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The value of the name Elena — the nature and options of fate

Elena is a common Russian name of Greek origin. Elena means light, shining, fiery. Helen is associated with the name of the ancient Greek sun god — Helios.

Catholics especially honored this name, as it was worn by the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. The ruler of Kievan Rus Olga, having adopted Orthodoxy, was called Helen.

Similar forms of the name may include Alain, Ilena, Olena, Alina, Ilona, ​​Ilin, but these are all independent names.

General interpretation and characterization

  • The planet patronizing Elena is Mercury;
  • The tree that gives strength and favorable energy is ash;
  • Gemini;
  • Flower, restoring health — aster;
  • The color that attracts good luck and happiness is sky blue, light gray;
  • Totem animal — deer;
  • Charm-stone — chalcedony.

Angel Day on the church calendar, Helen notes twice: 3 — in honor of St. Helena, mother of Tsar Constantine. She helped the poor a lot, built several temples, found the life-giving cross of the Lord; 12 — the enlightened Helen, the mother of the Serbian king, helped the suffering, the sick and the poor.

Peculiarities of behavior in childhood and adolescence

Baby Elena grows up as a soft, docile child. She is shy, shy and very pretty.

Since childhood, Helen has become accustomed to immerse herself in her dreams and dreams, imagining herself to be the princess of an enchanted castle surrounded by beautiful princes.

The value of the name Elena - the nature and options of fate

She likes to listen to fairy tales, naive, trusting and very receptive. Already from an early age her compassion, kindness, responsiveness, and sacrifice can be traced. She is prone to emotional experiences, can easily bring a puppy to the house.

But he can get rid of him quickly if his father insists on it. Being under the influence of an authoritative and authoritarian person, her willpower is not enough to insist on her.

In adolescence, dad has a great influence on the girl. She listens to his opinion, asks for advice and often copies behavior in a social environment. In this girl some cunning, prudence, temperament starts to wake up.

She does not tolerate lies and deception towards herself. Offender must punish, as vindictive.

During her school years, Alyona becomes more independent, courageous and resourceful in unforeseen situations, she can stand up for herself without resorting to the help of adults. She learns well, thanks to high erudition, perseverance and a sharp mind.

Helen is very affectionate, sociable girl. But its main vice is laziness.

She loves to leave things for later, forgetting about the case. Her reaction to the reality taking place is slow, as she often plunges into her thoughts, thoughts and fantasies.

This state does not affect her good grades, as Alena has an excellent memory, beautiful speech. She knows how to show herself and fascinate with her optimism, cheerfulness and inner peace.

Even in high school, Elena never stops dreaming of the luxurious and carefree life of a princess. It attracts and revives all the exquisite and beautiful.

Despite the fact that parents often indulge a girl with expensive things and clothes, she grows up as a bright, sincere and sometimes trusting girl.

At this age, Elena wakes up the desire to be more useful, to assist those in need, to give her heartiness.

But grabs her for a while.

By virtue of her inconceivable laziness, she forgets the chosen destination.

Student Lena is very active, temperamental, easily excitable and a little capricious. These qualities are of great interest to her among men.

She communicates mainly with a strong half of humanity, considering them more faithful and loyal friends.

The value of the name Elena - the nature and options of fate

With peers may come into conflict, does not forgive insults and insults. The desire for revenge can push her to the sophisticated types of punishment of the offender.

These moments can be very cynical, cunning and cruel.

Realization in the profession, personal life and health — what will be the main thing for Elena

Elena’s mature years characterize her as an emotional, ambitious, and self-confident person. Another’s success does not please Lena, but rather hurts.

But by doing so, it pushes her to fight laziness and achieve her goals.

The value of the name Elena - the nature and options of fate

A beautiful and charming girl with such a bright name for a long time can not decide on a profession. By virtue of her reverie, she can easily get carried away with something, but also quickly lose interest in it.

This romantic and artistic person is prone to professions in the field of art and culture. She can successfully be realized as an actress, singer, artist or mannequin.

But it is possible that she will become a leading HR specialist, will be engaged in the selection and placement of personnel. This will help her sociability, curiosity.

Lena can quickly make contact and win over a person who is ready to share her biography and personal life.

Elena rarely has financial difficulties. Although she does not attach much importance to money and is not a mercantile woman, she will always live in abundance and abundance.

This can contribute to its high wages or a successful marriage.

Helen’s personal life is going well. Young Lena enjoys great success with fans, and has a good opportunity to choose a worthy gentleman.

In a relationship with a guy, she can be jealous, but she will never show her indignation and will not sort things out, considering it to be above her dignity.

Alena — nature is very loving and impulsive in feelings.

She will never seek a rich sponsor for her husbands, sincerity and emotionality in relationships is important to her.

Marries out of love, but often chooses a powerful and influential partner.

Helen expects good compatibility with Bogdan, Andrey, Dmitry, Vladimir, Roman, Cyril, Yaroslav, Igor, Mikhail. Relationship difficulties may arise with Vasily, Anatoly, Zakhar, Alexander, Stepan.

In the house Elena tries to create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and comfort. She has a delicate taste and knows how to please her spouse and children. But you can’t call her the perfect hostess.

She will not worry if there are no products in her fridge, and her spouse is on the table before the spouse comes home from work.

Elena is indifferent to everyday problems and always costs the most necessary things in the household. Her own self-realization is important to her.

In search of her destination in her mature years, she can find a new path and direction of her development.

Elena’s health may vary depending on the month of birth. «Winter» Elena is not prone to frequent colds.

Even if she is not keen on sports, she is always cheerful and cheerful. What a mature Elena should pay attention to is the state of the nervous system.

It is important to avoid overwork, unregulated working day, unhealthy diet, stress.

Elena, born in the summer, can be a little painful in her adolescent years. Her weak immunity will make her often stay at home on sick leave. In his youth, be sure to take vitamins and exercise.

At older age, it is characterized by vascular dystonia and hypertension.

Talented and famous people named Elena

  • Elena Proklova — theater and film actress, TV presenter;
  • Elena Voluchaya — scandalous TV host of the Friday channel, journalist, model, television producer;
  • Elena Temnikova — ex-soloist of the group “Silver”, singer, fashion designer;
  • Elena Vaenga — Russian pop singer, songwriter, actress. Winner of the Chanson of the Year Award;
  • Elena Korikova — Russian film and theater actress, TV presenter. I tried myself as a singer;
  • Elena Zakharova — film actress and tetra;
  • Elena Podkaminskaya is a Russian theater and film actress. Known by the series «Kitchen».

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