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Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Knowing the person’s birth date, you can get the most important information, encrypted in a combination of numbers, the science of numerology does this. It will help you to make a calculation, to understand the interweaving and the combination of the numbers of the date, month and year of birth and to know the number of the way of life.

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Birth date figures play a huge role

We learn how to calculate the number of life paths, and how to correctly use the information obtained.

The method of calculating the number of fate

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Carefully add your numbers

With the help of knowledge of numerology and simple mathematical calculation, the number of life paths will be a figure from 1 to 9. This number is the path by date of birth, which will contain information about the strengths and weaknesses of a person, talents and abilities. You will know what to fear and avoid, and that, on the contrary, promises good luck, what compatibility with this or that figure of fate. Numerology can show your goals and life goals, help to build a career and achieve financial independence.

Also, with the help of the information received, you will know which person will be your second half, where you will meet him, and what kind of life awaits you.

To determine the power of fate, write down on the leaflet the full date of your birth. Next, you need by adding the components of the date, month and year to find out the four numbers that will play a leading role in your life:

  • the sum of the date will determine the first period of life up to 25 years
  • amount of the month — the period from 26 to 40 years
  • amount of the year — period from 41 to the very end
  • the sum of the full date of birth is the main figure, which is the number of the way of life

Consider an example of how to get the number of life path on the date 09/12/1985.

  1. Calculate the number of birthday, for this we add up all the numbers (1 2). The result is a triple, it will determine the period of life up to 25 years.
  2. Next month, add 0 9 = 9, it is this number that will set the pace of life from 26 years of age to forty years
  3. We perform the same manipulations with the year of birth, (1 9 8 5 = 23). Since the prime number failed as a result, we add further (2 3 = 5). Thus, we have determined the number responsible for the third stage of life, beginning with 41 years.
  4. In order to determine the number of life paths, you need to sum up the full date of birth, (1 2 0 9 1 9 8 5 = 35), then (3 5 = 8). It is the eight is the number of life path.

Now you need to find out the decoding of each digit from 1 to 9, since it is in her sacred meaning.

Unit Description

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Units know how to achieve their goal

If the number of life path is equal to one, it means that you are a person with a strong character, you know clearly what you need and how to achieve it. The energies in you, more than enough, you are full of initiative ideas. Units should not work under someone’s beginning, since it is unnatural for someone to be subordinate to such people.

Back in school years, you felt ill at ease when you were forced to do everything and comply with generally accepted rules of behavior.

You like to be in non-standard situations, they temper and force the mind to work on new turns. At such moments you feel the sharpness of emotions, you are visited by non-standard ideas that would not have occurred to you in a normal situation.

Such people should not go about their own business, as their ambitions can get the better of common sense. They can not always soberly assess the situation and draw the right conclusion from it.

Units are accustomed to act impulsively, not listening to common sense. Often, such people do not succeed on their own and require outside help.

It is necessary to ensure that pride and his own «I» did not become higher and more important than anything else.

Description of digit 2

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Two will fit perfectly into any team.

This life path number symbolizes pairing and teamwork. It is able to unite and make the started business successful, thanks to the fact that there will be several opinions, and decisions will be made together. If the deuce has become the number of one of the stages of your life, you must learn to get along with others and to reckon with their opinion.

However, this in no way means that you must cease to be an individual. Be sure, ha, this stage you will easily get along with people, be patient and tolerant.

If a deuce became defining at the first stage of life, that is, up to 25 years, most likely all these years your character will not be very strong-willed, on the contrary, a distinctive feature will be excessive emotionality and sensitivity, intertwined with the desire and habit to obey someone and in no way case not to manage.

You need to work on this, get a profile education, reveal hidden talents and skills.

At this stage, relations with parents are very important, since only their opinion is authoritative for you during this period.

In the future, it is better for the two to work in teams, they are not able to achieve success alone. Choosing the type of professional activity, give preference to work that requires care and work with details. These may be such professions:

  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Programming, etc.

It is vital for the two to be surrounded by honesty and justice, otherwise they feel resentment and a sense of inferiority. Such people will never betray, they will remain faithful to the end, but they demand the same in relation to themselves.

If the two men suspected deception or treachery, they will not understand and will never be able to forgive, hacking from the shoulder.

