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The meaning of the name of Eugene: the nature and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name of Eugene: the nature and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name of Eugene: this name for the girl means «highborn», «descendant of a noble family».

Origin of the name of Eugene: Greek. This is the female form of the Greek name Eugene.

The diminutive form of the name: Eugene, Genya, Zhenya, Zhesha, Zhenyur, Zheka, Evgesh, Enyuta, Enyusha, Enyasha.

What does the name Eugene mean: The female form of the name Eugene, a popular name, in the village more often than in cities, 30 years ago it was the opposite. The female name of Eugene is much less common than the male.

The meaning of the name of Eugene — straightness, she does not know how to pretend and dissemble, so some people are uncomfortable with her. The young one who owns the name strives for executive positions, can be successful in business, and can cope with the work of a lawyer, accountant or engineer.

The girl with this name keeps the family in strictness.

The day of the angel and the patron saints of the name: the name of Yevgeny once a year marks names: 6 (24) — Holy Martyr Yevgeny-deva is a Roman noble family; at first she was a pagan woman, then she believed in Christ and, secretly from her parents, in men’s clothing, went to the monastery, where she led a strict life; for some time was even the abbot of the monastery.

The girl has suffered a lot of torment; for the faith of Christ was decapitated in the III.

Signs: On Eugene, on the eve of Christmas, they wonder about the heavenly bodies: if the Milky Way is full and bright, it is to the bucket; dull — to bad weather.

  • Zodiac — Capricorn
  • The planet Mars
  • Color — dark green
  • Auspicious tree — fir
  • Covenant plant Eugenia — thistle
  • Patron — mountain goat
  • Stone mascot — jade, emerald
  • Happy day: — Saturday
  • Happy season: — winter

Characteristic name of Eugene

Positive traits: The girl named Eugenia is distinguished by nobility and honesty. She is a faithful friend, wants to be in need, protects others from evil.

This girl does not tolerate lies and she usually does not lie. The owner of this name — a champion of justice and equality, is able to protect the interests of others along with their own.

Negative traits: The girl with this name is anxious, tends to seek out secret dangers, to analyze the motives of people’s actions.

The nature of the name of Eugene: What character traits determines the meaning of the name of Eugene?

Little Zhenya has a calm, even temper. A girl can spend hours playing with her toys alone.

She easily learns to read, draw, she comes up with various stories. Eugenia also loves active children’s games, but they don’t evoke in her the excitement with which other children enjoy this entertainment.

At school, Zhenya learns well, asks interesting questions on the topic of the lesson, attaches great importance to additional literature. Eugene is very curious and thoughtful, hardworking, able to do without being distracted by extraneous subjects.

There are no conflicts with parents, but she does not find a common language with peers in the classroom. Zhenechka has several friends, she is a loyal comrade, fair, ready to help, not sparing herself and not being embarrassed about the means.

The owner of this name is very offended when she does not feel an equivalent attitude towards herself.

Adult Zhenya at the same time and has to himself, and prickly. The girl is stubborn, touchy, but she knows how to control herself, not to show a true attitude to the interlocutor.

With his endurance and common sense, Eugene will help defuse the situation, relieve tension, calm down conflicting colleagues.

A woman who bears the name of Eugene, in any case becomes an excellent professional. She is confident in her knowledge. She is modest, seemingly not enough stars from the sky, but she becomes simply irreplaceable.

Very punctual, non-standard, can surprise everyone with an unexpected act or decision. Zhenya can be engaged in scientific activities, be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, director of a cultural institution, referent.

Evgenia is more industrious than talented and achieves success due to her efficiency.

Eugene and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Arseny, Valentin, Veniamin, Vitaly, Gennady, Evlampiy, Zeno, Kuzma, Kupriyan, Longin, Merkul, Mina, Modest, Naum, Pavlin, Paisiy, Savva, Sazon. The name is also combined with Trypho, Philemon.

Difficult relationships are likely with Abram, Akim, Aristarkh, Arthur, Evgraf, Akinf, Kondraty, Orestes, Potap, Severin.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Eugene? Zhenya is ready to give her life for her loved ones, intuitively feels the wishes of her partner and tries to fulfill them, believes that a loved one is always right.

But betrayal and deception Eugene does not forgive.

For men, the girl is very strict, taciturn with him, her inherent wit becomes sarcastic. Only love makes Zhenya soft, affable, amenable to violent impulses, recklessness.

She likes men older than her, with somewhat old-fashioned manners, discreet, intelligent. When she gets married, Zhenya will learn how to cook deliciously, set the table, she will be able to forgive her beloved person, will get along with her mother-in-law.

