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The value of the victorious name of Nikita — fate, career and character

After the adoption of Orthodoxy in Russia, the list of names, among others, was supplemented with a new name, Nikita, who came from Greece, where he translates as “winner”. In Soviet times, it lost its popularity, it was remembered after the collapse of the USSR.

The history of the name Nikita and variations of his pronunciation

In the world, the name Nikita remains unchanged, only in the European part at the end of the name the letter “s” was added, it turned out — Nikitos, in two or three countries the first letter “n” was replaced by “m” — Mikita.

The female version of Nikita did not take root in Russia, despite the eponymous popular TV series.

The diminutive form of the name: Nikitushka, Nikitka, Nikitos, Nick, Nikos, Niki, Nikusya, Nikisha, Niko, Kesha, Nika.

Nikita’s Angel Day is celebrated three times a year in the Orthodox calendar: 17, 6, 28.

Depends on the time of the year of Nikita’s birth:

Winter — Very energetic, stubborn, persistent. These qualities help him achieve much in life.

When mistreated, it closes in on itself.

Spring — Sensitive, sensitive to criticism. Someone else misfortune misses through himself, which is why his psyche suffers.

Summer — Fair, independent, not seeking benefit in other people. In a career can not reach the heights.

It is popular with girls.

Autumn — A unique creative person, any business ends in success. Thanks to the wit, charm, always surrounded by friends.

The value of the victorious name of Nikita - fate, career and character

By deciphering the name, it is not difficult to guess that Nikita has been lucky all his life, all the cases for which he will undertake are successful. In almost any area of ​​the profession he is guaranteed a good career.

The main thing is that he likes the profession, otherwise burnout is inevitable.

Together with luck, Nikita is endowed with a beautiful appearance and talent. Not afraid to start life from scratch every time, change the city of residence, move to another country.

In relation to his relatives, he behaves selfishly, perhaps unwillingly, to offend them.

Leads a healthy lifestyle, with the slightest indisposition, immediately see a doctor. Therefore, Nikita has almost no health problems, and can easily live to a great age.

It is necessary to avoid overwork in order to not get problems with pressure in old age.

The value of the victorious name of Nikita - fate, career and character

Because of the harsh attitude towards colleagues, he is considered a tyrant. But reckon with his opinion because of a sharp mind and justice.

Fully its potential will be able to reveal only in the creative profession, which will bring him both spiritual and material satisfaction.

He has a sensitive intuition that helps him make the right choice in business. Due to diligence and energy, can do several things at once.

Leadership and teamwork are hard, he works better alone.

Long chooses a suitable life partner. Often a marriage often breaks down because of his unwillingness to find a compromise with his wife.

In the family of power, does not tolerate disobedience, controls all households, demanding from them a report on the day lived.

He cheats on his wife with ease, not considering it a crime, but tries to save the family for the sake of the children whom she loves very much. She tries so that the family doesn’t need anything.

To create a reliable family, Nikita needs to learn how to make mutual concessions with the household.

The value of the victorious name of Nikita - fate, career and character

Horoscope for the name Nikita

Aries — Egoist, trying to be noticed.

It pushes people away with its tactlessness, it is difficult to communicate with friends.

Female sex tries not to mess with him.

Taurus — Purposeful man, firmly walking the intended path, calculating. He neglects the interests of the people around him, which is why his career and personal life do not add up.

Gemini — Intelligent, charming, successful in life. Always surrounded by fans, whose love he accepts, without giving anything in return, he easily changes women without thinking about their feelings.

Cancer — Haughty, striving for the ideal. Everything in his life should be perfect: career, home, appearance, friends, wife, children.

In the life partner chooses the one that corresponds to all points of his ideal, but can easily change it for another, more ideal one.

Leo — The soul of the company thanks to its wit, the ability to stand up for himself. Beloved, who submits to him, praises his qualities, Nikita will shower you with love and care.

Virgo — Volitional, skillfully hiding his emotions from others, is capable of anything to achieve his goal.

Monogamous, creates a family at a later age, spending half his life in search of the faithful companion.

Libra — The favorite of women and the darling of destiny. It has a refined taste, does not tolerate human cruelty.

He will make a wonderful father and gentle husband, but in the profession he will not reach heights due to the softness of his character.

Scorpio — Quick-tempered and unbalanced, often gets into trouble. He doesn’t linger for a long time on a single job, gets along poorly with women.

He can be tolerated only by a very patient woman, whom he will eventually become a faithful and reliable husband.

Sagittarius — Unpredictable person, with changing mood and desire several times a day. Possessing original thinking, able to find a way out of hopeless situations.

Capricorn — Manly, tough and laconic. In his wife chooses a reliable and calm, able to create home comfort.

Aquarius — Self-doubt, pessimistic, superficially judging people. Love perceives as suffering.

Only with a cheerful second half his character will change for the better.

Pisces — Incorrigible dreamer, philosopher. Able to entice women with philosophical reasoning.

For women shows excessive demands.

Compatible with female names

  • The color of the name is Violet.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 5.
  • Gemini.
  • Element — Water.
  • Planet — Mercury.
  • Totem animal — Hedgehog.
  • Plant — Bluebell.
  • Tree — Ash.
  • Mineral talisman — Pomegranate.
  • Metal — Silver.

Famous people named Nikita

  • Nikita Khrushchev — Soviet statesman.
  • Nikita Demidov — Russian industrialist.
  • Nikita Mikhalkov is a Russian film director and actor.
  • Nikita Dolgushin — choreographer.
  • Nikita Moiseyev is a Russian scientist.
  • Nikita Tolstoy — Soviet physicist.
  • Nikita Salopin is a Russian actor.

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