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Yervand meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Yervand mean

Yervand meaning of name, character and fate, What does the name Yervand mean

What does the name Yervand mean: «holy veneration», «holy faith» (name Yervand of Armenian origin).

To date, the name is practically not used among the representatives of the Caucasian nationalities and has no analogues in Europe. All this somewhat complicates the process of analyzing the nature of the owner of the name Yervand. Numerology comes to the rescue — a science that assumes that a certain number always corresponds to a person’s name.

Knowing it, you can always understand what advantages and disadvantages a person has. Despite the fact that today, numerology is not recognized as a full-fledged science, nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize that it is invaluable in those cases when people talk about the character of a person who holds a rare name.

Angel Day Yervand: not celebrated, because the name Yervand is not included in the list of Catholic and Orthodox holidays.

Characteristic name Yervand

Positive features: It is least dependent on the point of view of society and tries to live in accordance with its priorities.

Negative features: Often the name Yervand is quite categorical and does not accept criticism, even if it is constructive.

He is quick-tempered and, under the influence of emotions, is able to slander too much, to commit a rash act.

In some cases, having calmed down and realizing his guilt, he can ask forgiveness from a person whom he unfairly hurt.

The nature of the name Yervand: Often the name Ervand has a hobby — he is not interested in living without hobbies. As mentioned above, they often help to abstract from problems and difficulties. It is good if the owner of this name will listen to reputable people and take advantage of advice about career development and the choice of specialty.

Its success depends largely on the ability to analyze existing experience and make decisions on this basis.

Life name Yervand often takes not too seriously. He needs a new acquaintance, like easy communication. As a rule, Yervand does not set any global goals, but simply goes with the flow.

In fact, this person lives only one day. Often he falls rare luck, which he perceives as the norm, because too much the desire of Yervand to non-obstructive existence.

So, quick success can completely blind him, which will lead to the fact that the owner of this name will not be able to move to a new level with great potential.

Yervand and his personal life

Love and marriage: Yervand usually marries late because he likes to change partners. Often the marriage enters not so much for love, but for the desire to find a person who would take care of him. In the life of Yervand there may be several marriages.

He loves his children, but he doesn’t get into the details of their upbringing.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: In numerology, the meaning of the name Yervand is determined by the number 3, which indicates a person with numerous talents, who is able to quickly and easily learn new knowledge, acquire skills. This is a very versatile person, able to find himself in sports, art, science — in those areas that are a kind of outlet, which allows him to escape from the harsh reality.

Yervand often adapts to everything that benefits bring. That is why he can easily work in a company that he doesn’t like too much if his bosses pay him good money for his work.

Friends name Yervand can also choose, given their financial position and social status.

That is why many accuse Yervanda of being too pragmatic, which he undoubtedly possesses.

The fate of Yervand in history:

What does the name Yervand mean for male destiny?

  1. Zakharyan, Yervand Vazgenovich — a political figure of Armenia;
  2. Krbashyan, Yervand Mesropovich — football player, former defender of the Armenian national team;
  3. Manaryan, Yervand Khristoforovich — actor, director and screenwriter;
  4. Ilyinsky, Yervand Tikhonovich — the head coach of Kazakhstan’s mountaineering team — the first team in the world to conquer all 14 eight thousand meters of the planet.

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