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Find out whose name day is celebrated in December

December is the first month of winter, when we are all waiting for the New Year to come and dream of fulfilling our deepest desires. Whose birthday are celebrated in December?

You can learn about this after reading this material.

Find out whose name day is celebrated in December

Characteristics of personality birthday

Persons born at the very beginning of winter are under the auspices of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter, as we know, is the largest planet in the solar system, it is a symbol of perfect success and well-being.

Therefore, in most cases, the December birthday men are distinguished by an active perception of life and often attain a high social position.

Even boys and girls, whose birthday in the Saints fall in the first winter month, are characterized by increased activity, great determination and a positive perception of the surrounding world.

At the same time, it does not matter whether a person was born in the first days and weeks of the month or in the last — with any of the layouts, he still constantly strives to get more knowledge and is expanding his horizons.

Having sufficient natural wisdom, he does not stop its development and is constantly in a state of progress.

It also does not matter whether women’s or men’s names are meant in December — both sexes have excellent abilities to accumulate, systematize and transfer knowledge. They successfully cope with the roles of teachers, trainers and managers.

People born in December differ from the birthday of the other months of the year with the most optimistic perception of the world — after all, they are used to never give up and if they see a goal, then for them there are simply no obstacles to achieving it. It is not surprising that such individuals as a result manage to receive much more than others.

In addition, everyone who saw the world at the very beginning of winter has an inexhaustible thirst for life, they are well versed in entertainment, strive to surround themselves with the most comfortable and prestigious atmosphere. Even for them, constant movement, development, is very important, as they begin to suffer greatly from routine.

Find out whose name day is celebrated in December

As for the love theme, the creation of a strong and happy relationship will occur if they choose the Air, Fiery or Earth element to become their partners. In such a pair, both its members are very strong morally and completely equal, which allows them to continue to develop harmoniously together.

How to name your child if he was born in December?

Turning to the Orthodox church tradition, we learn that children should be given the names of those holy personalities who are the patrons of their day of birth. In this case, the baby receives the care and patronage of his Guardian Angel and is able to address him in difficult situations.

Who will celebrate their name day in December

If we study the Sacraments for December, we will find that on every date they mark the memory of some sacred personalities. Below are the names of the men and women names for December.

Find out whose name day is celebrated in December

  • The first number is the date of honoring Anastasius, Nikolaev, Platonov and Romanov.
  • The second number — today there are already a few more names that are honored. So the second one is to blame her child in honor of the holy Avdeev, Adrian, Alexandrov, Konstantinov, Leonidov, Mikhail, Petrov, Semenov and Sergeev.
  • The third number — the children born today are called Sasha, Alyosha, Tolik, Arsen, Vasya, Volodya, Grisha, Emelya, Vanya, Annushka, Makar, Kolya and Tanya.
  • The fourth day is the date of reverence for St. Alexander.
  • The fifth number — on this date, children are named as Alyosh, Arkhipov, Afanasiev, Bor, Valerianov, Volod, Mikhailov, Markov, Pavlov, Savelyev, Fed, Filimonov and Yakovov.
  • The sixth date — Svyattsy advise to name their son Sasha, Alyosha, Borey, Grisha, Vanya, Makar, Mitrofan, Seraphim and Fedya.
  • Seventh, if your baby was born today, you can call him Augustus, Sasha, Alyosha, Anisia, Grisha, Zhenya, Katya, Vanya, Mark, Mitrofan, Misha, Porfiry, Procopius, Simon and Christopher.
  • Eighth is this day of the month when you should name your baby Sasha, Andryusha, Varlam, Vasya, Vitya, Grisha, Dima, Vanya, Hilarion, Clement, Kolya, Pasha, Petya, Syoma, Seraphim and Yaroslav.
  • The ninth number — your little birthday boy was born today? Then, Svyattsy advised to give him the name of Athanasius, Vasya, Gosha, Danik, Vani, Ilyusha, Innokenty, Misha, Nazar, Koli, Nikon, Petit, Tikhon, Fedosia, Julian or Jacob.
  • The tenth — to everyone who was born today, is given the name of Sasha, Andrey, Bori, Vasya, Volodya, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Dima, Vanya, Koli, Nikon, Roma, Seraphim, Seryozha, Fedi, Thekly, Theodosius and Yakov.
  • On the eleventh of the month — the memory of saints Alekseev, Andreev, Anisii, Ann, Vasiliev, Vikentyev, Grigoriyev, Daniilov, Erofeev, Ivanov, Konstantinov, Nikiforov, Nikolaev, Pavlov, Petrov, Praskoviy, Serafimov, Sergeev, Stepanov, Timofeev, Fevorov, Fedorov, Stepanov, Timofeev, Fevorov, Steporov, Petrov, Praskovyi, Serafimov, Sergeev, Stepanov, Timofeev, Fevorov, Fedorov, Stepanov, Timofeev, Fevorov, Fedorov, Petrov, Praskovyi, Serafimov, Sergeev, Stepanov, Timofeev, Fevorov, Stepanov, Timofeev, Ferovorov, Fevorov, Stepanov, Timofeyev, Fevorov, Feodorov, Feodorov, Feodorov, Feodorov and Kharitonov.
  • The twelfth — name the child Valerian, Daniel, Denis, Vanya, Kolya, Paramon and Seryozhey.
  • The thirteenth number — everyone who saw the world on this day should be named in honor of St. Andrew and Ivan
  • The fourteenth — today are born Anton, Dima, Naumi and Porfiri.
  • On the fifteenth — name the baby born today Andrew, Antosha, Afanasiev, Borey, Vera, Volodya, Dima, Vanya, Cyril, Kostya, Margarita, Masha, Matvey, Matrona, Moses, Kolya, Pasha, Seryozha, Stepoy, Tamara, Febrev, .
  • The sixteenth number — those born today are called Andrei, Gabriel, Gosh, Glyceria, Ephraim, Vanya, Kolya, Savvy and Fedya.
  • Seventeenth — name your baby (or baby) Sasha, Alyosha, Nastya, Varvara, Vasya, Genna, Dima, Katya, Vanya, Kira, Kolya, Seraphim and Julia.
  • The eighteenth is the date of veneration of the saints Anastasia, Gennady, Guria, Zakhar, Ilya, Sava, Sergey.
  • The nineteenth is the number of the birth of Maxim and Nikolaev.