The girl with this name brings up children in severity, but considers quality education as the main thing.

Talents, business, career

Choosing a profession: It does not seek power, but honestly performs its duty. This is a born teacher, teacher.

In the role of a teacher, owning a name looks overly democratic, but students or students usually immediately understand that Zhenya will not sacrifice her principles and that it is better not to quarrel with her.

Business and career: In a family, a woman named after Eugene takes care of wealth, does not disclaim responsibility for the material side of life. His wife is not alien to social activities, she has strict tastes, she is faithful and reliable. attaches great importance to economy, does not spend money on trifles, saves old things, which suddenly finds application.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name of Eugene: The value of the name of Eugene — stubbornness and sensitivity, it is inherent in some old-fashioned strictness of manners, and it attracts lovers of long courtship and a difficult siege. Zhenya is very punctual, economical, thrifty. She is a beautiful, caring hostess.

She has strict tastes, elegantly elegant look. A little bit, just a little bit, Eugene is boring, but true and reliable.

Eugene from early childhood can be impaired vision. The name brings a weak nervous system.

Late teeth begin to be cut, especially in the “December” Eugenia. Poor appetite, especially Eugene, born in March.

Eugene’s character is complex, which is associated with their name of male origin.

It has a strong masculine element, it is very domineering, persistent. It interferes with the understanding with the mother.

It requires increased attention to itself, careful handling.

She Eugene does not stand the raised tone, easily irritated. Unfair punishments, harsh hails can make her angry, leading to a nervous breakdown.

Pay attention to urological diseases, nephritis can develop. Many Eugenia suffer from scoliosis.

The girl is allergic to sweets, especially chocolate. During the period of maturation, it is desirable to be observed by a gynecologist, there may be irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

In adulthood, closer to old age, polyarthritis, a weak immune system, develops. At this age there is a predisposition to infectious diseases.

There is a predisposition to fractures, frequent damage to the femoral head, clavicle.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Zhenya suffers the flu very hard, she has a high fever for a long time, she is very weak. After the flu, she may have heart problems.

Therefore, the girl must be tempered with infancy.

To drive a child to the pool, which strengthens the back muscles and prevents the appearance of scoliosis. The girl is also prone to tonsillitis and other catarrhal diseases.

Evgenia’s fate in history

What does the name of Eugene for women’s fate?

  1. Evgenia Tur is the literary pseudonym for the Countess Elizabeth Vasilievna Salias de Tournemire (1815-1892), a writer. In the literary field E.Tur appeared in «Sovremennik» in 1849 with the story «Error». The following year, Sovremennik announced that the printing of Nekrasov’s promised novel, Dead Lake, was being postponed in order to make room for the new work of the author, Errors, for the public who liked it, the novel Niece. Both the novel and the novel were a great success.
  2. Evgenia Montijo — (1826-1920), was born in Granada. Eugenia Montijo came from an ancient and noble Spanish family, but almost all of her life was spent in France. The daughter of a Spanish count, the French empress and the wife of Napoleon III. The famous beauty of the time of the «second Rococo» was a trendsetter.
  3. Yevhen Serbian — Princess.
  4. Evgenia Adamova is a painter, author of thematic paintings dedicated to the life of the Turkmen people (1912 / 13–1991).
  5. Evgenia Ginzburg is a Russian Soviet journalist and famous memoirist (1906–1977).
  6. Evgenia Smolyaninova — singer, performer of Russian folk songs, romances and art song.
  7. Evgenia Simonova — theater and film actress, People’s Artist of Russia.
  8. Evgenia Kolosova — (1780–1869) nee Neelova; Russian pantomime dancer, ballerina.
  9. Evgenia Conradi is a leader of the Russian women’s movement, a publicist (1838–1998).
  10. Yevhen Miroshnichenko — Ukrainian singer (born 1931).
  11. Eugenia Montijo — French Empress and wife of Napoleon III.
  12. Evgenia Zhivkova — (born 1965) Bulgarian fashion designer.
  13. Evgenia Janischits — Belarusian poetess.
  14. Evgenia Polat — Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Head of the Distance Learning Laboratory of ISMO RAO; author of studies on foreign language teaching, project method, theory and practice of distance learning; pedagogical technologies of a student-centered approach, the use of Internet technologies and resources in the education system.

Eugene in different languages ​​of the world

Translation in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English it is translated as Eugenia (Eugenia), in German: Eugenia (Ougenia), in French: Eugenie (Eugenie).

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