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Beast Number 666

666, the number of the Beast is known to everyone, even a non-religious person. But few people think about where it came from and what value it has.

Where did the Beast or Satan get his number?

The number of the Beast 666 — general information

In the most common world religion, Christianity, the number of the Beast is given great attention. In the modern world even people who are very far from religion know him. It can be found on TV screens, on the Internet, on the pages of books.

And everywhere it carries an extremely negative message. 666 is the number of the Devil, the Beast or Satan. It is not surprising that it is used by sects who regard themselves as believing in the Dark Forces.

For example — the Church of Satan, which created Anton Shandor LaVey. Satanists are those who worship destructive, evil principles, decorate their clothes, amulets and utensils with them. And everyone can feel the terrible power of this number.

What caused it — the evil will of the Destroyer or the aura that gives it human fame, can not be said. But you can only bring the facts about the number 666.

Beast Number 666TOThe proof of the strength of the three sixes can be considered the proof of the fate of the route 66. She walked through many US states and for a long time was called America’s main highway.

But despite the fact that the official route number was 66, not 666, there were a huge number of accidents on it. Many fanatics stole signs with the track number, and also drew the missing six. There is even a legend telling about the first builders.

Or rather, about a large number of Satanists among them. They understood that in superstitious America no one would allow us to assign the number 666 to the road, because all residents of the states knew its value. And they decided to dodge in such a way as to transfer a particle of the destructive forces of the «asphalt artery» under construction.

And the sad statistic of the deaths that happened on the track can serve as confirmation of this version. It is impossible to say exactly, but a large amount of circumstantial evidence can lead to curious thoughts.

What is 666

What does the science of numerology say about the meaning of the number 666? Given that it appeared even before Christianity, there should be no doubt about the loyalty of its interpretations.

There are sources reporting that the ancient clergy constantly turned to numerology. Many of the values ​​of numbers traced in the Bible coincide with the values ​​assigned to them in numerology.

Therefore, this science can accurately answer what the number 666 means.

Beast Number 666

The number seven in the Bible is often referred to as a symbol of usefulness, even purity. But the six — on the contrary.

It is one less, which means it displays everything imperfect. The fact that in the eyes of God carries wickedness in itself is excellent for the Father of Lies.

A triplicity in the number 666 is used to enhance the negative aspect. That is, it turns out that this number means the degree of extreme imperfection.

Do not mindlessly decorate yourself and your clothes with this symbol, because it can bring a lot of destruction to your life and the life of your relatives. An example of such a destructive influence is the following example.

If you add up all the numbers drawn on the roulette table, you get exactly 666. What is gambling, if not the Devil’s attempt to take possession of our souls?

Gambling is often pushed to a sinful way of life — it is worth remembering all the misfortunes that are associated with them.

Starting from the love of money, ending with murder or betrayal.

Devil Number in the Bible

Many people are interested in the question — why is 666 the number of the Devil? Even knowing its meaning, choosing a number does not always seem obvious. But it is worth remembering this.

God created the earth for seven days, and worked six. On the seventh, he decided to take a break from the great labors.

It is from this that the sacred meaning of the seven proceeds, as a number representing the complete completion of all works. But the six shows the incompleteness or even denial of divine grace.

But the angel Lucifer did just that. He refused divine grace, guided by his rebellious character.

But why is the number of the beast 666? The Bible will answer this question, where you can find a direct indication of this.

Namely — John the Theologian, Rev. 13: 18, 15: 2. He says:

Count the number of the Beast, the number of man, 666.

Beast Number 666And in these lines you can find a rich ground for reflection, because the great prophet directly links the number of the Beast and man.

What does this mean? Perhaps he is hinting at the sinfulness that is inherent in man from birth.

We are always in a great temptation, coming from our desires. And only we can not let them take possession of our soul.

Or, on the contrary, succumb to passions, condemning yourself to eternal torment and suffering.

And what about the fear that seizes many at the same sight of this number? If you carefully read the Bible, you can find the following line:

Whoever has the mind, count the number of the Beast.

And not a single word about being afraid of him. What is the meaning of this line? Perhaps the Bible thus says that we ourselves endow this number with such power.

Our superstitions feed him and allow him to do all the destruction that is constantly happening around him. Still, God wanted us to follow his path with a pure soul and heart.

And for this you need to cast off superstition to look at the world with sober eyes.

Also 666 became the Devil’s number for one more reason. It often had an allegorical connection with the love of power and big money.

In the Old Testament, you can find lines about King Solomon and his great riches. Namely — six hundred and sixty-six talents in gold that he received every year. Considering that the Bible has always taught ordinary people humility and modesty, such figures seem to be the height of sinful possessiveness.

Who could be richer than this man? In this regard, we can recall the following phrase: «It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich one to go to Paradise.» This is due to the fact that such money cannot be accumulated exclusively in a righteous way.

And why should they be a righteous Christian? They will only interfere with, distract from the true path.

That is always in the hands of Satan or the Devil, because he wants to plunge our souls into Hell. This is another reason why the number 666 became its number.

The number 666 in history

Having dealt with the number of the Devil, one should proceed to such an important factor as the history of the number 666. One must know the history of each phenomenon, especially if it occupies a tangible place in the life of mankind. According to it, one can trace its influence, as well as carry out many interesting facts.

As for the number of the Beast, many modern scholars believe that 666 is not the Devil’s number. They claim that such a figure appeared in connection with the mistake of the translators who worked on the translation of the New and Old Testaments. Their opinion can be understood, because the Bible has been translated many dozens of times.

It may well be that some mistakes made by translators have crept into the text. We are all humans.

But finally this view has not yet been proven.

Beast Number 666The number 666 occupies a large place not only in the life of modern man, but also in the history of all mankind. This cipher hides many names of famous people. And these names belong to the rulers, who left behind a bloody trace in the memory of people.

One of them was Nero, the Roman emperor. Even the most courageous people will be frightened when reading materials about his actions.

Also from the number 666 you can derive the name of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He was decoded by Professor Getzel. He indicated this in his letter to Barclay de Tolly and said that Napoleon must die at the age of 42.

After all, the kingdom of Antichrist according to the Bible should last 42 months.

Beast Number 666

Beast Number 666

The theologian Etelberg Shtaufer saw in this number the name of the Roman emperor Domitian. As you can see from all of the above, all the names derived from the number of the Beast correspond to people who have left a bloody memory about themselves.

Yes, there are some inaccuracies, because Napoleon died at the age of 51, but they all come from human interpretation. But it can be said for sure that such figures were taken over by the Devil, who ordered to kill and destroy his neighbor.

They tried to find some excuse for their actions, but anybody who stepped on the slippery slope of the sinful path does this.

What conclusions can be drawn from everything written above? The number of the Beast is determined by the Bible itself, but it also does not say that we should be afraid of it.

For the Devil, the Father of all Lies, feeds on our fear and superstition. Fear opens the way to doubts, and a doubting mind is like an open gate. It can run any ideas, even the most destructive.

The number of the Beast is that part of human history where you need to thoroughly study everything, without succumbing to emotions. We must find out everything connected with it and with its owner.

Because in order to defeat the enemy, you need to know him as yourself.

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