Главная » Meaning of the name » The meaning of the name Rimma: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Rimma: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Rimma: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Rimma: this name for the girl means “apple”, “Roman”, “abandoned”.

The origin of the name Rimma: Jewish. The name Rimma has analogues in several languages: Latin and Greek.

The diminutive form of the name: Rome, Rimochka, Rome.

What does the name Rimma mean: Rimochka is proud and independent, she has few friends and many rivals among women and men. Erudite and energetic girl will choose a profession with high competition: a journalist, TV presenter, stylist, politician, business woman.

Rimochka does not count with her husband, so she risks being alone.

The day of the angel and the patron saints of the name: the name Rimma notes once a year the name day: This name, like Inna, was once masculine, which is why the Orthodox calendar mentions: 2 (20) — St. Martyr Rimma, a Slav, was a disciple of the Holy Apostle Andrew; died martyr in the 1st c.

Signs: The second day of spring shows: sunny — to the red spring, overcast — wait for the late blizzards.

  • Zodiac — Taurus
  • Planet — Moon
  • Color — Lemon
  • Auspicious Tree — Lemon
  • Crown Plant — Lemon Tree Color
  • Patron — dingo
  • Stone Mascot — Opal

Characteristic name Rimma

Positive traits: A girl with this name is distinguished by a wide outlook, curiosity.

The name Rimma gives the original way of thinking.

She is endowed with vitality, vitality, which is sometimes abused. Rimochka does not tolerate rural and provincial life, preferring to live in large central cities.

Negative traits: The owner of this name knows the taste of real power and strength, and therefore she is so eager for fame. For her, it is of particular importance to be a leader, to subordinate people to oneself is more important than to benefit society.

Character name Rimma: What character traits determines the meaning of the name Rimma? She hides her sensuality in the guise of some coldness and methodicalness.

In school, the boys do not pull, to them she is absolutely indifferent, happy to play sports, avoiding any companies. And alone with a girl writes love poems, secretly leafing through erotic magazines.

Her first love experience is so disappointing that she completely devotes herself to a career — and achieves considerable success. A woman who bears this name superbly supervises any small team, she is strict and meticulous, but at the same time takes care of each of her subordinates — until the decision their domestic problems.

attaches great importance to the work.

To some extent, she replaces her family.

Rimma and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union with Adrian, Benedict, Lawrence, Leo, Nile, Rodion. The name Rimma is also combined with Fedot, Firs.

Difficult relationships are likely with Evstignei, Ephraim, Zeno, Conrad, Mark, Mirko, Fock, Christopher.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Rimma? In marriage, Rimochka shows emotional and emotional immaturity.

She is able and loves to take, but does not understand the pleasure that a person receives from what he gives, from the feeling of reciprocity and overcoming of egoistic instincts.

In marriage, the girl is rarely happy. The blame, as a rule, is excessive criticism: it is able to discuss the shortcomings of the husband publicly, moreover, in his presence.

Such rarely will anyone endure long enough.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: Rimochka is prone to a dramatic perception of life, and, probably, therefore, there are many among Rimma who have linked their lives with performing arts.

She is well-versed in situations where it is necessary to «show the goods face.»

She is especially good at window dressing, modeling and culinary art.

Business and career: This girl often imitates those who have achieved fame and power, and this is especially true of the investments that Rimma makes by imitating the behavior of some familiar banker or business owner.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Rim: From nature it is a strong and healthy person. The young one who owns the name Rimma rarely gets sick.

Rimma needs to be accustomed to a relaxed state in order to avoid tension and stress.

Rima’s fate in history

What does the name Rimma for women’s fate?

  1. Rimma Kazakova — our contemporary, poetess. Known collections of her poems «In the taiga do not cry,» «Green Fir Trees,» I remember, «and Dimma. Many of her poems are set to music and become popular songs:» Madonna, «» You love me. » etc.
  2. Rimma — Christian saint of the II century, revered in the face of martyrs.
  3. Rimma Ivanova (1894 — 1915) — the sister of mercy. Only in Russia — awarded the Military Order of St. George, 4th degree. By decree of Nicholas II, as an exception, the heroine was posthumously awarded the officer’s order of St. George IV degree. She became the third woman (after the Queen of Sardinia, Maria-Amalia) and the second (after the founder) to the subject of Russia, but really the first one — according to the true meaning of the statute of the military order awarded for 150 years of its existence.
  4. Rimma Belyakova (born 1937) — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, director, theater teacher.
  5. Rimma Karelian (born 1927) — Soviet ballerina. Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People’s Artist of Russia. From 1974 to the present, Rimma Karelian choreographer is a tutor of the Bolshoi Theater. She was awarded the Paris Academy of Dance Medal for the performance of Odette’s party at Swan Lake (1958), the Order of the Badge of Honor (1959), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and the Order of Friendship.
  6. Rimma Bondar (born 1937) — Ukrainian Soviet archeologist-antichnik.
  7. Rimma Dyshalenkova (born 1942) — Russian poetess, journalist, writer, publicist.
  8. Rimma Zhukova (1925 — 1999) — Soviet speed skater, multiple world record holder.
  9. Rimma Yurovskaya (1898 — 1980) — one of the organizers of the youth communist movement in the Urals in 1917.
  10. Rimma Agathoshina (born 1981) is a Russian model, one of the most famous advertising models in Russia. Also known as a permanent assistant TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich in the television capital show «Field of Miracles» on the «First Channel».
  11. Rimma Volkova (born 1940) is a Russian opera singer, lyric and coloratura soprano.
  12. Rimma Gerlovina (born 1951) is a Russian conceptual artist.

Rimma in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of the name in different languages ​​has a similar sound. In English, translated as Rimma, in French: Rimma.

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