As for spiritual development, people who have received a two-day life journey are highly spiritual, they believe in God and live according to God’s law. Their marriages are durable, and divorces are unlikely.

What does 3 mean

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Threes can achieve material well-being.

The number of the life path of the troika is a symbol of creative people who have certain talents and abilities. If this is your number, you should develop and look for the very area that will inspire you, become a professional activity or at least a constant hobby.

If the triple has become the number of life’s journey, then you should not associate the choice of profession with the exact sciences or monotonous work, you will not succeed in these areas of success. Your area is:

  • Theaters
  • art
  • Design, etc.

If the troika became the decisive number in the second or third stage, most likely you will not be a financially secure person at this time. You will be passionate about creativity, not the process of making money. But it is at these stages of life, if before that you have revealed your abilities, developed them and made you your profession, you will reap the fruits of your labors.

If you chose visual art, your paintings will finally begin to be sold, if your occupation is singing or dancing, you can become famous and achieve fame and recognition.

In addition to professional career, do not forget about the affairs of the heart. For triples, it is imperative that next to them be a loving person, able to support and push for success.

However, in order for the union to be durable, the three will have to make a lot of effort, because they are not used to giving in and making compromises.

People with life figure 3 require support and recognition, otherwise they will not be able to be realized professionally and are not able to live independently.

Description of number 4

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Fours want and know how to make money

Fours can be called the most pragmatic people. They live simply, earn in order to live, I have no ambitious ambitions.

In choosing a profession, people often prefer those sectors where wages are higher and jobs are smaller.

If the number of four life paths fell at the first stage of life, then such people often do not receive higher education, and often have an incomplete secondary. This is due to the fact that they start earning money early and give preference to working activities rather than to obtaining knowledge.

Such a choice does not always add up in their favor, since in order to have a good, well-paid position, you need to get a specialized specialized education.

Often, the fours change their minds and enter universities after 25 years, after which they radically change their lives for the better.

Such people need support from the side, although from the side they seem to be completely independent and self-sufficient people. The family, especially parents, should be close by and serve as a constant support and support in all endeavors.

For fours, it is important to be financially independent and not have the need for money. To do this, they are ready to work day and night, tirelessly. If this figure has appeared in your life in the second or third stage, this is a sign that you need to reconsider your attitude towards money and work in general.

It may be worth changing the line of business or exerting maximum efforts to achieve career advancement.

What does 5 say

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Five need to learn to finish everything

Fives are people who cannot sit still for five minutes, they need to constantly be in motion, feel the rhythm of life, be in the thick of things, such a schedule of life can hardly be called calm. Their life is always full of events, they often travel, easily change their place of residence and quickly get used to new conditions, love to travel. On the other hand, the number 4 may indicate inconsistency of a person, his uncertainty and even uncertainty in his own abilities.

It depends on what number will become the number of fate, knowing the combination of the five with this number can be judged on which side 5 will turn around specifically for you.

In the first stage of life, this number of life’s journey does not always play in your favor; often such people cannot finish what they have begun to finish, especially if they encounter even the slightest difficulties on the way. But even this experience is valuable and will be useful in later life, when the defining number will be different.

Fives always keep up with the times, follow the latest trends in culture, fashion and professional activities.

They are happy to engage in self-development, attend training and advanced training seminars and successfully apply their knowledge to life.

In order to find their field of activity, the fives need more time than other people. They try many spheres, make mistakes, stuff cones, but in the end almost always find exactly what gives them pleasure, and work with great interest.

Fives often choose the type of activity associated with innovation and continuous development, as it is painful to stand still.

With a swing of personal life, people with the number 5 feel comfortable, both alone and in union with a partner. The representatives of the fives often have more than one marriage, and in each of the marriages children are born, in which the fives do not have souls.

It is important to give the fives a sense of freedom and not restrict freedom of action.

If such a number of life’s journey fell in the third stage of life, it means that you will spend a mature period of life interestingly and with dignity.

You will have friends with whom you can make fun, laugh and remember the old days.

Description of the six

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

For the Sixes is very important personal life

The person who, as a result of the calculations, received the figure of 6, relies in life only on common sense and relies in everything only on himself. They always feel the burden of their responsibility, are guided by logic, all decisions are made only after careful analysis.

