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The meaning of the name Evdokia: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Evdokia: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name of Evdokia: this name for the girl means “having sympathy”, “enjoying good fame”, “good fame,“ goodwill ”.

The origin of the name Evdokia: from ancient Greece. In Russia, the name of Evdokia got its spread along with Christianity.

The diminutive form of the name: Evdonya, Donya, Donyat, Evdosya, Dosya, Evdosh, Dunya, Dunyatka, Dunyasha, Avdonya, Avdosh, Avdusya, Dusya.

What does the name Evdokia: Dusya can wear a mask of indifference. Work does not bring her special joy, after marriage, as a rule, becomes a housewife.

A girl named Evdokia will choose a gentle and compliant man.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name of Evdokia twice a year marks the name day:

  • 14 (1) — Martyr Evdokia led a sinful life first, then turned to Christ, lived for fifty-six years in a monastery and died a martyr in 152.
  • 17 (4) — The Martyr for the propagation of the faith of Christ in Persia after the torment was beheaded in the 4th century.

Signs: 14 — Evdokia-plyuschikha, tamping down the threshold, whistling, springing, soak hem.

What Evdokia is like is summer: either clear or overcast.

If the rook flew to Avdotya, be a wet summer, and the snow will come down early. The day of Avdotya is red — on cucumbers and milk crops.

However, Evdokia still gets the dog up in the snow, and the frost does not fit — and so March sits on her nose!

  • Zodiac — Pisces
  • Planet — Jupiter
  • Color — blue
  • Auspicious tree — willow
  • Covenant — violet
  • Patron — seal
  • Stone Mascot — Turquoise

Characteristic name Evdokia

Positive features: Dunyu are distinguished by diplomacy, ability to adapt, but at the same time preserve their “I” in any conditions of life. The owner of this name seeks harmony with herself and the world.

Negative traits: A woman who bears the name of Evdokia knows how to adapt to her surroundings, she is ready to obey the generally accepted rules, but she also knows how to deliver unexpected and strong retaliatory strikes, Implement a plan of revenge.

The character of the name Evdokia: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Evdokia? Her character is docile and not very irritable.

She is curious and purposeful, prudent and often envious, she thinks about every step she takes.

A woman with this name has a strong sense of justice: catching someone in a lie, experiences this as a great shock. Evdokia is a very homely woman, for her there is no more enjoyable occupation than equipping her home and taking care of someone.

The young owner of the name is a very kind person and is able to forgive everyone everything.

Evdokia and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Averyan, Akim, Ananias, Vavila, Gerasim, Dementy, Evgraf, Evdokim, Yemelyan, Kasian, Orest, Parthen, Pahom, Ratibore. The name of Evdokia is also combined with Fedot, Photius.

Difficult relationships are likely with Artem, Venedikt, Vladislav, Vseslav, Izyaslav, Custody, Nikifor, Sumorok, Filaret, Hotislav.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Evdokia? In the love sphere, Doucet requires stability. A woman named Evdokia attaches great importance to calm.

But in order to improve her external charm, she needs a stimulus, so Dunya sometimes makes innocent romantic connections.

Talents, business, career

Choosing a profession: A girl succeeds because of her ability to collect and analyze information, understand people correctly (she, as a psychologist, sees people through), persistently, gradually bend her line and wait for an opportune moment to realize her plans. Such people as Dusya make good lawyers, diplomats, advisers, consultants.

Business and career: It can be an excellent business partner, because it really looks at life, knows how to make lucrative deals. attaches great importance to intuition. She successfully manages a commercial enterprise, is able to avoid trouble and solve complex financial problems.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named after Evdokia: Dusi may have a weakened bone system. Probably a problem with the teeth, osteoporosis.

The fate of Evdokia in history

What does the name Evdokia for women’s fate?

  1. Evdokia Fedorovna (1669–1731) — the first wife of Peter I, the daughter of the boyar Fyodor Lopukhin.
  2. Avdotya Mescherskaya (1774 — 1837) — in monasticism — Eugenia, nee — Tyutchev; Abbess, founder of the Boris-Gleb Anosina Convent.
  3. Evdokia Plyushchikha, Evdokia Vesnovka, Evdokia Kaplyuzhnitsa, Avdotya Podmochi Threshold, Avdotya Svistunya, Evdokia Plyushchikha — the national name of the day of the Holy Saint Martyr, which the Orthodox Church marks 1/14.
  4. Evdokia Strelnikova (1739 -?) Is one of the first dancers of Russian ballet. She was considered one of the best soloists of Russian ballet, arranged by Fusano and later Lande, of whom she was a student. She participated in the ballets Lokatelli and Sacco («Orpheus and Eurydice», «Foxal in London», «Apollo and Daphne»). From 1748 she was in the service of the Imperial Theaters.
  5. Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto (born 1966) is a Finnish politician.
  6. Evdokia Chernysheva (1693 — 1747) — nee — Rzhevskaya, general, nicknamed “Avdotya Boy-woman”, given to her by Peter I; the countess, one of Peter the Great’s mistresses, according to Vilboa, “had indiscriminately her own influence on Peter’s health”; the mother of the Chernyshev brothers, prominent figures of the reign of Catherine II.
  7. Evdokia Vorobiev (1768 — 1836) — nee — Volkova, in some sources — Yankovskaya; Opera Artist (soprano).
  8. Evdokia Elagina (1789 — 1877) — nee — Yushkova, on the first marriage — Kireevskaya; mother I.V. and P.V.Kireevskikh, the mistress of the famous social-literary salon, translator.
  9. Evdokia Glinka — Russian poetess, novelist, translator, the wife of F.N. Glinka.
  10. Avdotya Golitsyna (1780 — 1850) — nee — Izmaylova, known by the nicknames «princesse Nocturne» («night princess») and «princesse Minuit» («princess midnight»); Princess, one of the most beautiful women of her time, the mistress of the literary salon. Until 1809 — the wife of Prince SM Golitsyn, the owner of the estate Kuzminki.
  11. Evdokia Mikhailova (1746 — 1807] — actress, actress of opera (soprano) and drama, one of the first Russian drama actresses in time; mother of actress E.V. Mikhaylova.
  12. Evdokia Mavrikievna and Avdotya Nikitichna — comic pop duo of actors Vadim Tonkov and Boris Vladimirov, which existed in the USSR from 1971 to 1985.
  13. Evdokia Panaeva (1820 — 1893) — Russian writer, memoirist.
  14. Evdokia Smirnova (born 1969) — screenwriter, TV presenter, film director, author of numerous articles and essays.

Evdokia in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English, Dunya is translated as — Eudoxia, in German: Eudokia, in Italian: Eudossia, in Danish: Eudokia, in French: Eudoxie.

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