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The Riddle of Suleiman: fate, characterization, meaning

Such an ancient and beautiful name Suleiman, popular not only in countries with Muslim worship, but also in European countries, is translated as «reliable» and «prosperous.»

The Riddle of Suleiman: fate, characterization, meaning

general characteristics

From a young age, Suleiman has been pursuing a peaceful way to resolve any disputes and conflicts. However, in those cases when it becomes clear that a peaceful dispute cannot be resolved, Suleiman can show his inner strength and self-confidence to the full.

Suleiman has a pronounced self-confidence, stamina, as well as excessive curiosity. This is especially noticeable at a young age due to excessive self-will.

Suleiman rarely needs help, and he provides it only to those whom he sees fit.

He has a very fast reaction, is able to literally grasp everything on the fly.

As an adult, Suleiman maximally accumulates all his best qualities, is a strong, mature man. He has a wide circle of contacts in which he is known as the “soul of the company”.

Suleiman is distinguished by a keen sense of humor.

He seeks to achieve a strong financial position, and the mind and common sense almost always prevail over the senses.

Detailed feature

  1. Planet is the sun.
  2. Stone-mascot-Chrysolite.
  3. Zodiac sign — Leo.
  4. Totem animal — Eagle.
  5. Color — Yellow, Golden.
  6. Element — fire.
  7. Plant — Ginger.

The Riddle of Suleiman: fate, characterization, meaning

The carrier named Suleiman has an interesting, full of bright events life, which, however, is not very simple. Consider the development of life Suleiman in the key of the main areas.

Love and family

Love for Suleiman plays a large enough role. From an early age, an image of an ideal life partner is formed in his mind, which should be his muse and true support.

Far from immediately, Suleiman succeeds in finding a suitable candidate, but after the meeting he immediately realizes that she is “ta sa” and begins to build a family.

The family becomes a fundamental factor in the life of Suleiman. He dreams of a large family, and often this dream is embodied in reality.

Suleiman is sensitive to his wife, respects her work and strength invested in the home.

He himself does not lag behind his wife and is an excellent owner, not receiving any negativity or fatigue from doing household chores.

Suleiman, standing out from childhood for his leadership qualities, often becomes the head of a company or an entrepreneur. He is interested in fairly large-scale areas of employment, but for long-term projects, his appetite is lost.

Suleiman performs well in fast, capacious implementations of ideas. No wonder, because it is distinguished by the flexibility of the mind and the ability to make instant decisions even in non-standard situations.

Carriers named after Suleiman are distinguished by strong health and strong-willed character. They often become adherents of a healthy lifestyle, actively go in for sports and give up bad habits.

However, there is a danger of injury due to physical overload.

Suleiman loves to read, can often spend hours on the job. He is fond of history and psychology. In travel prefers to engage in outdoor activities.

Among Suleiman’s special passion is the hunt for everything new and unknown.

Suleiman is often obsessed with the dream of creating something fundamentally new, beautiful and necessary for humanity.

Therefore, he often chooses the path of the artist, inventor, designer. Sometimes Suleiman shows his literary inclinations, although all his works are usually sent to the table, since Suleiman is very picky and critical of himself and his work, it is difficult for him to share his manuscripts even with his relatives.


The highest percentage of compatibility will stand out between Suleiman and the following female names:

Famous carriers named

  1. Suleiman Kanuni (Suleiman the Magnificent) — Turkish emperor, during whose rule the Ottoman Empire reached its highest peak of development.
  2. Suleiman Laek is an Afghan poet.
  3. Suleiman Stalsky — people’s poet of Afghanistan.
  4. Suleiman Alexandrovich Yudakov — composer.

The Riddle of Suleiman: fate, characterization, meaning

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