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The value of the strong name Aisha — fate, character and career

The female name Aisha comes from the Arabic word “life”, which can be translated as “active”, “energetic”, “vital”, “alive”, “successful”. In Muslim countries, Aisha can be pronounced as Oisha, Aisha, Oisha, recently it is gaining popularity in the United States of America.

The diminutive form of the name: Aishenka, Aish, Aishonok, Aya, Ayechka, Asha.

In the Orthodox calendar, Aisha’s birthday is not marked because of their belonging to the Muslim faith. The adult Aisha, having decided to adopt the Orthodox faith, takes any consonant Orthodox name.

The value of the strong name Aisha - fate, character and career

Pros: Successful, energetic, positive, sociable, sensitive.

Cons: Selfish, envious, conflict, uncompromising, gossip girl.

Grows energetic, emotional and smiling girl. He starts to speak early, has excellent diction, likes to invent interesting stories and tell them to listeners.

Even an unsociable person can easily talk. Does not have patience, wants to get everything right now. It can be very persistent, especially when time is tight, and she needs to achieve a goal.

Able to charge the atmosphere with their optimism. Aisha may have several talents in order not to break, she needs to choose one of them and deal with them seriously.

Thanks to artistic data, she participates in all school performances, dances and sings well. But Aisha doesn’t get along well with her studies, it is difficult for her to give exact sciences, physics and chemistry plunge her into horror.

But with the humanities, Aisha has no problems, loves literature, painting, she is easily given foreign languages. Aisha has a sensitive kind and a fine intuition that helps her not to make mistakes in life. Due to his sociable and positive character, there are many friends around Aisha.

With age, Aisha is able to hide his rich imagination under the mask of pragmatism.

Aisha achieves goals only through motivation. He never regrets unfinished things or actions, does not like to look back.

Values ​​friendship, with colleagues tries to maintain friendly relations. Aisha is able to create a positive and friendly atmosphere in the team. Despite the apparent appearance of a weak woman, Aisha can give a fitting rebuff to the offender with words or physically.

Aisha always has her own opinion, she is not served on other people’s influence. He takes the criticism hard, even if he understands that the critic is right.

Aisha does not have good health, he suffers from all childhood diseases. As an adult, she may have nervous breakdowns and a tendency to hypertension.

The value of the strong name Aisha - fate, character and career

She will choose the job she likes, where she can realize herself, the financial side is not very concerned about her. As a rule, it is provided first by parents, then by husband.

He does not like monotonous and boring work, he usually changes several places of work in his life until he really finds his own job, where he will give himself up all and be able to move up the career ladder. Can succeed in trading, teaching, translating a foreign language.

Aisha attracts male sex with feminine behavior. Having fallen in love, Aisha, due to excessive shyness and modesty, hides his feelings from the object of love behind a mask of indifference.

Her suitor must be patient and gentle so that Aisha opens up before him.

The husbands are looking for an equal in the interests and hobbies, not without a rich inner fantasy.

Aisha will not be able to live long with a powerful and cruel man, he will not hesitate to leave him, taking his children with him. Family life with Aisha will not be boring, as she loves spontaneous trips, surprises, unexpected visits of guests.

It is difficult to compromise with her husband and children. It gives birth to children at a later age, but deliberately, becomes an excellent and caring mother to children.

The value of the strong name Aisha - fate, character and career

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Saturn.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Happy day of the week — Monday.
  • Lucky number — 3
  • Metal — Silver.
  • Zodiac sign — Scorpio.
  • Element — Earth.
  • Totem animal — Eel.
  • Plant — Alpine rose.
  • Tree — Barberry.
  • Mineral Mascot — Carnelian.

Famous people named Aisha

  • Aisha Hinds is an American actress.
  • Aisha Tyler is an American comedian.
  • Aisha Sayed — Dominican violinist.
  • Aisha Dee — Australian television actress.
  • Aisha Galimbaeva — Soviet artist.

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