  • The twentieth — today Antonov, Vasya, Grisha, Guria, Vanya, Ignatia, Lions, Misha, Nikifory, Nila, Pasha, Petit, Seryozhi are born.
  • On the twenty-first number, the celebration of Saints Anfisa and Cyril falls.
  • Twenty-second — born today call in honor of St. Alexander, Vasily, Vladimir, Sofron and Stepan.
  • The twenty-third number — those who saw the world on this date, the church recommends calling Sasha, Alyosha, Tolik, Angelina, Annushka, Grisha, Dorofey, Zhenya, Evgraf, Evdokia, Eulalia, Yevsey, Vanya, Kostya, Lawrence, Misha, Kolya, Petya, Seryozhey, Stepnoi, Tanya, Fekloy, Thomas, Jacob.
  • The twenty-fourth birthday is called Vikentii, Daniil, Yemelyan, Vanya, Leonty, Luke, Nikifor, Kolya, Nikon, Petey, Terenty, Theophanes, Philimon.
  • Those who are born on the twenty-fifth are the holy fathers advised to accuse Alexander, Spiridon, and Ferapont.
  • The twenty-sixth day of the month — give your child the name of Sasha, Alyosha, Arkady, Arsen, Vasya, Volodya, Grisha, Zhenya, Yemelyan, Vanya, Kolya, Jacob.
  • Those born on the twenty-seventh are named after St. Hilarion, Hypatius, Zosima, Nicholas, Philemon.
  • Those who have seen the world on the twenty-eighth are called Sasha, Vasya, Hilarion, Ion, Pash, Steppe, Susanna, Trifon.
  • Twenty ninth is the date of worship of Aggiev, Alexandrov, Arkadiev, Vladimirov, Ilya, Makarov, Nikolaev, Pavlov, Petrov, Semenov, Sophia, Feodosiev.
  • On the thirtieth of the month, Sasha, Daniila, Denis, Vanya, Nikita, Kolya, Petit, Seryozha, Stepy are born.
  • Thirty-first, the very eve of the New Year, is celebrated during the day, when children in the Church calendar are called Faiths, Whites, Volodya, Zoi, Vanya, Iliusha, Marks, Misha, Modest, Kolya, Sevastians, Semami, Seryozha, Faddey.

At the end of the topic

Finally, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Those who were born in the first winter month are patronized by the planet Jupiter. She gives her players a great energy potential, dedication and innate optimism.
  • In addition, such individuals love to learn and can not tolerate monotony.
  • Wanting to provide patronage from the Higher Forces to your child, then you need to give him a name in honor of that holy person who was born on the same day or the next day.

And at this final point, I invite you to view informative thematic video material:

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