Главная » Meaning of the name » The meaning of the name Tsvetana: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Tsvetana: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Tsvetana: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Tsvetana: this name for a girl means “blooming”, “blooming”.

Origin of the name Tsvetana: Old Slavic.

The diminutive form of the name: Tsvetanka, Colors, Tana, Tanya.

What does the name Tsvetana mean: The name is most often found in Bulgaria, although it is also common in other Slavic countries. The girl, named Tsvetana, really looks like an exotic flower — well-groomed, stylish and sophisticated. The girl easily becomes attached to people, she is kind and disinterested.

Colors are experimenting on the go, she can become a singer, an actress or a TV presenter. Friends are jealous of her husband, because his wife is an excellent cook, loves her husband and children.

Angel Day and patron saints of the name: Tsvetana’s name does not mark the name, as the name is not included in the list of church holidays.

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo

Characteristics of the name Tsvetana

Positive traits: In numerology, the name Tsvetana is defined by the number 7, which indicates a strong and cheerful personality.

Negative traits: She Tsvetana always learns exclusively from her mistakes and never asks for help from others.

Advice from the side, especially uninvited, the girl with this name takes extremely negative.

The nature of the name Tsvetana: She is not too keen to spend time with peers. With the boys and does not communicate.

The girl feels most comfortable in the company of her parents. Over time, she has a girlfriend.

But one cannot say that Colors is an outcast — on the contrary, peers value her opinion, and often she is an informal leader in the company, although she does not want to assume such powers and seeks not to attract everyone’s attention.

She Tsvetana never asks for help from others, even if she finds herself in a difficult situation. Sometimes people do not even know that Tsvetana had any trouble. She has her own opinion on any matter, which is the only correct opinion in her opinion.

Therefore, in the disputes of Color, on the contrary, it ardently defends precisely his point of view and may even be too categorical.

Interestingly, the meaning of the word can be interpreted taking into account the time of year of birth.

So, if Tsvetana was born in winter or autumn, then in dating with men she always takes the initiative.

Summer and spring representatives are less active in this matter.

Born in the winter — is kind and responsive, constant in their affections and attitudes. She boasts a large number of friends, despite her own stubbornness.

She Tsvetana can sometimes perform impulsive actions, but then quickly realizes her guilt and asks for forgiveness.

Tsvetana and her personal life

Love and marriage: Tsvetana almost always, regardless of the time of year of her birth, family life is more than successful. For her, family is of particular importance.

A girl with this name will be an excellent hostess and even give up a career in favor of the house. In the male, Colors usually seeks stability, but also draws attention to the emotion of their chosen one.

Talents, business, career

The choice of profession: It is worth noting that the girl is very developed creative abilities. She loves theater, circus, often embroiders, draws, sings songs, dances.

Often Tsvetana has a real talent for rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating.

Sociability is not the main feature of Flowers, which was born in spring. Best of all, having the name Tsvetana feels that she is alone, and she can always find something to do.

The greatest success she achieves in the field of art.

Business and career: Tsvetana has a well-developed intuition, and thanks to her excellent memory and strength of will, she achieves a lot in life. By her nature, she is an independent person who attaches great importance to freedom.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named after Tsvetana: Parents say that Colors cause them a lot of trouble because they need constant monitoring and supervision. Differs in poor health and is particularly susceptible to colds (pharyngitis, bronchitis).

So, it is worth to give the child to the sports section. And let her not set any records, but she will get a great state of health and also form a character that will help her achieve success in the future.

Fate Tsvetany in history

What does Tsvetana’s name mean for women’s fate?

  1. Tsvetana Paskaleva (Bulgarian, Armenian journalist, author of documentary films, member of the International Association of Documentaryists (Los Angeles), Journalists Unions of Armenia and Bulgaria, Film Unions of Armenia and Bulgaria)
  2. Tsvetana Pironkova (professional tennis player from Bulgaria, Wimbledon 2010 semifinalist in singles, winner of 6 ITF tournaments in singles)

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