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Zhdan meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Zhdan mean

Zhdan meaning the name, character and fate, What does the name Zhdan mean

Meaning of the name Zhdan: the name for the boy means “desired”. This affects the character and fate of Zhdan.

The origin of the name Zhdan: Slavic.

The diminutive form of the name: Danya, Zhdanek, Zhdanoushek.

What does the name Zhdan mean: the name translates as «desired». Another meaning of the name Zhdan is “awaited, expected”.

Patronymic name: Zhdanovich, Zhdanovna.

Angel’s Day Name: Zhdan name does not celebrate the name, because the name is not included in the list of Catholic and Orthodox holidays.

Zdiak Zhdana: Cancer.

Characteristic name Zhdan

Positive features: The name Druzhina gives delicacy of feelings, poetic imagination, subtle intuition, premonitions of what should happen. He easily enters the new team and is able to become his ideologue, spiritual leader.

In childhood, a child with this name does not give parents the trouble, grows up as an obedient and affectionate child. Growing up, Zhdan «gets up on his feet,» believing in his strength and defining the purpose of his life.

He generates a strong will and moves decisively towards this goal.

Negative traits: In an adult, there may be a contradiction between the inner sensitivity of the senses and the external sharpness, assertiveness.

A guy with this name sometimes plays the role of a dictator in communicating with people, makes efforts to dominate others.

The nature of the name Zhdan: It is worth noting that the meaning of the name Zhdan today is quite difficult to analyze, since in modern conditions it is practically not used. Researchers are studying information about the owners of the name, who lived before, and this is what allows us to draw conclusions about the nature of the personality of the average carrier of such a name.

In childhood, the name Zhdan practically does not cause any problems to its parents. On the contrary, they cannot rejoice in their obedient and executive child.

Although it is worth noting that the outbreak of aggression for the name is still characteristic. By his nature, he is a true estravert, loving communication and a pleasant society. Differs quite strong character and purposefulness, strong nervous system (although its formation occurs already in more mature age).

And I must say that all the above qualities in Zhdan are very difficult to see in ordinary situations.

But the extreme conditions just contribute to the fact that the man himself with the name Zhdan opens completely from the other side.

The man named Zhdan is a proud and independent man. He does not need support from the side.

Of course, in practice it can be completely different, but in life, having the name Zhdan will never give the appearance of something that is difficult, sad or bad. On the contrary, he will show complete independence and show composure.

Zhdan doesn’t like it when they start giving him advice and considers only his own opinion as the only correct one, preferring to learn from his own mistakes, which in the case of Zhdan is indeed a very effective way to learn something new. It does not depend on the opinions of other people and does not allow others to influence it.

He knows how to control his emotions, and this is what allows him to avoid many unpleasant situations. It is very important for him the spiritual comfort that he can get, indulge in his favorite thing. This applies to work and hobbies.

Possessing an analytical mind, the guy is attentive to detail, and therefore, at work, he performs all tasks extremely correctly and competently. The guy with this name can devote his whole life to his beloved business, and he will be engaged not so much in order to achieve career heights, but because it brings him pleasure, allows him to develop any new personality traits. Zhdan is not afraid of difficulties, but, on the contrary, perceives them as integral parts of future success.

He always works clearly and carefully, tends to work in a team, but at the same time he does not like to shift the responsibility to the employees. Several tasks will immediately lead to the fact that Zhdan gets confused — he is able to concentrate on only one case. attaches great importance to doing it properly and correctly.

The name Zhdan loves the feeling of self-importance and necessity. That is why he is always ready to give advice and make recommendations. But tips from others will not tolerate.

Likewise, it is negative about cases when he is forced to do something.

Zhdan and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable marriage of a name with Anna, Veronika, Eva, Zoya, Melitina. The name Druzhina is also combined with Svetlana.

Unsuccessful relations of the name can be with Anfisa, Glafira, Claudia, Xenia, Faina, Julia.

Love and marriage Zhdana: He has an irresistible attractiveness for the opposite sex, so he may have a lot of extraordinary love adventures.

Well-versed in people, the name Zhdan is able to catch insincerity and lose confidence in a person. Moral principles are of particular importance to him.

Therefore, Zhdan chooses his friends long and carefully, protecting his personal life from universal attention from outside.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: In general, Zhdan has a good prospect of advancement in life, he is expected to have considerable fame, regardless of whether he wants it or not. The name Zhdan is endowed with innate abilities of a powerful magnetic influence on others, therefore he can be an eloquent preacher, orator, agitator, perhaps he will succeed in music, literature and other types of art.

He often pulls to travel, to change his place of residence, or at least to change the situation in his apartment.

Business and career Zhdana: In money matters, the name Zhdan is lucky enough, he can get money in the form of expensive gifts and inheritance. The solid financial position of a guy with this name can only be ensured by great efforts and work.

Health and Energy

Health and talents of the name: It is prone to neuralgic pains, disorders of the functions of the organs of the musculoskeletal system, urological diseases, edema.

Fate Zhdana in history

What does the name Zhdan mean for male destiny?

  • Zhdan Pushkin — the ancestor of the Belarusian noble family Zhdan-Pushkin; He was a boyar in Prince Mstislavsky in 1525. This genus was included in the sixth part of the genealogical book of the Mogilev province and in the second part of the genealogical book of the Smolensk, Chernihiv and Yaroslavl provinces of the Russian Empire.
  • Zhdan Alabuhin — podjachy, participated in the census of the population in the years 1581-1582.
  • Archbishop Eugene — (1942 — 2002) in the world — Eugene Zhdan; Bishop of the Russian Church; since 2002, the archbishop of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas.

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