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The meaning of the name Egor — the nature of the carrier of the name, what will be its fate

More Russian can only be considered the name of Ivan. Egor is an old, but nonetheless organically sounding name for the modern ear. It is worn by singers, actors, directors from Russia and neighboring countries … But is their fate happy, is personal life considered enviable?

Do esotericists, astrologers and numerologists advise to give this name to your son?

The meaning of the name Egor - the nature of the carrier of the name, what will be its fate

What does this name mean, from what language did it go?

This Russian name has Greek roots. With the advent of Christianity, children often began to be given the name of St. George (it is depicted on icons with a fallen serpent).

However, the sound of «g» at that time was difficult to pronounce, so that in everyday life (and later in documents) the name was transformed into a shorter form — Egor.

By the way, the name George (which in Greek means “farmer”) has another popular option in Russia — Yuri. Also, linguists say that from this name went more rare female — Georgina.

Yes, it is not «flower» — in this case the plant was named after a woman!

Friends and relatives call Yegor also: Yegorka, Yegorushka, Yegorych, Zhora, Zhorik, Gosh, Gog, Gunya.

In other cultures, this name is transformed into: George (English), Giorgio (Italian), Georg (German), Jorge (Spanish), Yagor (Belarusian), Georgi (Bulgarian), Gevorg (Armenian).

middle name from this name: Egorovich (Egorych), Egorovna (Egorychna).

The character of the person in this name

Strong hand: he is very reasonable, hardworking, diligent. He can be a pedant or a phlegmatic person. Order is important to him, both in the house and in the head.

This man is always self-confident, he will never take risks or adventures. His every word or action will be carefully weighed.

Weak side: Egor maloemotsionalinal. This trait often infuriates his mom or spouse.

He is a grumbler and a bore. In adolescence, he is seized by a lack of confidence in the opinions of his elders.

Egor’s fate

The meaning of the name Egor - the nature of the carrier of the name, what will be its fate

  • Early years. This is a very active baby (sometimes mom lacks the patience to run after him). If another kid offends him, he will not cry, but will give the offender in the nose. Since childhood, he correctly understands what is right and what is not.
  • Childhood (school). Yegork is studying well. However, sometimes he “includes” hot temper and stubbornness, and because of this he can even quarrel with the teacher.
  • Youth (high school, student period). Hera is growing sensitive guy. Having learned that someone behaved wrongly with him (tried to use, deceive), the guy breaks up with him. He has developed intuition, so long to drive him by the nose will not work even for a liar with a lot of experience.
  • Mature years. This is a business and practical man, or just hardworking, or even obsessed with his business (especially if it is his personal business). He is responsible in relation to his colleagues or partners, in his affairs he is in perfect order. Not every Egor can succeed in business, but everyone has all the data obtained at birth for this.

Talismans that will bring Zhore luck

  • Ideal zodiac sign: Sagittarius (that is, this name is primarily given to boys born in the time interval between 22 and 21).
  • Patron of the planet: Jupiter.
  • Color name: all shades of blue.
  • Bringing luck stone: sapphire.
  • Animal totem: a bull, and always white.
  • Plants of this name: lily of the valley and poplar.

Name day (angel’s day) Egor coincide with the name of George. That is, it is 6 (23), the day of the Holy Great Martyr Gregory the Victorious, beheaded by the pagans; as well as 9 (26), the day of the new martyr Yegory of Chios, who was killed by the Turks in the early 19th century.

In various aspects of life, Egorka is like this …

  • Love. In girls, the guy appreciates modesty, decent behavior. If the beauty tries to make him fall in love with the help of the “décolleté deeper, mini shorter technique”, she will only push Egor away. If this guy invites a girl to meet, he is not counting on a one-time, but on a long relationship.
  • Family. He takes the role of head of the family, likes to solve all important issues himself, but he respects his spouse, does not conflict with her, and certainly does not argue over trifles. Relatives say that he is very housekeeper, economic.
  • Job. A man has a business vein, so that he can quickly get promoted and become a boss. He has always achieved little: as soon as Egor puts the «flag» on one «peak», he immediately plans his next one.
  • Health. In preschool and school years, he almost does not get sick. His weak spot is weight (Egor can be either too thin or vice versa too full). However, this problem can solve the sport or a healthy diet.

What woman (name) is worth creating a relationship with?

Relationships with the «jambs», but with a certain work on the mistakes that can develop into a happy marriage: Catherine, Elizabeth, Olga, Marina, Margarita, Julia, Svetlana, Xenia, Nadezhda.

Relationships that never develop, despite their mutual desire: Alina, Alain, Alexandra, Victoria, Diana, Maria, Inna, Yana. With Eugene, Zhora can spin a beautiful novel, but not for long.

Global namesakes

The meaning of the name Egor - the nature of the carrier of the name, what will be its fate

  1. Egor Letov (1964-2008) — Soviet and Russian rocker, frontman of the cult group «Civil Defense». Real name is Igor.
  2. Egor Creed (1994) is a Russian singer in the genres of pop and hip-hop. The real name, «dear» surname — Bulatkin.
  3. Yegor Titov (1976) — a cult Soviet football player, played in “Spartacus”.
  4. Yegor Ivanov (1991) — Ukrainian football player.
  5. Yegor Konchalovsky (1966) — Russian director. Real name — George Mikhalkov. Known for the films «Antikiller», «Escape.»
  6. Egor Beroev (1977) is a Russian film and theater actor, famous for his roles in the films “Turkish Gambit”, “Raider”, “Moms”.
  7. Gregory Peck (1916-2003) — Oscar-winning American actor, star of the film «To Kill a Mockingbird.»
  8. Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) — Austrian botanist, the «Mendel laws» discovered by him became the basis of modern genetics.

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