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The value of the creative name Ilyas — fate, nature and health

The Arabic name Ilyas, an analogue of the Orthodox name Ilya, means «the Lord is my god» or «who came to the rescue.» Each country has its own pronunciation form for this name: Bulgaria — Elias, Hungary — Ilies, Greece — Ilias, Georgia — Ilia, Spain — Elias, Poland — Eliash, France — Eli, Japan — Erie.

The diminutive form of the name: Ilusha, Ilik, Illyasha, Il, Ilchik, Ilusha, Ilusha.

In the Orthodox calendar, the Islamic name Ilyas is not, there is its counterpart Ilya.

The value of the creative name Ilyas - fate, nature and health

Pros: Fair, kind, compassionate, savvy, romantic, decisive.

Cons: Selfish, despotic, cruel, closed.

Ilyas grows up straight and sharp in communication as a boy, which often repels others around him. He prefers to share with his brothers, sisters and friends exactly in half, he acts in justice.

He demands that they give up their affairs and give him time, for a long time he cannot understand that people have their own duties, deeds, their own life.

He tries to command his surroundings, to bend them under himself, which he rarely succeeds. Due to the refusal of people to obey him, Ilyas often shows unreasonable aggression in their attitude, throwing things around.

Little Ilyas is prone to envy, does not know how to rejoice in someone else’s success, joy.

Fortunately, as a teenager Ilyas manages to get rid of this despotic character trait. At school he studies well in those subjects that he understands and is interested in, does not try very hard for the rest, even if they are basic ones. Of the school subjects, Ilyas is best succeeded in foreign languages ​​thanks to his unique memory.

It is important that the school has talented teachers capable of making Ilyas fall in love with their subject. In this case, Ilyas, who has hard work and assiduity, has every chance of becoming an excellent student.

Ilyas, growing up, is changing for the better, becoming more restrained, able to make compromises, to negotiate. She also strives to be in the center of attention, but no longer with such selfish zeal as in childhood.

He enjoys spending time with friends, traveling with them to nature, to clubs. He has no close friends, as he is serious about friendship, preferring to be friends superficially.

Ilyas has average health, sick colds not so often.

Throughout his life he has problems with the digestive system, he needs to carefully choose his own food, stick to a diet.

The value of the creative name Ilyas - fate, nature and health

In the work for Ilyas, the first is the financial side, so it does not matter where he works, if only he would be paid more. She can do any work, but almost does not get pleasure from it.

With colleagues maintains a working relationship, no more. Throughout his career, he strives in every way to take the place of a manager who will give him elevated status and financial stability.

Changeable in love, it is easy to fall out of love with one and fall in love with another. Nothing promises girls, he needs them for a pleasant pastime.

He does not dare to create a family because of his uncertainty, until he finds a really girl, after which no one will seem more beautiful and better than her.

Marries after a walk, firmly stand up, accumulate capital. Family puts in the first place, it will turn out a reliable husband.

Only in a family can he be himself, romantic, tender and attentive in relation to his wife.

He loves his children and spends all his free time from work.

Compatible with female names

The value of the creative name Ilyas - fate, nature and health

  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • The color of the name is Brown.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Friday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal — Copper.
  • Zodiac sign — Aries.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Eagle.
  • Plant — Cornflower.
  • Tree — Cedar.
  • Mineral mascot — Agat.

Famous people named Ilyas

  • Ilyas Umakhanov is a Russian politician.
  • Ilyas Shurpaev is a Russian correspondent.
  • Ilyas Mercury is a Russian writer.
  • Ilyas Esenberlin — Kazakh writer.

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