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The meaning of the name Aurora — the fate and character of the bearer, the spread

It would be a mistake to think that in our country the name Aurora became famous thanks to the Disney cartoon that appeared on our screens in the 2000s. Even in Soviet times, this name had a heroic trail thanks to the sailors of the rebellious cruiser, named after the goddess of the morning star.

But aren’t parents mistaken if they want to call their daughter by this name?

The meaning of the name Aurora - the fate and character of the bearer, the spread

What does it mean, from what language comes?

There is a single theory (even an axiom) of origin — Latin. From Latin, the name translates as «morning star» or «dawn.»

That was the name of the ancient Roman goddess of the morning star, the crowned winged maiden, rushing across the sky in a chariot (similar to the ancient Greek Eos, sung in the Odyssey).

In a shortened, friendly version, it sounds like this: Ava, Rohr, Avushka, Avonka, Avochka.

In other countries, it changes to: Oror (France), Aurora (Portugal, Finland, Hungary). It can be said that the native “sister” of this name is Zoryana from Ukraine (in Russian, it also sometimes appears, and it sounds like Zvezdana).

What character gives it its owner?

Strengths: it is a calm person, almost devoid of the inherent nervousness and bustle of many women. At the same time, the girl knows how to deeply empathize with people (although she does not make it show off), she has a strong character.

She does not like to argue, and she herself will not start bringing up anything, but at the same time, it is very difficult to make her change her own point of view, so it’s better not to try.

She is not running around and haste. Aurora is very constant in everything from life to work.

Weak, imperfect sides: too serious a girl is often (and mistakenly) considered the “ice queen”. She does not forgive mistakes either to herself or to others, so she happens to be a rather tough boss or mother.

It is also an egoist who rarely communicates with unfavorable people. A woman can be skillfully manipulated, if all the time flatter her.

The fate of Aurora in our country

  • The first years of life. This is a small «match» that does not obey either father or mother. She likes to invent something. The baby is very stubborn, and if something has hammered into her head, it is difficult to convince her (although if this is a blatant mistake, it is better for the mother not to take the strap in her hands, but still discourage her, long and hard, so as not to “break” her character Do not belive the faith in their own strength). She shouldn’t be pampered, and if the baby is naughty, punish her.
  • School years. This is a good woman who “takes” objects not with quick wits, but with patience. Parents or teachers are obeyed only when they see an example to follow. She is very proud.
  • Youth. A girl can choose a profession in which her analytical mind is useful. And at the same time she is no less successful in some creative hobby.
  • Mature years. This woman believes in herself with a lot of energy and perseverance inside. In life, she achieves much. Unfortunately, many people consider it a “difficult” person because of selfishness and too truthful statements in the eyes of relatives and friends. That is why the friends of this woman can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But she has a lot of dating. If a person needs her for business, Aurora knows how to please him.

What will bring her happiness, add strength

The meaning of the name Aurora - the fate and character of the bearer, the spread

  • Patron of the planet: Proserpina (astrologers argue that this is a distant planet of our system or an asteroid from the main belt of the solar system; ironically, it is named after another Roman goddess, but not from heaven, but from the underworld).
  • Ideal zodiac sign: Virgo (if your daughter was born from 23 to 22 and you give her that name, she will be especially lucky).
  • The best time of the year: summer.
  • The most successful day of the week: Wednesday.
  • Color name: purple and pink.
  • The stone, which is obliged to shine in the decorations of Aurora: chalcedony (necessarily a pink hue).
  • Animal totem: this is a bird, a robin.
  • Charm plant: almonds during flowering.

Name day (angel’s day): they are not.

Various aspects of Ava’s life:

  • Love. This beautiful and elegant girl always has a guy who “laid eyes on her”. True, with him she can be a lover, a partner, but not a soul mate. Therefore, many of her novels remain novels.
  • Family. Whether the husband wants or not, the wife will be the head of the family. If the husband turns out to be a leader and tries to drag the blanket over himself, there will be constant disputes in the house, and nothing good will come of it. Some Aurora because of the ostentatious coldness and severity do not start a family at all.
  • Children. But Ava’s mom is getting great. She is able to communicate with the younger generation and bring up children without “straining”.
  • Choice of work. She must be with the possibility of «growth» top, otherwise a woman will gain experience, and immediately jump to another company. An excellent position for Aurora will be the place of the administrator (the woman perfectly holds her subordinates in her fists), the analyst, the coach.
  • Career. She slowly but surely moves up. Ava tries not to interfere with her colleagues so that they do not interfere with her.
  • Disease. In childhood, they attack the baby almost in chorus. The weakest point of this child is the nervous system, so parents need to carefully monitor the regime of the baby (it is important for her to get enough sleep and rest). At transitional age, the girl will outgrow the majority of her children’s problems and become many times stronger.

Which guy will be happy (nominal compatibility)

Namesakes, thanks to which this name is widely known

  1. Aurora Sanseverino (1667-1727) — poet from a noble family, Italy.
  2. Aurora Dupin — one of the creative names of the French writer, in our country better known by his other pseudonym — George Sand (1804-1876). She became world famous thanks to the books «Countess Rudolstadt», «Consuelo».
  3. Aurora Nilsson (1894-1972) — writer from Sweden.
  4. Aurora Batista (1925) — film actress from Spain.
  5. Aurora Miranda (1915-2005) — actress and singer from Brazil. Not only starred in funny movies, but also voiced cartoons.
  6. Aurora Clavel Garardo (1936) — film and theater actress from Mexico.
  7. Aurore Clement (1945) — actress from France. She starred in the TV series «Maigret», the films «Apocalypse Today», «Marie-Antoinette».
  8. Horor Kuehne (1985) — skier from France.
  9. Aurora Robles (1980) is a supermodel from Mexico.
  10. Aurora Asknes or Aurora (1996) — Norwegian singer, genre — pop music.
  11. Aurora (1973) — Russian leading. This is a creative pseudonym, the real name is Irina Yudina.

But not only famous people distinguished themselves by this name, but also …

The meaning of the name Aurora - the fate and character of the bearer, the spread

  1. Aurora (2006) is a dramatic film by Ukrainian director Oksana Bayrak. Tells about the drama of the girl who suffered from the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  2. Aurora’s Glove (2016) is a modern Russian TV series. Detective melodrama. Named in honor of the main character.
  3. “Sleeping Beauty”, Disney cartoon (1959). Name Aurora wore the main character — a princess in a pink dress. This cartoon was translated into Russian in 2008.
  4. Aurora, cruiser. One of the main symbols of the October revolution: gave a volley, which served as a “bell” of the beginning of the storming of the Winter Palace. Every correct Soviet pioneer knew the song about him by heart.

All Aurora talented. In particular, a singer proudly bearing this name can prove it.

Believe me, her voice is definitely worth it for you to hear!

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