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The meaning of the name Eupraxia: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Eupraxia: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Eupraxia: this name for a girl means “happiness”, “prosperity”, “prosperity”.

The origin of the name Eupraxia: Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Apraksa, Eupraxia, Parasya, Parasha, Paranya, Pasha, Pan, Asking.

What does the name Eupraxia mean: Life at the behest of the heart, which brings the girl both the most dizzying ups and painful falls. She is successful in work, has many friends and successfully marries.

Angel Day Eupraxia and patron saints: name twice a year marks name day:

  • 25 (12) — Rev. Eupraxia-deva for the holy life received from God the gift of miracles; died in 393
  • 29 (16) — The Holy Blessed Princess Eupraxia of Pskov founded the monastery of St. John the Forerunner in Pskov and was abbess there. She died a martyr at the hands of her stepson in 1243.

Signs: If on Evpraksin, the mole holes are filled up to the top with straw, the winter is coming cold. The moon is in a circle on this night — the next summer will be dry.

  • Zodiac — Scorpio
  • Planet — Pluto
  • Eupraxia color — dark red
  • Auspicious tree — jasmine
  • Crown Plant — Jasmine Flowers
  • Patron — wasp
  • Stone mascot — carbuncle

Characteristic name Eupraxia

Positive features: A girl with this name is not in a hurry to make decisions, thinks logically, acts rationally.

For her, her principles and attitudes have a special meaning.

Negative traits: It does not tolerate objections, requires blind obedience, does not change its views. A woman named Eupraxia remembers offenses for a long time, cannot forgive anyone without punishment for his misdeeds.

The nature of the name Eupraxia: She listens only to what her heart says. This is a sensual nature, prone to excesses, including in love.

It is created for love and is committed to it with all its being.

The young one who owns the name is unusually charming and confident that she will not know defeat with this weapon. In Eupraxia witchcraft intuition and the magical biofield.

If a girl with this name is happy, then — a good sorceress, if unhappy — a true witch.

Eupraxia and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union with Akaki, Varsonofiy, Bartholomew, Vseslav, Gremislav, Druzhina, Eremey, Efrem, Kapiton, Martyan, Mirko, Porphy, Titus, Theodosius, Fock. The name Eupraxia is also combined with Khariton, Hotislav.

Difficult relations of the name are likely with Adrian, Evstignei, Heraclius, Mitrofan, Nikifor.

Love and marriage: A woman named after Eupraxia does not forgive adultery. A girl with this name does not understand that she should more clearly demonstrate her love, and not wait until everyone guesses what is in her soul.

The girl attaches great importance to loyalty.

Talents, business, career

Profession choice: The field of activity of Eupraxia is wide: agriculture, the world of art, sports, the world of finance and material values. But she is immune to new ideas, does not like innovations, is conservative.

Business and career: She has a good income, does not like when money is spent on «trifles», luxury, entertainment. Other family members may regard this as stinginess, but with the name Eupraxia is calm only when she puts aside money for a “rainy day”, which she believes will come.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Eupraxia: Eupraxia is vulnerable liver, gallbladder.

The fate of Eupraxia in history

What does the name Eupraxia mean for women’s fate?

  1. Eupraxia Vsevolodovna (1071–1109) — Russian princess, daughter of the Grand Duke of Kiev Vsevolod Yaroslavich, sister of Vladimir Monomakh. In 1088, Eupraxia was betrothed to Henry IV of Franconia, who in this marriage sought the support of a Kiev prince in the struggle against Saxon rulers. Eupraxia was baptized into Adelgeude. Her life was hard and tragic.
  2. Eupraxia Tabenissa, wife of Senator Antigone, who was related to the Roman emperor Theodosius the Great; and her daughter Eupraxia of Constantinople, who lived at the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 5th century.

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