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Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of numbers

In magic, numbers are given special attention. With the help of numbers you can predict a lot, predict your future.

Astrologers and followers of Feng Shui generally believe that it is useful for a person to determine his lucky numbers and podgadvat so that these numbers accompanied him throughout his life.

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Feng Shui to help you choose the right home

The same applies to the apartment number. A feng shui apartment number will help you figure out the house where you will feel especially happy.

How is the apartment number for feng shui?

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Add the sum of the digits of the address of the apartment and get the number of the hair dryer

If you think that in order to find out the apartment number by Feng Shui, it is enough just to look at the sign that hangs on the door, then this is not so.

To understand the apartment number for Feng Shui, you need to get the amount of the digits of the entire address of the apartment. Let’s say you have the address house 34, building 1, apartment number 5, put together all the numbers: 3 4 1 5 = 13.

Then: 1 3 = 4. It turns out that in this case the apartment number for Feng Shui 4.

Quite often letters are also present in the apartment or building room.

In order to do everything according to the rules, it is advisable to translate a letter into a number, using a special table Feng Shui.

In the future, we also get the sum that we add up to the formation of a prime number.

And now let us tell you what each number means as an apartment number in Feng Shui.

Apartment number one

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of numbers

In the dwelling at number one guests always gather

Let’s face it, measured life does not threaten those who live in apartment number one. A unit, both in numerology and feng shui, is the number of leaders, those who make their own way and at the same time lead people.

So, in the dwelling with this number there will also be the energy of leadership, change.

But one should not think that change is bad, on the contrary, it is movement, what life itself consists of. Such a home is perfect for creative nature:

  • If you can not long exist on a single schedule.
  • If you now and then take up something new.
  • If in many ways the process means more to you, not the result.
  • If all this is about you, then the apartment under the number suits you.

Here the atmosphere will help you create. And it does not matter in which field you create, the main thing is to have a creative approach.

And you yourself can be a businessman, writer, artist or hairdresser.

It is also noted that in the dwelling at number one, as a rule, more guests gather than in other dwellings.

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Number two is dangerous for people prone to depression.

If a period has come in your life when you want family warmth and comfort, then apartment number two will help you to feel this family atmosphere. The value of the number is that family members here will gladly compromise their interests for the common good of the family.

Such a house involves a real dance between feminine and masculine energy.

However, experts in the field of Feng Shui also warn that a house with this number is a danger to people prone to depression. Here melancholia can capture them even more.

If you are a depressed person and live in a dwelling where such a figure appears, then be alert. As soon as you feel that the feeling of bitterness rises, try to change the situation more quickly.

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

There will always be money in house number three.

The number three in the case of housing produces energy, which forces a person all the time to move forward in a career plan. In this case, Feng Shui experts say that there is energy of purpose in the house.

The positive thing is that there will always be money in that dwelling.

The negative point is that here, as in the dwelling at number two, there will often be guests in the house, and these guests will not hesitate to ask the owners for a loan. Therefore, the money will also be easy to flow away from home.

However, the advantage for the owners is that they have a great opportunity to learn social activities, thanks to their guests. The number three — in many theories means helping people.

Number four

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

House number four will become a real fortress.

Anyone who wants the house to become a real fortress for him, let them try to find an apartment at number four. This number symbolizes safety energy in Feng Shui.

In addition, security energy will extend to both personal life and work. Personal life will delight you with a harmonious and quiet relationship without unnecessary passions.

And the work will give a sense of security because of its stability.

Four is also the number of hard work that is needed in every business, especially in its beginning. If you are up to something new, in which you need support, then try to visit the premises more often, the number of which has a sum of four.

Number five

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of numbers

Apartment number five will support the spirit of the traveler

If you are a traveler in spirit, can not imagine life without novelty, then your spirit will support the apartment at number five.

The number five means energy, which makes the apartment owners experiment in everything, try to find new forms of life where it can be done. Do not be surprised if settled in the apartment, at number five, you will notice that you want to read books, to which previously there was no business.

It may happen that you want to personally go on a trip to see the places that are described in the book.

If you feel that you lack the spirit of adventurism, curiosity, then try to get these qualities through dwelling at number five.

Number six

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Harmony reigns in apartment number six

Six in Feng Shui means harmony. This harmony of all positive energies that exist.

If the house is for you a place where you want to dissolve in love, harmony, kindness and nobility, then an apartment with this number is for you.

This apartment is suitable for people who by type of activity take at home. Clients in the home will feel as relaxed as possible.

We can say that the premises in this case will carry out part of the work of a specialist.

As for love in a dwelling with the number six, sometimes there may be a bias towards passion. This feeling can seize the owners, as a result of which there can be conflicts and scandals.

However, if the apartment owners correctly perceive such a flow of energies, then it will even turn out to be fun. Think of it as a passionate period that will end on its own.

Moreover, after such passions, the participants are usually waiting for a period of mutual compassion and kindness towards each other.

Number seven

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

In dwelling at number seven meditate well

This number has many spiritual vibrations. In an apartment with this number, people live very well, who are determined to grow spiritually, who are gradually trying to get rid of the material world. Here reigns divine subtle energy that helps inner work on themselves.

In such a dwelling it is good to meditate, to conduct various austerities. Silent, starve, pray.

Uncomfortable here will be materialists, those who have a clear goal to amass wealth. Energy at home will not contribute much to this.

But, if you feel that a period has come in life, when you want to be alone with yourself, to decide on a further path, then try to move to time with apartment number seven.

Number eight

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Abundant energy prevails in house number eight

Here is a suitable abode for the materialist. This is apartment number eight.

The energy of abundance prevails here. And abundance here in everything.

There is enough imagination and desire to set a life goal for yourself. In apartment number eight, there is enough sense of purpose to arrive at this goal. There is enough balance in order not to completely go into materialism, but to keep in touch with the spiritual principle.

And earthly joy will suffice to enjoy from the heart what you have earned.

Diligence is developing very well in such an apartment. In time, wealth comes to the hardworking people of such a home, even more than expected.

If you are a dreamy person, but you do not have enough pragmatism and grounding to confidently go towards your goals, then try to acquire these qualities in the monastery with the number eight.

Number nine

Feng Shui apartment numbers: the meaning of the numbers

Residence number nine is wrapped in peace

The value of the number is the energy of rest. At such a home dominates the energy of calm. This is the peace that is long sought.

If your attention for a long time was drawn not external things. If you have long tried to keep up with the external rhythm, something to match.

And if you are tired of it, you will be able to find peace in the monastery at number nine.

Here you focus on your inner world.

Perhaps here you will understand that giving is much better than taking, learn to enjoy the process.

If you are young, ambitious and have not yet enjoyed the achievement of goals, then it is better not to settle in apartment number nine. Avoid such a home. Since such housing, its value will drown out ambition, as a result, you may become dissatisfied with yourself.

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