Главная » Meaning of the name » The meaning of the name Rosa (Rosalia): character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Rosa (Rosalia): character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Rosa (Rosalia): character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Rosa (Rosalia): this name for a girl from Latin translates as «rose». Another meaning of the name Rose is “red flower”.

The origin of the name Rosa (Rosalia): Latin.

The diminutive form of the name: Rosochka, Rosula, Lina, Linda.

What does the name Rosa (Rosalia) mean: This girl is quick-tempered and can stand up for herself, she enjoys success with the opposite sex and even in adulthood can afford to have an affair on the side. Husband and children do not realize anything and continue to live a happy life.

She will work well as a sales representative, secretary, administrator or chef.

Angel Day and patron saints: the name Rosa does not celebrate the name day, since it is not included in the list of Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

  • Zodiac — Leo
  • Planet — the Sun
  • Color — hot pink
  • Auspicious Tree — Laurel
  • Crown Plant — Rose
  • Patron — Lion
  • Stone Mascot — Ruby

Characteristic name of the rose

Positive traits: The name Rose gives energy, sensitivity, dedication, independence.

A girl with this name knows its value, knows how to show itself from the best side.

She is a rose of kindness, indulgent.

Negative features: Rosette temperamental, quick-tempered. The name Rosa brings incontinence.

There is a flaw in her immaturity, childish innocence, sometimes bordering on simplicity.

The character of the name Rose: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Rose? She is a lady crafty and seductive. Even at school, he skillfully quarrels his fans among themselves, not giving preference to any of them.

In any team, where there will be a girl, the attention of men to her is ensured. She would love to have an office romance — but only with one of the chiefs — and so that the mosquito doesn’t undermine the nose.

Rose and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Bulat, Ladimir, Manil, Rustam. The name Rose is also combined with Twilight.

Difficult relations of a name are probable with Augustine, Dormidont, Peacock, Potap, Sidor, Felix.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Rose?

The owner of this name does not like to advertise their affections in public, but this does not prevent her from being a passionate and devoted lover.

Since physical intimacy is important to her in marriage, then if she fades away, she immediately begins to look for a new object of passion.

The marriage life of the name Rosette is developing more successfully. The girl named Rosalia is a great cook, keeps the apartment in an exemplary manner, likes to receive guests. He treats the faithful of his faith more than calmly: the main thing is not to gossip.

If the husband wants to divorce, the name Rosa will do everything to prevent this from happening, even at the cost of her humble requests. For it are particularly important human talk.

Talents, business, career

Choosing a profession: She is truly happy only when she finds something to do for herself, the right application to her enormous energy potential. This girl can prove herself in all types of sciences, as a surgeon, in professions related to risk and adventure, as well as in music, singing, and theater.

Business and career: Sometimes a girl is prone to adventurism, plunging both herself and others in ventures. Rosochka can earn money, but also likes to spend it mindlessly. Impulsiveness leads to the fact that she makes unnecessary purchases.

It does not attach great importance to money, spend it on unnecessary things and makes completely unreasonable investments.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name: From infancy a child with this name is very restless, sometimes mother’s milk does not eat well. The «January» girl from the age of two begins to show her character, can be capricious for no reason. She has a predisposition to diathesis, rheumatism, heart disease.

Even at an early age, Rosa has a heart murmur. Sometimes she has ichthyosis.

Such a girl can catch lichen. From the age of six he has been ill less, but still he sometimes suffers from acute respiratory infections or a sore throat When sore throat her temperature rises.

A girl named Rosalia is developing very well, but she should be tempered. The «July» Rosette is mostly physically weak, but it hurts less than its namesake.

In childhood, a child often suffers from colds, but easily tolerates even very high fever. It is necessary to observe bed rest to avoid complications.

She is able to carry any disease on her feet. Emotional girl, but good-natured and docile. Attention should be paid to the possibility of scoliosis.

A girl named Rose — bold, not prone to breakdowns. Often sick with bronchitis.

At the age of one year it doesn’t gain weight well; it cannot stand steadily for a long time.

At school age continues to periodically suffer from various diseases. «December» girl is located to pharyngitis. Not too attentive in the classroom due to her heightened emotionality.

By old age, the liver becomes inflamed, and there is a likelihood of cholecystitis. Maybe hemorrhoids, rheumatism, a woman named after Rose, moves poorly.

Sight is weakened.

The fate of Roses in history

What does the name Rose for female destiny?

  1. Rose — one of the most common mythopoetic images. Within the limits of the diverse and capacious «flower» world the rose takes the leading place. The flower can act as a symbol of the sun, the star, the goddess of love and beauty (in ancient Rome, the rose is associated primarily with Venus: according to some versions it came from the tears of Venus), women (mostly beauties: it is not by chance that there is a wide variety of pink names — Rosina, Rosita, Rossetta, Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosablanca, etc.). The Arabs, on the other hand, have a male symbol; in the Jewish Kabbalah — the image of unity. In medieval Christian art, the flower symbolized heavenly bliss (gradually displacing the lily in the transmission of this meaning).
  2. Rosa Fan Hui — (1855 — 1900) Holy Roman Catholic Church, martyr.
  3. Rosa Luxemburg — (1871 — 1919) pseudonym — Rosalia Luxenburg; one of the leaders and theorists of the Polish Social Democracy.
  4. Rosa Bertin — (1744 — 1813) is the pseudonym of Marie Jeanne, the court dressmaker of Queen Marie-Antoinette, nicknamed «Fashion Minister.»
  5. Rosa Derine — (1793 — 1872) Hungarian actress and singer, one of the founders of the Hungarian theater.
  6. Rose Hobart — (1906 — 2000) American actress.
  7. Rosa Shanina — Soviet single sniper.
  8. Rose Levina — (1908 — 1989) Soviet teacher, psychologist.
  9. Roza Otunbayeva — Kyrgyz politician and diplomat, leader of the parliamentary faction of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, proclaimed by the President of Kyrgyzstan in transition.
  10. Rosa Germanova — (1902 — 1995) Polish chess player, international master (1950).
  11. Rose Parks — (1913 — 2005) is an American social activist, the initiator of the movement for the rights of black citizens of the United States. The US Congress honored the girl with the epithet «The Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.»
  12. Rosa Kochisova — (1888 — 1910) Ossetian playwright.
  13. Rosa Baglanova — (born 1922) Soviet and Kazakh opera and pop singer (soprano), National Hero of Kazakhstan.
  14. Rosa Sverdlova — (1908 — 2003) Russian actress.
  15. Liz Assia — at birth — Rosa-Mina Scherer; Swiss singer, winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest, held in 1956.
  16. Rosa Tamarkina — (1920 — 1950) Soviet pianist.
  17. Rosa Dzhamanova — singer (soprano), People’s Artist of the USSR (1959), Laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR (1972).
  18. Roza Rymbaeva — Kazakh singer, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1986), Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan (2004).
  19. Rosa Makagonova — Soviet film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSRoza

Rose in various languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English, translated as Rose (Rose), in German: the name Roza (Rose).

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