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The value of the male name Abdullah — character, career and destiny

The male name Abdullah is very common in Islamic countries and is translated as «slave of Allah.»

The diminutive form of the name: Abbi, Abdulchik, Dulla, Dully, Abdullochka.

In the Orthodox calendar, there are no saints named Abdullah because of the fact that this name belongs to the Islamic religion.

The value of the male name Abdullah - character, career and destiny

Pros: Kind, sociable, friendly, non-conflicting.

Cons: Unorganized, impatient, irresponsible.

Little Abdullah is a very curious and talkative boy. He is interested in everything in the world, adults are bombarded with numerous questions, the answers to which are not always attentive, immediately ask the next question.

In everyday life, Abdullah is unpretentious, content with little, he does not need a lot of various clothes, mountains of toys. He enjoys playing outdoor games with his peers.

May give friends your favorite toy and not regret it. He tries to avoid conflicts.

At school, she studies moderately because of her lack of comprehension and restlessness, she turns around during the lesson, talks to her classmates, which is why she cannot answer the subject, and Abdullah is embarrassed to ask the teachers for all.

Teachers are not always satisfied with his behavior.

If Abdullah can become more diligent, then his performance will grow dramatically, as he has an unusually good memory and high acumen.

Adult Abdullah remains as impatient and unorganized as in childhood. He never puts things in his place, everything is scattered in his apartment. Sugar can be stored in a jar with the inscription «Salt».

In this chaos, only Abdullah can find the right thing. But he is comfortable living in the midst of the mess.

In an apartment where everything is licked, not a single speck of dust, things in their places, Abdullah feels ill at ease. Does not know how to dress with taste, prefers simple and inconspicuous clothes. His friends accept him as he is, thanks to his cheerful and sociable character.

Frequently hangouts where it leaves the last of all.

Abdullah’s health is strong, in his childhood only colds are ill and rarely. In adulthood, problems with the digestive system are possible due to craving for junk food.

The value of the male name Abdullah - character, career and destiny

He will not reach the heights in Abdul’s career because of his lack of organization, and he himself does not seek to take the chair of leadership. Shows great success in the work that requires physical endurance and creative talents. Perfectly work in a team, do not pull the blanket of primacy over themselves.

If possible, choose to work with a free schedule or remote work.

There are always a lot of female female fans around the jubilant and companionable Abdullah, who cares for them reverently, gives them flowers, and has signs of attention. But for a long time in none of them falls in love, prefers to change women. They usually part because of the unwillingness to put up women with a mess in his apartment or an attempt to teach Abdulla organization, which he fiercely resists.

On the family begins to think after the thirty-year milestone of life.

When he feels that the time has come to start a family, Abdullah begins to look closely at women, can they endure his way of life, will they not be able to cut their brains for scattered things, will they reckon with his opinion.

Even if she finds a suitable wife, it will not be easy for her to live with such a husband as Abdullah, because of his desire to spend a lot of time outside the family.

In addition, his wife will have to accept the fact that their friends will stay up until the morning. Parenting usually falls on the shoulders of his wife, because Abdullah can not always find common language with his child, does not want to know about the successes in the child’s school.

However, after forty years, Abdullah is changing, becoming more domestic, more often interested in the affairs of his wife and children.

Compatible with female names

The value of the male name Abdullah - character, career and destiny

  • Planet — the moon.
  • The color of the name is White.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Monday.
  • Lucky number — 2.
  • Metal — Silver.
  • Zodiac sign — Cancer.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Owl.
  • Plant — Lily.
  • Mineral talisman — Selenite.

Famous people named Abdullah

  • Abdullah Azzam is a Palestinian theologian.
  • Abdullah Al-Hilali — Omani football referee.
  • Abdulla Karsakbayev — Soviet film director.
  • Abdullah Goran — Kurdish poet.

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