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The meaning of the soft name Martha — love, character and destiny

The female name is a modified form of the Jewish Martha, which means «Mistress.» From the Arabic language, it translates as «famous», «popular.» In Slavic countries, girls born in March were given the same name.

In Finland, the name is pronounced as Martta, and in France — Martha.

The diminutive form of the name: Marochka, Marty, Martachka, Martusik, Martik, Marika, Martul, Martusik, Mar, Marik.

According to the church calendar passes as Martha, marks the day of the birthday:

  • 19 — on the day of Martyr Martha the Persian of Rome.
  • 19 — on the day of Martyr Azi.

The meaning of the soft name Martha - love, character and destiny

From the time of year of birth depends on the character of Martha:

  • Winter — Naive, punchy, trusting, demanding.
  • Spring — Sensitive, emotional, tender, sentimental.
  • Summer — Rani, touchy, benevolent, capricious.
  • Autumn — Hot-tempered, affable, eloquent, liberated.

Little Martha grows up calm, quiet, indecisive and smiling girl. He always obeys parents, loves to imitate his father in everything, and this affects the formation of her character in the future.

May require her to buy the same shirt or t-shirt as her father. Or ask him to teach nailing a nail.

In companies it does not seek leadership, it tries not to shine, it prefers quiet types of games, especially board games, logical games. Staying without a company will always find something to do or help parents in the household.

In transitional age remains shy, quiet, indecisive, as in childhood, but acquires new character traits like uncompromising and principled. She is still indecisive and uncertain.

Unfortunately, these qualities of character will remain with her for the rest of her life, if she is not seriously worked on. Martha’s advantage is that she never gives up. If her teacher asked a difficult task, she would rewrite several textbooks, try different options and solve it.

If the subject and the teacher do not like her, she will not try too hard to get good grades. To participate in school plays Martha is often not persuaded because of the natural shyness and desire to be in the shadows.

An adult is afraid to take responsibility, but if she is entrusted with a responsible business, she will bring it to the end with brilliance. Martha is easy to circle around her finger, for the second time she will not allow a person who has deceived her to herself. A friend will be great, will never let you down and will not deceive you, will always come to the rescue in difficult times, help you with money.

He does not like to spend time in noisy and large companies. When you look at the fragile and weak Martha, you involuntarily wonder where she has so much strength and perseverance to bring the difficult thing to the end.

Since childhood, growing a strong, healthy baby. She rarely suffers, but she has a tendency to be overweight, she should follow a diet and go in for sports.

Thanks to perseverance, persistence, hard work, thoughtfulness, Martha is very much appreciated at work. She is never late for work, maintains an even relationship with her colleagues and superiors, tries not to interfere with them. In his profession, he will achieve a lot, but he will not be willing to take the place of the manager immediately because he is afraid of responsibility.

she likes to give advice, to teach others, so she will succeed in such professions as teaching, writing, journalism. The name of Martha is based on the ability to earn and accumulate money, she is not threatened with poverty.

If the main job brings her little money, she will find an easy job.

The meaning of the soft name Martha - love, character and destiny

For Marta, relationships in a love life are hard, she sees a catch in every fan, everything seems to her that he will deceive her, give up, use, offend. For all his life, Marta has very few novels, and they can be listed on the fingers of one hand.

If as a child, parents can help Martha overcome her fearfulness, distrust, then her personal life can be much better.

Martha is not always able to create a happy family. His wife will be difficult, mistrustful, demanding, everything will seem to her that her husband is deceiving her, cheating on her. Her husband must be a very patient and kind person.

After a few years, he will thaw, he will begin to trust her husband and idyll will reign in the family. A mother will be caring, helpful, giving every free minute to children.

Horoscope name

Aries — Sentimental, indecisive. She adores when she is praised, avoids deceitful people. Loves to spend time alone.

Timid in life.

Taurus — Emotional, pleasing. Easily adapts to people, situations, events. He tries to please everyone that not everyone likes it.

Able to control their feelings.

Gemini — Hot-tempered, impulsive. First he does, then he thinks. Does not like other people’s advice, prefers to learn from his many mistakes.

Early becomes independent.

Cancer — benevolent, sacrificial. Because of these qualities, unscrupulous people often use it for their own purposes, which is why she often falls into depression.

May sacrifice the latter in favor of the needy.

Leo — Purposeful, hurt. He diligently hides his indecision, is able to manipulate facts.

Can go to betrayal, to achieve his.

Virgo — Arrogant, smart. Surrounds himself only with useful people, has some talents, never surrenders to difficulties.

He loves art and science.

Scales — Tactful, polite. Enjoys success with men, knows how to talk and behave beautifully in society.

Often the victim of cheaters.

Scorpio — Nasty, aggressive. Her character changes several times a day, difficult for those around her.

If her future husband manages to overcome the period of lapping, he will get a wonderful and caring wife in her face.

Sagittarius — Frivolous, optimistic. He likes to surround himself with friends and have fun.

He values ​​his freedom, he is unlikely to agree to family life only if he loves his future husband very much.

Capricorn — Demanding, responsive. From the side it seems domineering, imposes excessive demands on others, especially on his chosen one.

Her husband must be devoted to her and never change.

Aquarius — Persistent, swift. With ease moves up the career ladder due to its dedication.

The only one of all the above can become a real leader, is not afraid of responsibility.

She loves when she is honored and respected.

Fish — Shy, gullible. He idealizes surrounding people in his eyes, trusts them, and then he is cruelly mistaken and depressed.

She needs a strong man who can guide her through life and protects her.

Male Name Compatibility

The meaning of the soft name Martha - love, character and destiny

  • Planet — Mercury.
  • The color of the name is Orange.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Thursday.
  • Lucky number is 9.
  • Metal — Platinum.
  • Gemini.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Ladybird.
  • Plant — Chamomile.
  • Tree — Chestnut.
  • Mineral talisman — Pomegranate.

Famous people named

  • Marfa Trubina — Chuvash writer.
  • Marfa Muravyova — Russian ballerina.
  • Vickers is an American actress.
  • Dodd is a Soviet spy.
  • Graham is an American dancer.
  • Medlé is a German singer.

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