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The value of the name of Eugene — the nature and fate of Eugene

The name of Eugene not only sounds great — it is the female form of the male name Eugene (Eugene), which translated from Greek means “noble”, which means that the innate nobility distinguishes the bearer of this name. Eugene will never drop his dignity, will not lie, hypocrite and humiliate, will stand firm for their beliefs.

It may not be easy to get along with Eugenia because of her uncompromising nature, but if she succeeds, she will become the most faithful friend who will never give you up and will always be honest with you.

Eugene has few friends, but her friendship continues throughout her life. Thanks to the male component of the name, it converges more easily with men than with women.

This girl is capable of breaking the stereotype that friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, but therein lies the difficulty for someone who wants not only to be friends with Eugenia, but to associate her life with her.

The value of the name of Eugene - the nature and fate of Eugene

Despite the firm nature and the desire to speak the whole truth in the eye, this girl does not differ in conflict behavior, the nobility does not allow her to cry out, she knows how to solve problems diplomatically and not to compromise.

Negative features of Eugenia — increased anxiety, suspiciousness, suspicion. Because of this, she often ascribes to other people thoughts that they never had, and their motives are invented by their actions.

But if you don’t like it, tell the truthful woman how it is, and if you are honest to the end, she will believe you.

Other variants of the name Evgeny

The sonorous name of the four syllables has less long options: Zhenya, Zheka, Genya, Yenya, Yenyaha. They are suitable for the male version of the name, but there is another less common, but purely female version — Eve.

Diminutive options: Zhenya, Zhenyusha, Zhenyushka, Eugene, Evguesha, Evgheshka, Enyusha, Eniuta, Eniasha.

All over the world girls are called by this name. Here is how it is written and sounds in different languages:

  • Belarusian — Yaўgenia;
  • Ukrainian — Evgeniya;
  • Polish — Eugenia (sounds like Eugenia);
  • Serbian — Eugenia;
  • English — Eugenia (sounds like Eugenia);
  • German — Eugenia (sounds like Ougenia);
  • French — Eugénie (sounds like Eugenie);
  • Italian — Eugenia (sounds like Eugenia);
  • Spanish — Eugenia (sounds like Eugenia).

Character Eugenia

The main traits of a woman with the name of Eugene — the love of truth and perseverance.

She will not lie for the sake of gain, she does not forgive lies to others. Therefore, she has few friends and girlfriends, but if they are, then this friendship has withstood many tests. Eugene will always come to the rescue of his friends, even if he has to sacrifice something for their benefit.

Due to the sharp and direct nature of Eugene may be ill-wishers, but even they can not not respect her.

On the one hand, Zhenya is open, people are drawn to her, because they see her as a person who can be relied on, but on the other hand, she does not tolerate familiarity and familiarity and immediately delineates the boundaries, which you can go beyond, of which Evgenia is not enough.

The value of the name of Eugene - the nature and fate of Eugene

She has developed logical thinking, but her intuition is weak. Wanting to please Evgenia, you can not hope for your charm and attractiveness, you can earn her good attitude with honest actions and fulfilled promises.

Because of the weakness of the intuition, Eugene can build unreasonable guesses about other people, so you need to be honest with her, and she will not mind.

She does not like surprises, is very conservative and strict. Easy and sociable people who like to try something new will be hard with her, she does not like big, fun and noisy companies.

But, despite her old-fashionedness, people tend to be in good relations with her, because she will always come to the rescue, keep her word, help out.

Thanks to hard work and perseverance, she can, with moderate abilities, achieve more than people with outstanding talents, but lazy and windy.

Fate of Eugenia

The nobility of the bearer named Eugenia manifests itself from an early age. The parents have no trouble with the child, because little Zhenya will not be hysterical, she is good in society herself, at the book or in drawing, although she gets along with her peers too.

But this does not mean that it is docile and submissive — the hardness of the spirit is visible even in the most tender age. If she doesn’t like something, it will not be the whims and whims of the princess, but just displeasure.

During school years, she may not shine with mental abilities, but she is unlikely to come up with homework or unsubscribe instead of an essay, but she does not understand what she is trying to understand by asking the teacher a lot of questions and not being lazy to read additional literature.

Zhenya seeks leadership in the classroom and achieves this, but is forced to enter into conflicts.

The value of the name of Eugene - the nature and fate of Eugene

Enrolling at the university, Zhenya puts education at the top, not the delights of student life, but she’s not a bothered nerd, but an authority, even if she doesn’t manage to become a universal favorite. She chooses a profession consciously.

In her chosen case, Evgenia becomes a professional, she always fulfills plans, and her colleagues appreciate her for never failing. If she becomes the boss, she is very demanding, but she will not give offense to her subordinates.

By the men of Eugene is strict, she is unlikely to fall in love without thinking, the love of this woman begins with friendship and respect. To win her heart, no need to invent surprises, you need to be honest and strong.

On the one hand, Evgenia will not tolerate a weak man, on the other hand, next to a strong man she will not become weak herself and will fight for leadership.

She is a good hostess, but does not make the meaning of her life out of serving the home. She loves children, but without lisping, respects them, and therefore brings them up in strictness, but thanks to this, Eugenia’s children grow up independent, like herself.

Various characteristics of the name of Eugene

  • zodiac sign — Capricorn;
  • the planet Mars;
  • the totem animal is a mountain goat;
  • color — dark green;
  • tree — fir;
  • plant — thistle;
  • stone talisman — jade, emerald.

Different aspects of life

Eugenia has average health — she rarely gets sick, but her illnesses go badly, especially colds in the winter. Scoliosis can occur due to school activities.

But if the girl is tempered from an early age and exercise, health is unlikely to complain.

In the profession of Eugene seeks leadership. She can become a teacher who will be obeyed by the wards.

Due to meticulousness and care, even in small things, Eugenia will suit the professions of a doctor, lawyer and other professions in which there are no trifles.

Eugenia spends money wisely, she will not be wasteful, but she will not be stingy either. She knows how to get the best, not tolerating losses.

The appearance of Eugene is not evident, it is conservative, but it can not be seen dressed in something tasteless, she is always elegant.

Name Day Eugenia

Eugenia celebrates birthday on the eve of Christmas, 6 (24 old style), as well as 18, 1, 12, 17.

Compatible with other names

For Eugenia, marriage with Arseny, Valentin, Vitaly, Naum will be strong and happy.

It will be an alliance with Abram, Arthur, Kondratiem.

Famous Eugenia

Singer Evgenia Smolyaninova — vocalist, Evgenia Simonova — actress, Evgenia Estes — volleyball player, Evgenia Taratuta — literary critic. In such diverse fields of activity, women with this name reached heights, and there are many heroines in books and films, which the authors endowed with this beautiful name, masculine and at the same time soft.

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