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The value of the name Regina — the fate and character traits

The name Regina has Armenian and Tatar roots. Translated from Latin, it means — the Queen of Heaven.

Other forms of the name: Gina, Rina, Ren, Regine.

Angel Day Regina celebrates 7 — in honor of St. Regina, who suffered for faith in Christ.

General interpretation

  • The planet patron of the name is Jupiter;
  • A tree that gives strength and positive energy — pine;
  • Flower, nourishing health — poppy;
  • Regina’s Charm — Ruby;
  • The totem animal is the eagle;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac — fish.

Characteristics in childhood and adolescence

Regina is a bright and positive child. She is born in love, caress and since childhood feels like a princess.

Spoiled by the attention of adults, the baby is trying to show independence and independence.

Already at this age she feels her strengths and advantages, but she cannot be called narcissistic and selfish in nature. She is very kind and attentive to those around her, she is particularly timid and sensitive.

The value of the name Regina - the fate and character traits

Regina is a very clever girl, she tries to absorb everything that is interesting and informative for her, has an excellent memory, learns to reason, analyze.

She seeks more and more to know this world and uses every opportunity to do so.

Regina is an active, dynamic child, but at the same time she can get carried away with work that requires scrupulousness and monotony, provided that she clearly sees the final result. As a result, you may receive a beautiful picture in her performance or a sand castle.

This cute person is diversified and very erudite. Already from these years, her love for travel, trips to the place where she will get acquainted with a new culture, traditions and peculiarities of the local cuisine wakes up.

The value of the name Regina - the fate and character traits

Regina’s school years will be fun and comfortable for a child if her parents support her hobbies and interests. Then the girl has an incentive to study well and get positive marks.

Cheerful and positive Regina tries to avoid boring and monotonous everyday life. But this does not mean that she is not able to endure difficult life circumstances.

Reena has a strong character, able to overcome any adversity.

Watching her father, she can be in many ways similar to him and in the future choose a profession that is not typical of a fragile and tender girl.

She does not seek to assert herself in order to become successful, she simply needs to know her strengths and weaknesses.

Regina is a leader by nature, but very often she lacks ambition and ambition to make a dizzying career. With great potential and hidden opportunities, she is ready to be content with what she has already achieved.

But on the other hand, she is able to feel happy here and now, enjoying what she has.

Difficult situations may arise in the way of a young Regina. But depending on how she treats them, there will be different versions of her life scenario.

Positive Rina will always be successful, independent and independent.

In another version, a girl may consider that constant struggle and overcoming obstacles is the only way to achieve her goals, and only her strength of will, determination and self-confidence can push new exploits.

Rina’s student is a smiling, sociable and cheerful girl.

It is of great interest among fans not only because of its bright appearance, but also internal qualities.

She has a great sense of humor, she is rather sarcastic, proud, capricious.

In this young lady another Regina begins to wake up, more energetic, confident, cunning, sly. Behind her external prettiness and femininity sometimes lies a significant internal force, which she cleverly directs in the direction she needs.

She feels better among her peers, but if at a teenage age this quality could tear her away from reality, now she is quite calm about her merits.

From the side, this already quite adult girl can seem a bit proud and inaccessible. But for most peers, it is still a sociable and friendly person.

Profession, personal life and health — what will be the main thing in Regina’s fate

Thinking about her purpose, Regina can try herself in several areas. Whatever field of activity she is interested in, she is able to achieve success everywhere.

If a girl has a greater tendency to exact sciences, she will become a competent researcher, and if she has an oratorical skill, has a competent and well-organized speech, she will definitely become a public figure, a journalist, a lawyer.

In maturity, Rina is persistent and sometimes very stubborn. She is accustomed to defend her position and is able to influence the situation, directing her to the side advantageous for herself.

This woman can become a good leader if she learns to show not only organizational skills, but also to demand discipline and order from her subordinates.

Regina’s personal life is closed to others. Very often she chooses a powerful and difficult-to-character man. This satellite used to dominate, in no way inferior to Rina.

From this arise conflicts and quarrels.

Rina was not used to re-educating anyone or waiting for the good fortune of fate. She quickly divorced, not trying to save the marriage.

At the same time, children always leave to themselves, raising themselves.

However, Regina does not face loneliness, she is always in the center of attention of men.

Choosing her next life partner, she will definitely stop at a wealthy and successful young man, perhaps younger than her own.

Despite its practicality and prudence, Regina knows the price of money, knows how to save. She will not scatter huge amounts to surprise someone with her wealth.

Money for this girl is a way to make life more comfortable, diverse and bright.

Regina can become a very good and welcoming wife, creating coziness and comfort in the home. She knows how to cook and knows how to surprise her husband, guessing about his culinary tastes.

In the house of such a hostess is always clean, beautiful, and many guests.

Regina loves children very much, but she tries to bring them up to be obedient and responsible, giving them some independence. In a relationship with a spouse, strives for honesty and openness.

For Rina, loyalty and dedication in marriage are important.

Intimate sphere Regina is interested to a lesser extent, in the first place for her spiritual connection and the similarity of interests with her spouse. Sometimes such a woman becomes frigid with age, gaining sexual inhibition.

Perfect compatibility is possible with men by the name: Vladislav, Mark. Relationship difficulties may arise with Edward, Valery.

Regina will take care of her health throughout her life, as this name is energetically susceptible to diseases. It should be attentive to all ailments and in time to seek advice from specialists.

Famous people named Regina

  • Regina Todorenko, a talented Ukrainian TV presenter of the Friday channel, singer, composer and beautiful woman, gained popularity on the Eagle and Reshka television show;

The value of the name Regina - the fate and character traits

  • Regina Zbarskaya — famous Soviet model and model;
  • Regina Mind — Latvian ballet dancer and film actress;
  • Regina Derieva — poetess, translator, prose writer;
  • Regina Zhuk is a Soviet scientist immigrating to Israel;
  • Regina Shterts — Austrian skier, participant of the Olympic Games;
  • Regina King is an American film actress;
  • Regina Lisits — director, songwriter, pianist, laureate of the festival «Song of the Year»;
  • Regine Cavanu — French skier, in 2001 became the world champion in the Super League.

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