In the professional activities of the six choose the humanities or are engaged in research activities. They make excellent teachers, writers, doctors and scientists.

Along with the work, representatives of the Sixes devote a lot of time to the family, for them the family home and the well-being of their relatives always come first. They are ready to work several jobs only to ensure a cloudless life for parents, the second half and children.

And the sixs are ready to help, not only relatives, they will not leave anyone in trouble.

For the sixes, it is important to find a soul mate in time, since in the third stage of life they will not devote time to it, considering that loneliness is their fate.

The most successful marriages for the sixes — formed in the period from 25 to 40 years old, at a rather mature age, when their life has already taken shape, and they can devote themselves to the family entirely.

What does 7 mean

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Seven important in time to determine life position

If the seven is your life path number, you are a spiritual person with a deep original soul. Their spiritual development never stops. It is believed that the sevens become preachers and are able to lead people along.

For a person with this number, it is important to develop, expand your horizons, see new countries, learn cultures.

Sevens are accustomed to strive for perfection in everything, to scrupulously treat details, to bring what they have begun to the end. Their work is often associated with educational activities, as they can lead, they are an authority for the audience and skillfully use it.

Good teachers come out of the sevens, they devote themselves to work entirely and completely.

If the sevens do not find their niche before the age of 30, they feel inferior, since their main potential is not used for their intended purpose.

In such cases, people with the number 7 can become depressed, become detached, often become alcoholics.

Money is not an end in itself for the sevens, the process of work and the recognition of their work is important to them, financial reward is secondary. However, a person with the number 7 often become rich, achieving their financial status on their own.

If 7 falls out at the first stage of life, it means that there will be many obstacles in life that you need to learn how to fight, they will be useful in the future and will serve as experience. Seven also have poor health, especially if the seven is decisive in the final stage.

This can be avoided if during all life to eat right and despite the unwillingness to engage in physical activity.

Sevens are not considered emotional people, but they are not. They are not used to putting their feelings on display, considering them to be something intimate and personal.

Sevens difficult for people to open, because they are afraid to hurt a thin soul. This can be avoided if you choose the right people in your life, the sevens cannot have many friends.

Description of the eight

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

For the Eight career in the first place

People with a life path of 8, especially men, are used to always do everything according to their conscience, for them it is vital. All decisions are made carefully, deliberately and take time.

Eights are often compared with turtles, they are just as wise, but at the same time slow, often this quality hinders them.

Eights often occupy management positions, manage large teams, lead their enterprises to success. Subordinates respect such leaders, as their vital credo is justice — everyone will be rewarded for achievements and punished for mistakes.

Their professional activities cannot be called easy, since at work they spend most of their lives, but at the same time they receive appropriate wages. Eights have a strong-willed character, they know how to insist on their own and show authority, if the situation requires.

Eights start working early, and often do not think about starting a family, postponing this matter indefinitely and in vain.

It is the family that makes eights more human and gives bright colors.

Eights have friends, but often these are work partners. Joint rest almost always ends with a discussion of working moments and solving production issues.

What does nine say

Number of Life Path: how to calculate by date of birth

Nines are successful in any profession

The number of life path nine means the best features of all the previous figures. In such a person the mind, emotionality, family and success in professional activity are harmoniously combined.

If at least she’s stage of your life passes under the auspices of the number 9, you will experience joy and peace of mind.

Such people successfully marry or get married, they manage to keep the relationship sharp until the end. Usually there are several marriages in the lives of nines, since not everyone is ready to endure the inexhaustible energy of nines.

But those who stay close will be rewarded in full, because after 40 years, the person with the vital number 9 is fully devoted to himself and his family and children.

With regard to the choice of profession, nine can succeed in almost any activity, the only exception is monotonous types of work.

They can both manage and work under someone else’s beginning.

For nines, it is important to set clear goals, the only way they can achieve their implementation. It is important to value people with a life figure of nine, and they will always reciprocate.

You can analyze your date of birth and calculate the number of destiny on your own or use the numerous online services on numerology on the Internet to find out your life purpose and compatibility. It is important to properly use the results and correctly use the value of the number of life paths.

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