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The meaning of the name Zoya: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

The meaning of the name Zoya: character and fate, which means the name, its origin

Meaning of the name Zoya: this name means “life” for a girl.

The origin of the name Zoe: ancient Greek, it corresponds to the Slavic Alive and the biblical Eve.

The diminutive form of the name: Zoyka, Zoechka, Bunny, Zoyuha, Zosha, Zosya.

What does Zoya mean? Calm. This girl is balanced and does not require much from life.

Zosya brings the world to any team and often chooses professions related to nature and creativity: dog handler, gardener, biologist, designer or artist. Zoyka respects her husband and enjoys housekeeping with pleasure.

Angel Day and the patron saints of the name: the name Zoya twice a year marks the name day:

  • 26 (13) — St. Zoya of harlots was turned to the righteous life of the Monk Martinian and died in a monastery.
  • 15 (2) — The Holy Martyr Zoe was a slave to a pagan, burned for her faith in Christ (2nd century).

Signs: If a nightingale you hear before a cuckoo on a Zoin day, you will happily spend the whole summer.

  • Zodiac — Taurus
  • Planet — Venus
  • Color — lemon green
  • Auspicious tree — walnut
  • Covenant — oats
  • Patron — Nightingale
  • Stone Mascot — Green Marble

Characteristic name Zoya

Positive features: The meaning of the name Zoya is cheerfulness, softness, impressionability.

The name Zoya gives confidence, reverie. She is a great dreamer and romantic, she comes up with incredible stories in her childhood, and she herself is capable of believing her imagination.

In studies shows a tendency to the humanities and natural sciences. The girl is devoted to ideals, is predisposed to religion, is endowed with the gift of true faith and vitality, so even on the edge of the abyss of life she is not in danger of falling.

Zoenka is devoted to old friends, she is sure that “an old friend is better than the new two.” He attaches great importance to selfless help and service to one’s neighbor.

Negative traits: The name Zoe brings vulnerability, timidity, fanaticism. With her romance, Zoe does not like long journeys, moving to a new place of residence.

Frequent change of impressions tires her. Excessive impressionability and amorousness can lead Zosu to disillusionment in life, the collapse of her ideals and a complete change in outlook.

The character of the name Zoya: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Zoya? Zoya is a dreamer, contemplator.

In her youth, she longs for a violent love with a famous traveler, actor, cosmonaut, dreams of chic outfits and expensive restaurants.

But, as a rule, her husband becomes just a decent person — and she will decorate his life with her love, kindness, loyalty.

Over the years, Zoe becomes pious, believes in the predestination of fate, wonders on the cards, may even become a victim of deception by sectarians.

The girl grows obedient friendly child. He believes in fairy tales and is very upset when he finds out that Santa Claus is not really there.

Friends with mostly girls, boys because of their violent temper somewhat afraid. She likes to tell her scary stories to her friends, which she often comes up with, and she often begins to believe in them.

Good mother help. The girl is very mobile. For her, it is of particular importance when adults in a family consult with her.

He likes to breed flowers. If these hobbies are supported in a child, then a good zoologist, a biologist, and a nerd can leave Zosi. She does not like to study, tolerates classes as inevitable.

The girl named Zoya is very affectionate, she likes to be gentle, even in her adolescence she is bored with the question: “Do you love me?” He is very offended when she receives, although positive, but a formal answer with a patter.

Zoyka should be listened to when she gives a detailed account of the events of the day, otherwise you will cause a huge resentment to her to tears.

The name has a quiet, dreamy character, it is very kind to people, it gets along with everyone. It is reliable to other people’s requests and can not stand up for themselves.

Zoechka is charming, but in her youth she seems older than her years, but with the passage of time it does not seem to change. She is dressed usually modestly and carelessly, she is without great demands on life, she takes everything for granted.

She is very sentimental, trusting, affectionate. Zoya is true to friends, able to forgive flaws. However, she does not like instructions, even from relatives, how she should live, what to do.

With such a person, she becomes secretive, does not dedicate him to her plans, and can unexpectedly surprise with some kind of change.

She is very insightful, can intuitively distinguish between good and bad person. It can make a good psychologist, can become a veterinarian, a teacher, a medical worker. To make a career the name Zosia does not seek, she has a fairly calm flow of everyday life.

She can lead a small female team, will be able to stop intrigue and controversy.

Zoya and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: A successful marriage of a name is likely with Alexander, Boris, Bryachislav, Zhdan, Zakhar, Valery, Viktor, Ivan, Mal, Mechislav, Nikolai. The name is also combined with Semen, Stepan.

An unsuccessful marriage of a name can be with Anton, Vadim, Denis, Cyril, Roman.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Zoya? Zoya is getting married early.

Sensual and affectionate Zoechka very rare conflicts with her husband and loved ones.

It is created for love and family life. She is a passionate, sensual person who dreams of the only, the best.

