaning of the name, Yefim is almost impossible to re-educate.

Previously, this name was called peasants and monks.

The pronunciation of the name Efim in different countries: Spain — Eutimio, Italy — Timio, Greece — Euthymios, Ukraine — Yukhim, Belarus — Yauchim, Bulgaria — Evtimiy, Serbia — Efthimiye. The diminutive form of the name: Efimochka, Efimka, Fima, Fimka, Fimochka, Efimchik.

Efim, according to the Orthodox calendar, marks the day of the Angel:

  • 2 — on the day of St. Euthymius the Great, who founded a monastery in the Palestinian desert.
  • 28 — New Yefimi Day, who founded two monasteries in the IX century.

The meaning of the male name Efim - career, love, destiny, character and name day

The character of Efim depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter — Irritable, insightful, convivial.

Spring — Difficult, vulnerable, arrogant.

Summer — Artistic, sociable, creative.

Autumn — Secretive, pragmatic, tactful.

Little Efimochka is growing up as a capricious, noisy, restless child. He likes to learn everything new, learn everything new, has excellent acting data.

He reacts heavily to criticism of himself, loves to be praised, for the sake of it he may even go for flattery. He does not know how to be friends with friends exactly, often quarrels and fights with them.

Yefim, both small and adult, is easy to deceive, he is a real target for scammers.

In transitional age often makes mistakes in behavior and actions. If he offends another person, he will never apologize to him for his action, but will try to make peace. Does not like to learn, but is a very capable student in school.

The lack of discipline and self-organization prevents him from becoming an excellent student. With girls, he behaves like a gentleman, he easily enchants and falls in love with him.

And with the guys is often sharp and aggressive in communication.

By adulthood, Yefim becomes more serious, calm. He likes the feeling of superiority over other people in everything, but he does not strive to take the lead. Has a great imagination, excellent acting skills, communication skills, sociability, thanks to these qualities, it easily enchants the interlocutor.

But an excellent family man will never be because of the desire for their own independence and unwillingness to be responsible for someone, to take care of someone.

The meaning of the male name Efim - career, love, destiny, character and name day

Yefim has good health, is sick much less often than other children, but he has a tendency to be overweight. He needs to keep track of his food and exercise.

In addition, he may have nervous breakdowns due to increased suspiciousness and stress.

Yefim is most suitable creative profession, where he will be able to fully reach their potential and become popular. Thanks to sociability, sociability and the ability to get along with people, Efim will become an excellent teacher, journalist, radio host, TV journalist, speech therapist, historian, writer, lawyer. To run his own business, Yefim lacks business acumen, so he is better off not starting a business, otherwise the risk of bankruptcy is great.

Efim does not want to occupy senior positions, as he does not like to take responsibility. Satisfied with his usual position, if it is well paid.

Yefim will never get a job for low-paid work.

Yefim falls in love in childhood, but because of shyness can not show their emotions. In transitional age, Efim, having got rid of shyness, already knows how to make girls fall in love with herself, bathe in their adoration. He looks after beautifully, leads to restaurants, gives gifts, makes surprises, knows how to be very romantic.

But Yefim prefers non-binding short-term relationships to long-term relationships. Truly Yefim falls in love very rarely, most often his easy love passes without a trace in a month.

Yefim usually marries late, after thirty years, if not until the end of his life remains a bachelor because of the desire for freedom. But if he finds the one, the only, unique, then he can live with her all his life, without changing. Unfortunately, in a family life, after a while, Yefim can turn into a despot, dissatisfied with life.

He can get along only with an unpredictable woman, with whom he will never be bored and family life will not seem monotonous.

For children is indifferent, shifting their education on the shoulders of his wife.

The meaning of the male name Efim - career, love, destiny, character and name day

Horoscope named Yefim

Aries — Restless, active, impulsive. He does not sit in one place, always moves forward, develops, learns something new.

He likes to have fun, looks at the world with optimism.

Taurus — Hardworking, purposeful, ambitious. In achieving the goals he does not always have enough patience and perseverance.

His female sex is very fond of the gallant attitude towards them.

Gemini — Charming, loving, romantic. Able to enchant and fall in love with almost any woman.

But inconstant in relationships, family life with him is not to build.

Cancer — indecisive, fearful, suspicious. He does not like to take responsibility, thinks long before making decisions, consults with other people.

As a friend, he is very reliable, he will never betray, he will be a great family man.

Leo — Selfish, resolute, unyielding. He does not like to listen to someone else’s advice, because of this he often makes mistakes, from the consequences of which not only he suffers, but also those around him.

In love, very passionate, has a great imagination.

Virgo — Erudite, creative, sociable. There are always a lot of friends around him.

Because of his gullibility is often a victim of fraudsters.

Scales — Benevolent, impulsive, quick-tempered. He does not know how to control his negative emotions, so he has no close friends.

Women can hardly stand it because of the complex nature.

Scorpio — Secretive, sensitive, vulnerable. He does not like to be in the spotlight, criticizes himself badly.

It can be tedious to communicate.

Sagittarius — Not serious, frivolous, freedom-loving. It is very difficult for him to concentrate on any goal, and often he does not finish his affairs to the end. Career because of these qualities can not build.

The family man from him will not work because of the desire for freedom and independence.

Capricorn — Powerful, hardworking, careerist. Above all, he puts work in life, for the sake of getting the position of a manager, he is ready for anything.

May remain a bachelor for life.

Aquarius — Discreet, fair, sociable.

He has the talent to find a common language with everyone, but because of his gullibility, he can be deceived more than once.

It will make an excellent family man, never betray his wife.

Pisces — Dreamy, straightforward, unreliable. He likes to hide from real life in the virtual world. Romantic, falls in love often.

He needs a strong and domineering woman who can guide him through life.

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — Pluto.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 7.
  • Metal — Mercury.
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Scorpio.
  • Plant — Peony.
  • Tree — Jasmine.
  • Mineral talisman — Beryl.

Famous people named Efim

  • Efim Shifrin — Russian actor.
  • Efim Chepovetsky — Soviet writer.
  • Yefim Putyatin — Russian admiral.
  • Efim Zarin — Russian writer.
  • Efim Zaitsevsky is a Russian poet.
  • Efim Kopelyan — Soviet actor.

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