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The value of the singing name Pelagia — fate, character and love

The Greek name Pelagia comes from the word “sea”, in Russia it spread from the beginning of the adoption of Christianity, where it had a different meaning “independent”. Women named Pelagia often become famous in their profession.

The diminutive and affectionate form of the name: Pelaga, Fields, Pelga, Polly, Pelageheishka, Pelagake, Palash, Pusya.

In the Pelagia, according to the Orthodox calendar, names are held under the name of Pelagius eight times a year: 12, 5, 17, 26 and 30, 20 and 21, 3.

The value of the singing name Pelagia - fate, character and love

Pros: Diligence, kindness, sociability, responsiveness, decency.

Cons: Impatience, revenge, reticence, indecision.

The name Pelagia brings good luck to its owner. Since childhood, Pelagia grows sociable, cheerful and sociable girl, easily with the help of coquetry charms others. Pelagia has a gift to notice the beautiful in the little things, to rejoice in the little, to feel happy.

Despite the outward mildness, Pelagia will not allow anyone to push around with herself and is able to defend her opinion to the bitter end.

But Pelagia has impatience, because of which not all things go to the end.

At school Pelagia, with the help of her ability to fascinate, is a favorite of both teachers and classmates, almost always in the center of attention, likes to participate in school plays and competitions. Will never refuse to help classmates and teachers. She studies well thanks to her excellent memory and quick-wittedness; if the subject is interesting to her, she will receive only top marks from it.

She reads a lot of non-class literature, beautifully dances and sings.

Despite sociability and friendliness, Pelagea can be closed, indecisive in solving some issues, despite these qualities, you can rely on Pelageya in business, never fail. In the case of their own failure in the business of the fault of competitors, Pelageya can in response to cruel revenge.

Sometimes it can specifically provoke a conflict in order to achieve their own. Pelagia can be controversial in her character, but she manages to surprise the people around her with both good and bad deeds.

The value of the singing name Pelagia - fate, character and love

Growing up quite healthy and strong girl, there may be problems in the digestive system, prone to corpulence. Pelagia should follow a diet and monitor the shelf life and quality of products, play sports, not to get better.

With age, Pelagia gets more and more tired; she needs to get enough sleep so that the body can relax.

In the work of Pelagia in the first place puts the financial side, selects the profession where they pay more. Due to lack of patience, Pelagia will not be able to break through the career ladder, as she is incapable of monotony and perseverance, which is so appreciated by her superiors. The Pelagia character will suit creative work as an artist, director, singer, musician, designer.

Easily gets on with any team and is respected by the authorities.

Pelagia consciously hides her sexuality, as she considers it indecent. Does not like open and sexy clothes, prefers to dress nicely and modestly. Because of this, men often bypass her side, not seeing a passionate and sensual nature behind the cold and detached appearance.

Pelagia should lower her requirements a little and learn to be a little liberated and more open in communication with the opposite sex.

Pelagia takes the choice of her future husband seriously, in her understanding the family is a reliable, cozy and happy fortress. Often Pelagia manages to translate this picture into her family life due to her responsibility, household and non-conflict.

Pelagia is an economical hostess, she does not like to waste money on money, everything is laid out in her house. Pelagia loves children very much, always devotes time for their upbringing, loves to communicate with them.

The value of the singing name Pelagia - fate, character and love

Horoscope named Pelageya

Aries — Sociable, polite. Leads an active lifestyle, does not stay up long in one place, loves to travel the world, easily converges with people. Padding on compliments and flattery.

In husbands he will choose an easy-going and strong-willed, but not an imperious man.

Taurus — Careerist, a pleasant companion. Appreciates friendship, perfectly owns himself, pronounced female beauty.

The road to cross Pelagia-calf should not be, the reciprocal revenge will not keep you waiting.

Marry married a wealthy man, because he loves money and luxury.

Gemini — Dreamy, naive. He prefers to see good in people, which is why it is often betrayed and substituted.

Life is not for her, easy-going, can quickly pack a suitcase and go on a journey. In husbands will choose the wealthy and intelligent man.

Cancer — Romantic, impressionable. It is easy to bring her to tears by a carelessly thrown word addressed to her, regret about missed opportunities.

Unable to act decisively and afraid to change anything in life. Marry will marry a reliable and firmly standing man on his feet.

Leo — Brilliant, domineering. Loves compliments, beautiful life.

Family life, even at home trying to look elegant and well-groomed. Clever in communication, easily gathers fans around him.

Marry a rich man who will admire her.

Virgo — Selfish, self-confident and unwavering personality. He always knows what he wants, he is not afraid of difficulties, both in life and in work, he easily overcomes them.

Avoids big companies.

Rarely what man will be able to wake up in her passionate nature.

Scales — Smart, friendly. Able to communicate, can assist those in need. In everything and everywhere strives for perfection.

With her children, she is strict. It can be both an excellent housewife and a grasp of a businesswoman.

Scorpio — Emotional, proud. It can both throw a scandal to the offender, and strike him out of his life. There is no compromise.

Her whole life is pursued by various temptations, for example, craving for alcohol, gambling. Rarely what man can bridle her.

Sagittarius — Romantic, optimistic. Friendly, straightforward in reasoning.

Unable to fall into a blues because of a positive attitude towards life. Can live up to old age in the status of an old maid.

Capricorn — Careerist, restrained. Always achieves goals, not scandalous. May fall into a long blues, from which only experts can help her get out.

He will marry a man capable of maintaining a positive family image.

Aquarius — Witty, sociable. It adapts to any situation. Can work for a long time to achieve the goal.

Values ​​his freedom and friends. Get along with a weak character man.

Pisces — Imputable, non-scandalous. Mood changes several times a day. Loves praise, worries from criticism.

Can deceive, so as not to be punished. He loves a luxurious life, does not know how to manage money.

He will marry an adult and rich man who will become a caring wife.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Venus.
  • The color of the name is Turquoise.
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.
  • Lucky number is 9.
  • Metal — Iron.
  • Libra.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Medusa.
  • Plant — Lily.
  • Tree — Willow.
  • Mineral talisman — Pearl.

Famous people named Pelagia

  • Pelagia Shine — Soviet astronomer.
  • Pelageya Khanova — Russian singer.
  • Pelagia Kochina is a Russian hydrodynamic scientist.
  • Pelagia Rykalova is a Russian opera singer.
  • Pelagia Curiar is a Russian artist.

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