Unfortunately, more often it does not come true as expected. But Zosya loves her husband as the mother of a child no matter how this child treats her.

She is patient, she has no conflicts with her husband and his relatives. Zoya is very loyal to her family, she adores children, she is too awake over the beds.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: A woman named Zoya rarely holds high and leading positions.

She is a disciplined worker, displaying her knowledge and diligence in the field of pedagogy, medicine, veterinary medicine, and agriculture.

Business and career: The value of the name Zoya — serving the ideals and close people is more important to her than personal gain. In her life, unusual circumstances and opportunities for business development and a higher material level are likely, but Zoyka rarely uses them.

She does not live in luxury, but does not live in misery.

Health and Energy

Health and talents named Zoya: Zosya very quickly gets used to the house, eats well and sleeps. However, it is located to different diseases: in the year possessing the name suffers from bronchitis, after a while chicken pox, it can get pneumonia. Therefore, in the summer it should be transported to the sea.

It develops well: it starts to hold its head early, to stand on its feet, but teeth are cut late, which is accompanied by a rise in temperature.

«September» girl named Zoya is calm in childhood, she doesn’t get sick often. It begins to hurt in adulthood due to inattention to their health.

She loves animals very much and can pick up her lichen. Zoya doesn’t care much about her body and doesn’t limit herself to food. The girl with this name loves sweet, flour.

Because of this, the name Zoya is disturbed by the metabolism, it begins to gain weight.

With age, her bones become fragile, frequent fractures and sprains. The «April» and «May» Zosi can develop heart aneurysms, diabetes. «December» carries surgery on the lungs, «March» is located to depression, but in mild form.

Zoenka is not suspicious, she endures illnesses. Magnetic storms suffer from headaches. «April» is predisposed to the disease of polyarthritis.

Often, Zoe is the third blood group, which complicates the healing of wounds.

Zoya, born in August — she can have dermatitis in various forms. It is located to the carbunculosis.

She needs a blood transfusion. May be obese, which affects the heart and joints.

But Zoya Sergeevna, Zoya Ivanovna can be too thin, suffer from exhaustion of the nervous system, dystrophy.

After delivery, she may have a metabolic disorder. By old age, she suffers from varicose veins.

From childhood you should teach the name Zoya to eat right. Women bearing the name of Zoya with patronymic Sidorovna, suffer from metabolic disorders, obesity due to improper diet.

They have poor eyesight.

Zoe’s Fate in History

What does Zoya’s name mean for women’s fate?

  1. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, a Komsomol member, participant of the Great Patriotic War, heroically killed near Moscow in December 1941. For a long time no one knew her real name: in the newspaper Pravda in the essay by V. Lidina she was named Tanya.
  2. Zoya (978-1050) — Byzantine Empress, daughter of Emperor Constantine VIII of Macedon, known for her love affairs. Only when she was 50 years old, Konstantin decided to marry her to Roman Argir, to make him his heir. The novel became the emperor, and his wife became close with the handsome eunuch court brother Michael. Together they decided to lime Roman. The eunuch gradually poured poison into the emperor’s food, and when he died, the woman freely married her lover, who became Emperor Michael IV. At the age of 64 she married for the third time Constantine IX Monomakh, who was probably one of her former lovers. It was he who brightened up the last years of the Empress’s life, treating her with honor and respect.
  3. Zoya Boguslavskaya — Soviet and Russian writer, prose writer, playwright, critic (born 1929).
  4. Zoya Gaidai (1902-1965) — opera singer (soprano), teacher, winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1941), People’s Artist of the USSR (1944).
  5. Zoya Fedorova — Russian Soviet film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1965), winner of two Stalin Prizes of the second degree (1941, 1942).
  6. Zoya Buryak — Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia.
  7. Zoya Vasilkova — Soviet and Russian actress.
  8. Zoya Kudrya — Honored Russian screenwriter, author of scripts for many popular television and feature films; Among her most famous works is the television series “The Frontier. Taiga novel «,» Admiral «.
  9. Zoe Bulgakov — Soviet theater actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1945), honorary citizen of Novosibirsk (born 1914).
  10. Zoya Boyarshinova — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, the greatest specialist in the history of Siberia of the XVII century.
  11. Zoya Osmolovskaya — Soviet and Russian film and theater actress, Honored Artist of the Byelorussian SSR (1982).
  12. Zoya Ladygina — teacher, Honored Teacher of the RSFSR School.
  13. Zoya Rudnova — Soviet athlete (table tennis), two-time world champion in 1969 — in the team and in the women’s doubles (with Svetlana Fedorova-Greenberg), 10-time European champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1969).
  14. Zoya Kaydanovskaya (Simonova-Kaydanovskaya) is a Russian film and theater actress.

Zoya in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English, the name translates as Zoe, in Italian: Zoe, in Czech: Zoe, in Polish: Zoe, in Swedish: Zoe.

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