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Zalina meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Zalina

Zalina meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Zalina

Meaning of the name Zalina: this name for a girl means “born of gold”.

The origin of the name Zalina: Tatar, Muslim, Catholic, Ossetian, Kazakh.

The diminutive form of the name: Zala, Zali, Lina, Zalinka, Zalinochka, Zalinushka.

What does the name Zalina mean: If we analyze the meaning of the name Zalina in the Arab culture, then in translation it means “born in gold”. The Latin translation allows to get a more traditional interpretation of the name of Zalin — “rose flower”.

It must be said that in Russia, girls are called Zalins extremely rarely — this tradition is more popular in the countries of the East.

Angelina Zalina’s Day: the name Zalina does not celebrate the name day, since it is not included in the list of Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

  • Zodiac — Sagittarius, Pisces.
  • Element — Air
  • Colors — Chestnut, Graphite Black
  • Metal — Zirconium
  • Tree — Juniper
  • Planet — Moon
  • Constellation — Chanterelle
  • Number — One
  • Food — Fish
  • Animals — Rabbit
  • Stones — Coral

Characteristic name Zalina

Positive features: Usually a girl named Zalina is a creative person.

She has excellent intelligence, good memory.

But Zalina’s parents should understand that it is important to make every effort so that their daughter gets a good education — this will help her develop her natural abilities, and she will be able to achieve dizzying success in building her career.

Negative traits: Unfortunately, the name of Zalina often makes the girl who wears him proud and narcissistic. If at the same time she grows beautiful, then in the future it will be incredibly difficult for men to win her position.

Moreover, the name of Zalina is demanding, touchy, and distinguished by arrogance.

Character name Zalina: What does the name Zalina mean? Most often, the name of Zalin is given to girls born under the signs of Aries and Sagittarius — according to astrologers, in this case, their best qualities are revealed.

By the way, it should be noted that recommendations regarding the same choice of a future specialty named Zalina should be given with extreme caution, since she painfully perceives criticism and in general is inclined to act in life only taking into account her opinion on this or that issue.

Despite the natural tact and mind, it still over time becomes flimsy, capricious, trying to manipulate people, and I must say that she does it.

Zalina and her personal life

Love and marriage: the name of Zalina does not seek to marry as soon as possible. On the contrary, she looks at candidates for a long time, trying to get to know them better.

She very much appreciates financial independence, and therefore, immediately tells the chosen one that she will not be at home.

Over time, Zalina acquires worldly wisdom and becomes more patient. She is a great hostess, caring and loving mother. I. If she is able to make contact with her spouse on a spiritual level, they will be able to maintain feelings in the marriage.

In an intimate life, the name Zalina is always ready for experiments. By the way, one partner can bore her, and therefore, it’s impossible to talk about Zalina’s unconditional loyalty.

However, all this happens before the moment of marriage, since the future husband Zalina chooses especially carefully.

Compatibility of the name Zalina: Alexander, Victor, Mikhail and Eugene are the most suitable for marriage for her.

With these people Zalina will be truly happy and will be able to reveal herself as an ideal spouse. Thanks to the cares of his beloved man, Zalina will even cease to be so jealous of him, as he will be completely sure of him.

But with Boris, Vladimir, Peter and Jacob the relationship does not develop from the very beginning, these people are absolutely not suitable for each other. In this pair there is no patience, mutual understanding and respect.

Talents, business, career

Career choice: The meaning of the name Zalina from the point of view of numerology is characterized by the number 4. It indicates the success of the owner of the given name in technical and scientific fields, is a symbol of stability, reliability, honesty and integrity. They say that Zalina is simply indispensable in extreme situations, as she is able to quickly respond to events and make the right decisions.

By the way, in such conditions all the qualities of Zalina are revealed to the maximum. Numerology says that as the owner of the number 4, Zalina should have ambitious goals that will allow her to gain knowledge and develop in the future.

Business and career: Despite the fact that Zalina loves to manage the household, she rarely refuses to work completely, since nothing can replace her rich life and business activity, which is provided by professional implementation. Zalina’s name can work as a fashion designer, professor, scientist, historian, lawyer, auditor, accountant and even do business.

Diligence from the responsibility of Zalina is always appreciated by the authorities.

Health and Energy

Health and talents: Zalina has quite good health, but at middle age she can have problems with her spine. She is also worried about pain in the spine, which can turn into rheumatism.

Therefore, it is worth paying more attention to it.

The fate of Zalina in history

What does Zalina’s name mean for women’s fate?

  1. Zalina Margieva — born 1988 Moldavian athlete throwing a hammer. She became a world champion among young people, won the European championships three times. Winner of the 2011 World Summer Universiade. Participant in the 2008 Olympic Games and years.
  2. Zalina Karyaeva — Tajik volleyball player.
  3. Zalina Shavlokhova was born in 1967 a former Soviet actress, currently a top manager of VAO Intourist.
  4. Zalina Hugaty — born in 1970 South Ossetia’s Minister of Economic Development Zalina Kurazova, Kazakh basketball player.
  5. Zalina Bikchurina is the program director of the Russian music channel Russian MusicBox.
  6. Zalina Hayrudinova — Kazakh tennis player.
  7. Zalina Hadikova — born 1976 Russian writer, playwright, screenwriter.
  8. Zalina Bidarova — Soviet party leader.
  9. Zalina Medoeva — Russian statesman.
  10. Zalina Dzhioeva is a Russian Scythologist.
  11. Zalina Eloeva — plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences.
  12. Zalina Dzhioeva — Ossetian artist, a member of the «Biennale 2011».
  13. Zalina Sedokova — Belarusian wrestler, silver medalist of the World Wrestling Championship.

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