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The meaning of the name Catherine: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Catherine: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Catherine: this name for the girl means “pure”, “flawless”, “immaculate”.

The origin of the name Catherine: Ancient Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Katya, Katyusha, Katyunya, Katena, Katyasha, Katerinka.

What does the name Catherine mean: The name Catherine comes from the Greek word «Catherine» — letters. “Forever pure”, “immaculate”. The meaning of the name Catherine is a tendency to exaggerate its shortcomings and not to notice the merits.

But others see beauty, goodwill and intelligence, so the girl has many friends and fans.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Catherine once a year celebrates the name of: (7) 24 — St. Catherine was a virgin of a princely family and very learned; Received holy baptism after a wonderful vision in the dream of the Mother of God with the baby Jesus. She boldly denounced the pagan king for persecuting Christians; underwent great agony for Christ and was decapitated in the 4th century. At the sight of her execution, they believed in Christ and died of martyr. the queen, the wife of a pagan king, Porphyry the commander and two hundred warriors.

Signs: Evening under Catherine — time of divination. The girls before bedtime put a piece of bread under the pillow and make a guess what will be the intended one.

  • Zodiac — Sagittarius
  • Planet — Jupiter
  • Color — blue
  • Auspicious Tree — Cedar
  • Covenant — Lotus
  • Patron Termite
  • Stone Mascot — Chrysolite

Characteristic name Catherine

Positive features: Owners of the name are divided into two types: active and passive. The meaning of the name Catherine active type: mobility, sociability, cheerful disposition. The name gives courage, the desire for self-affirmation.

She has an inquisitive mind of a male warehouse and a thin female intuition. The young one who owns the name of the plant in the games, is courageous, can ride a motorcycle with the boys. If the parents give her the necessary freedom, then she can soon become independent.

Under favorable conditions, Katerina can get a brilliant education and successfully apply it in her career. The meaning of the name Catherine of the second type (passive): calm, modesty and even shyness, good nature, cordiality, gentleness, high spirituality.

These women often resemble a swan: they are beautiful, graceful, stately.

They are not amenable to external influence, in any situation they remain by themselves.

Negative traits: For the nature of the active type correspond complacency, excessive rigidity. A girl with this name considers herself very clever, and sometimes evaluates others as “round fools”, hardly endures someone’s superiority, tends to be first. Katya is capable of bouts of anger, she does not have enough exposure.

A woman bearing the name Catherine, makes an impression of a woman “with a complaint”, seems proud and impregnable, although she is often anxious, anxious. The second type (passive) is characterized by closeness, dissatisfaction with itself, timidity, indecision.

Katerina of this type do not shine in their studies, it is difficult for them to give exact sciences. They often follow their more active friends.

The character of the name Catherine: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Catherine? This girl is internally worried about some of her mythical inferiority and is trying to surpass others in everything, from rare thriftiness and houseiness to extravagance in clothes and actions.

In friendship and love attaches great importance above all to reliability, the possibility of gaining self-confidence and emotional balance.

The little girl with this name attracts with its open eyes and calm judgment. She loves various outdoor games, plays well with children, she quickly remembers everything in kindergarten.

Kate loves books, easily remembers poems, recites them with pleasure, but the girl is not without vanity: waiting for applause, some gift.

Katya is proud, it is important for her to be first in class. The girl is on friendly terms with the best students because she herself is very indecisive, shy, she needs a reliable rear.

However, if the teacher is wrong and openly does not admit a mistake, he will forever lose credibility for Katya. Catherine is a very inquisitive girl and loves to learn.

She is a dreamer, her imagination is well developed.

Growing up, the girl seems proud and unapproachable, although in reality she is still timid and unsure of herself. It all seems to her that she is not smart enough, that she has a bad taste, that she will not be able to respond as it should.

The girl tends to take everything on themselves, too subjective. In fact, this is a person with high intelligence. attaches great importance to taste and tact, lives an interesting and rich life. She seeks to rely only on her own strength, in vain neglecting the help of others.

Having failed to solve the problem on her own, Katerina is capable of such a fit of anger, which can shock loved ones.

She is very dependent on her own mood: she can be kind, stately calm, easily excitable, quickly lose her temper, she has a rather difficult character.

In the team, a woman named Ekaterina tries to be balanced and restrained. But if she dislikes anyone, which happens rarely, she will not restrain and hide her feelings.

This girl does an excellent job with work in any profession, she has no priority. She is conscientious, but the work does not take her, she does not feel that she needs work. But, driven by ambition, it will achieve notable success, although it will not bring something new, extraordinary.

Katenka is most often the head of the department of engineers, economists, she will be a good journalist, TV presenter.

In love and marriage, the girl is looking for reliability, the ability to gain self-confidence. She is in no hurry to get married, although her choice is quite rich. More often, she is not mistaken; she chooses a person close to her in spirit.

She does not change her husband, usually a good housewife and loving mother. Katerina knows how to create comfort and tranquility in the house.

She becomes the mainstay of her family, the household feels it especially if she leaves somewhere or falls ill.

P.A. Florensky believed that the name Katya was closest to Nikolay, his female complement.

Catherine and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: A successful marriage with Anton, Vadim, Grigory, Denis, Ivan, Luka, Mstislav, Peter, Svyatoslav. The name is also combined with Semen, Yaroslav.

Relations with Alexander, Anatoly, Baruzda, Belyai, Budimir, Vasily, Victor, Dmitry, Kirill, Nikolai, Stanislav, and Philip are unfortunate.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Catherine?

Katya of the first type is a strong, attractive woman who is successful in communicating with the opposite sex, many love affairs and novels.

