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Zamira name meaning, character and fate, What does the name Zamira

Zamira name meaning, character and fate, What does the name Zamira

In this article you will find information about the meaning of the name Zamir, its origin, history, learn about options for interpreting the name.

What does the name Zamira mean: conscience, heart (the name Zamira of Tatar origin).

Also, if we analyze the meaning of the name Zamir from the point of view of its origin, then it is worth noting that it could come from the Muslim version, meaning «hidden dream» or «playing the flute»

The short meaning of the name Zamira: Mira.

Angel Day Zamira: not celebrated, because the name Zamira is not included in the list of Catholic and Orthodox church holidays, having a Muslim origin.

Zodiac named Zamira: Capricorn, Aquarius.

Characteristics of the name Zamir

Positive features: In general, analyzing the name of Zamira from a psychological point of view, it is worth noting that she is very well versed in people and understands who can be trusted and who should stay away.

Negative traits: Often, Zamira chooses people, given their financial status and social status. However, you can not blame the name of Zamira in greed — just she likes to follow successful and wealthy people.

The nature of the name Zamira: In no case does she judge a person solely by dress, but penetrates the very essence of his soul. By the way, sometimes Zamira is even afraid of her first impression about the interlocutor — she does not want to be disappointed once again.

By her nature, Zamira’s name is a fighter, and if there are obstacles, obstacles, difficulties in her way, she always perceives them as a path to development, and falls into even more excitement, wishing to show that there is no impossible for her.

Zamira and her personal life

Love and marriage: By its nature, the name Zamira is a sociable and convivial person, has many friends. She chooses a spouse very carefully and is looking for a person who would help her in all matters.

Marriage of convenience will not enter. She may be skeptical about the concept of “home”, but usually after marriage she changes her point of view and becomes an excellent mistress, wife, mother.

The marriage becomes a homebody and does not want to leave the house for a long time.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Zamira does not like being pressured — if this happens, she simply becomes self-contained and it is impossible to get something from her in this case.

But with regard to praise and compliments, they can motivate Zamira.

She loves to lead and does an excellent job with organizational functions. Can open your own business and achieve tangible success in it.

At the same time, even earning quite a lot, the name of Zamir will still be good to ordinary people.

Business and career: Zamira is characterized by the number 8 in numerology, which is favorable for conducting large-scale businesses that promise material wealth and success. Very often, having finished one case, Zamira is taken for the next — she cannot live without a goal.

Very often, fame comes to her with passion for any forgotten projects and teachings. However, she should abandon excessive selfishness and forget about pride, and then people will be drawn to Zamira.

Health and Energy

Health and talents: In childhood Zamira is very calm and balanced. Almost always she seeks to tell the truth. Always tries to do everything conscientiously, consciously and competently.

Even in the first years of his life, Zamira’s name stands out from among his peers in that he can always defend his own opinion. Convince her is often simply unrealistic. Especially when it comes to matured Zamira.

As a rule, for each question she has her own opinion, which she considers the only correct one, and therefore does not listen to anyone’s advice. For his part, on the contrary, he can come up with some valuable recommendation, even if she was not asked to do so.

But it is worth understanding a girl named Zamira, because her character has a desire to help everyone and everyone absolutely free of charge.

The fate of Zamira in history:

What does the name Zamira for women’s fate?

  1. Zamira Rakhmanova ((born 1985) Russian Greco-Roman wrestling athlete, world and European champion. She performs in the weight category up to 55 kg. Participant of the 2008 Olympiad.)
  2. Zamira Kolkhieva ((born 1974) Russian actress)
  3. Zamira Dzhabrailova ((born 1991) winner of the competitions «Beauty of Chechnya — 2006» and «Beauty of the North Caucasus — 2006». Leading model of the fashion house «Firdaws».)

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