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The value of this Russian name Ivan — character, fate and health

Ivan is such an ancient name that historians cannot determine where it came from. The first claim that it came from the ancient Iudean John, translated as “God’s mercy”, others believe that the roots of this name come from ancient times, when the Slavs were called vans, then they added the letter “I”, the name was Ivan.

Until 1922, the name Ivan was one of the most common names in Russia, they were called both kings and simple peasants from sparsely populated areas. With the emergence of the USSR went into oblivion, giving way to a dozen other popular names, in 2008 he was remembered, since the name of Ivan is gaining momentum in popularity in Russia.

The history of the ancient name of Ivan

The name Ivan is one of the few names that has an analogue in almost every country: England — John, Serbia — Yovko, Spain — Nito, Portugal — Evan, Georgia — Vano, Italy — Giovanni, France — Jehan, Finland — Johan, Czech Republic — Jan, Germany — Hans, in Muslim countries — Yahya.

The diminutive form of the name: Vanyushka, Vanechka, Ivanushka, Vanya, Vanyutka, Ivanyusha, Ivasha, Vanyuta, Ivasik, Vanyaatka.

In the female name there is an analogue — Ivanna.

In the Orthodox calendar, there are more than 220 saints named Ivan, so the owners of this name can choose any convenient day for the angel.

Born in the winter — The soul of any company, fun, always surrounded by fans.

Born in the spring — Able to come out of any scrape dry of water, nezplameten, secretive.

Born in the summer — endures life with a smile, takes everything with humor, but is unsure of itself.

Born in the fall — Unpredictable in their own actions, sociable and appreciated by the female sex.

The value of this Russian name Ivan - character, fate and health

The name Ivan fully reflects the Russian soul, combining the strength of will and generosity. Little Vanyushka really needs the love and care of his parents, although he does not show it.

Schoolboy Ivan learns a little worse than his classmates because of slow ingenuity, but he has no equal in physical education.

An adult Ivan is distinguished by excellent health, lack of balance in character, the ability to be the soul of any company. Due to its endurance, it easily overcomes all difficulties in life.

Goes to the intended goal firmly and confidently.

The value of this Russian name Ivan - character, fate and health

Talented Ivan is able to perform any job, but the profession chooses the one that brings great income. Thanks to hard work and peace of mind, she can achieve success in sports as a coach, as well as in the banking and accounting field.

In trade, success can only be achieved if there is a partner who never betrays and will not fail.

He chooses his wife once and for all, does not recognize adultery. In everyday life modest, in food is not capricious, an ideal husband and caring father will come out of it, for whom the family will always come first.

Maintains relationships with almost all relatives, will always come to their aid.

Ivan’s house is always open for friends, relatives, colleagues, who, in turn, love to take it at home. Very economic, almost everything in the house is made by his skillful hands.

Of the shortcomings, there is a risk of becoming a plushkin, cluttering up the house with unnecessary things.

The value of this Russian name Ivan - character, fate and health

In childhood, Vanechka is prone to various diseases; as an adult, the body grows stronger and almost does not get sick.

Ivan is by nature very vulnerable, the negative words thrown in his address pass through him, first of all the stomach and the heart suffer.

There is a craving for alcohol, which only increases with age.

Horoscope for the name Ivan

Aries — Joker and joker, goes through life with optimism, surrounding himself with numerous friends. Enjoys wildly popular with the opposite sex.

But her husband is not perfect.

Taurus — A man unsure of himself and surrounded by complexes. He tries to please everyone, to be necessary everywhere, otherwise he gets depressed.

Not created for family life.

Gemini — A lot of lies in order to be the center of attention. Unreliable gentleman for a girl looking for a loyal and honest husband.

Cancer — Able to like people, has a delicate taste. In any company is in the spotlight, always surrounded by fans.

Between the family and the bright, turbulent romance will choose the second.

Leo — Reasonable, honest, stubborn personality. The pride of your family.

Insanely jealous and quick-tempered, his chosen one needs to be careful not to provoke a quarrel over the slightest trifle.

Virgo — Ambitious, committed to leadership in the company and in work. Married once and for all, the perfect and attentive father.

Libra — Selfish, loving loneliness. Perfectionist and idealist in the work.

Disappointed with women due to the fact that the ideal of a woman is greatly overestimated by him.

Scorpio — Freedom, sincere. Until the late age of marriage because of the fear of losing freedom.

Sagittarius — Good-natured, optimist, pet friends. Guilty tries to justify to the last.

With women he is courteous, gentle, since childhood he is looking for a life partner.

Capricorn — Self-doubt, dependent on his changeable mood. It is always difficult for him to make decisions.

In the family is often henpecked.

Aquarius — Reasonable loner, dominating people. Does not get along with those who have an opinion.

Usually can not forge personal life.

Pisces — Incorrigible romantic, in a relationship loves passion. Nerves of loved ones do not spare, testing their strength to the full.

Compatible with female names

  • Zodiac sign — Sagittarius.
  • Element — Water.
  • Planet — the sun.
  • Mineral talisman — Diamond.
  • Metal — Silver.
  • Totem animal — Horse.
  • Plant — Chamomile.
  • Tree — Birch.
  • The color of the name is White.
  • Season — Autumn.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 2.

Famous people named Ivan

  • Ivan the Terrible — the first Russian tsar.
  • Ivan Krylov — Russian writer.
  • Ivan Turgenev — Russian writer.
  • Ivan Krusenstern — Russian navigator.
  • Ivan Okhlobystin — Russian actor.
  • Ivan Aivazovsky — Russian painter.
  • Ivan Shishkin is a Russian artist and graphic artist.

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