There are always a lot of fans near Catherine of the second type, but she doesn’t get married for a long time, looking for a person close to her in psychological makeup, reliable support.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Katerina of the active type copes well with any job in any form. Her life is full of surprises, as a rule, it develops unusually, markedly different from the routine life — it is favorable for scientists, government and public figures, artists.

Katya is engaged in economic affairs if necessary. Catherine of the second type is a good housewife, a caring mother, but she can show herself as a conscientious worker in the service sector, in manufacturing, in agriculture.

Business and career: Katerina’s good faith and perseverance help her to achieve success and wealth in the end, but Kate of the first type needs prudence, caution, the ability to choose a middle ground, and the second one is determination, determination.

Both need qualities such as thrift, the ability to efficiently manage the economy.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Catherine: From early childhood, a girl named Catherine is very capricious. Develops normally.

Teeth climb hard, at this time the temperature rises. At the age of three, Katya can suffer pneumonia.

A girl named Katerina, if she was born in February — the «February» — a weak nervous system, she can throw a tantrum. She has weakened bronchi, often laryngitis, there may be a disruption of the thyroid gland, so as not to chill the kidneys.

However, overheating in the sun is also contraindicated. The problem can be with the teeth, the wrong bite.

Probability of stomach problems, the name Catherine may have colitis. Her stomach problems are mainly due to the ingestion of large amounts of antibiotics. It is weakened throughout life, it is unbalanced, quick-tempered, there are nervous breakdowns.

This mainly concerns the «November», «December» and «February» Yekaterinburg.

Kate needs a measured lifestyle, prolonged sleep, fresh air. Some of the Kate are observed in the neurological clinic due to complications after birth injuries.

It may be late to start talking, but they are surprised by their ingenuity, fearlessness and phenomenal memory. Subject to stress, after a fright can stutter.

May suffer enuresis. «Maya» is located to rheumatism, which is a complication of the flu.

Katya, who was born in January — for the old age, in January, cholecystitis develops, her legs ache, and in diabetes, non-healing wounds on her shins appear. At this age, the name Catherine violated the vascular system, there is a likelihood of vegetative-vascular dystonia, which is accompanied by severe headaches.

Her eyesight is weakened, polyarthritis, thrombophlebitis develops. Sometimes a woman has no children because of inflammation of the ovaries.

A girl cannot be called Katya in honor of her grandmother, mother, or other relative. In this case, Katyusha will often be ill and develop poorly.

The fate of Catherine in history

What does the name Catherine mean for women’s fate?

  • Ekaterina Alekseevna Dolgorukova (1712–1745) — Princess, daughter of Prince Alexei Grigorievich Dolgorukov. Following the orders of her father, the princess agreed to marry the emperor Peter II, although she had a passionate love for Count Melissimo and was mutually beloved by them. However, the thunder of heaven struck: in January 1730, the girl’s fiancé suddenly fell ill and on the 18th died of smallpox. In 1745, she married the chief-in-chief of Count Bruce, but soon died.
  • Ekaterina Romanovna Dashkova (1743–1810), nee Countess Vorontsova, in marriage to Princess Dashkova. A friend and associate of Empress Catherine II, participant in the coup d’état of 1762, president of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1783-96).
  • Catherine de Medici or Catherine Maria Romola di Lorenzo de Medici (1519 — 1589) — queen and regent of France (1560–1563 and 1574), wife of Henry II, king of France from the Angouleme line of the Valois dynasty.
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva (born 1971) — Soviet and Russian figure skater, performing in pair skating. Together with Sergey Grinkov — two-time Olympic champion in 1988 and 1994, four-time world champion, three-time European champion and three-time world champion among professionals. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1988). Honored Master of Sports of Russia (1994).
  • Ekaterina Budanova (1916 — 1943) — the first woman pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation, fighter pilot.
  • Ekaterina Maximova (1939 — 2009) — Soviet and Russian ballerina, choreographer, choreographer, ballet teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR (1973). Winner of the State Prize of the USSR (1981).
  • Catherine Deneuve (born 1943) nee — Catherine Fabien Dorleac — French actress. The third of the four daughters of the French actors Maurice Dorleac and Rene Deneuve. She began to use her mother’s name at the very beginning of her career so that she would not be confused with her older sister Francoise Dorleac. The other two sisters — Sylvia and Daniela Dorleac — are also actresses.
  • Ekaterina Furtseva (1910 — 1974) — Soviet state and party leader. USSR Minister of Culture from 1960 to 1974.
  • Katarina Witt (born 1965) — an outstanding German figure skater, two-time Olympic champion in single skating (1984, 1988), four-time world champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988), six-time European champion (1983-1988 in a row), eight-time GDR champion .
  • Katharina Böhm is a Swiss film actress.
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva (born 1945) is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1987).
  • Catherine Radziwill (1858 — 1941) — Polish writer and swindler, a representative of the count family of Rzhevuskys. Niece of Carolina Sobanskaya and Evelina Ganskaya.
  • Ekaterina Raikina (born 1938) — Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (born 1969) is an English film actress.
  • Katherine Heigl (born 1978) is an American film actress.
  • Ekaterina Semenova — stage pseudonym — Katya Semenova; Russian pop singer, composer and film actress.
  • Ekaterina Bagration — nee — Skavronskaya; Princess, the wife of commander Bagration, who became famous in Europe for her beauty and careless behavior.

Catherine in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of the name Catherine in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English, the name translates as Catherine — Catherine, in Spanish Catalina — Catalina, in Italian Caterina — Catherine, in French Catherine — Catherine, in Polish Katarzyna — Katarzyna (Katarzyna).

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